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  1. Aww, that's great! I was so happy when my goldies started eating from my hands, especially because I'd been sitting with one arm in the water for at least 30 minutes trying to get them to trust me.
  2. Aww, they're adorable! I bet that tank looks amazing from a distance aswell with the plants and those lovely goldies.
  3. My cats fall in the pond from time to time when they try to catch the fish in there. They're great swimmers but they look so incredibly silly after coming out of the water!
  4. Glad I'm not the only one who does that! My boyfriend doesn't even think it's strange anymore when I start talking to my goldies in a high-pitched voice while feeding them. "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii fishieeeeeeees!"
  5. Cats are so silly when it comes to aquariums. Mine tends to sleep on top of the tank because it's nice and warm, and he can sit for hours just watching the fish swim around. I wish I had time for stuff like that!
  6. Wow, it looks great with the white sand! And I love that "keep calm" poster
  7. I don't get laughed at that much, but I think that's probably because only a few people know how serious I am when it comes to this stuff. My boyfriend teases me with it (but I know he secretly loves the goldies), most of my friends don't really pay attention to it, and my best friends always wants to help me carry buckets of water! I think the goldies get laughed at more than me, with their silly eyes and the "brain" on their head. They don't seem to mind though.
  8. Thank you guys! I'm glad they're so chubby now, makes me kinda proud of myself, haha
  9. Wow, this looks great! I'd love to attempt something similar someday.
  10. Thank you all glad you like them! If you have your QT ready, medication in stock and are prepared to possibly lose him, I say you could go for it! It worked out well for me
  11. Indeed they do! Another reason why I love goldfish. They are so much fun to watch, love how they all have personalities too. Exactly! And they love you no matter what (though that might have something to do with the fact that food appears every time you stand in front of the tank. I think.)
  12. Thank you! The facial expression occurs every time Leon steals his food away, which is quite often! (I have to hand feed him because he's pretty much blind) Goldies make such silly faces.
  13. I think I've posted some older pictures of Leon (oranda) and Antoine (used to be a black moor, but is now more like a chocolate moor. I suspect he will be an orange telescope in a few months) before, but I managed to take some nicer ones today! When I bought them they were covered in ick, fungus and fin rot, but they're doing a lot better now. Antoine is still a bit skinny, but he's slowly fattening up.
  14. My goodness, they are gorgeous! The tele and oranda look so adorably silly!
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