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  1. Thank you Katearei and ChelseaM for your helpful responses. I am open to any possibilities including the option that Leo is not a boy. Leo could be a cute girl name too. We based our belief that Leo was a boy on a picture I posted on this forum over a year ago that members agreed were mating tubricles. (see below) Leo also has thicker pecotoral fins, which I understand is a sign of maleness, but beyond that we have not evidence that Leo is actually male. Do you think Leo is a girl? and Darla is a boy?
  2. Video of behavior in question: We were finally able to upgrade to a 55 gallon tank and get solitary Leo (Male Oranda) a friend, Darla ( Unsexed Oranda). At first, it looked like a match made in heaven. Leo seemed so happy to have a fish companion and Darla seemed at the very least to be accepting of his affection - they schooled, and cuddled and he hardly left her side. However, A few weeks in to this made for TV romance things started to turn nasty - Darla went from docile and coy to aggressive and rude - Chasing Leo around the tank and nipping his fins. Leo seemed frightened and depressed - hiding much of the time at the bottom of the tank with his fins ripped and his dorsal fin down. We seperated them with a tank seperator and Leo perked up and was again swimming happily for a few days. Then Darla found her way around the tank divider. She is less consistantly agressive, but as the video shows she can be pretty ruthless and Leo seems quite overwhelmed by it. Darla is currently in time out in our 20 gallon QT tank. ADDITIONAL INFO: Leo is for sure a male (he has the mating tubricles on his pectoral fins) Darla does not show any male characteristics, but as you know, those don't always show. They are both Orandas. Leo is the bigger of the two about 4 inches head to tail, but Darla has been growing rapidly and is quickly catching up to him. They live in a 55 gallon tank so theoretically they should feel like they have enough room. QUESTION: So what is this behavior? Do females ever chase males? Is Darla a male trying to dominate Leo for territory incase a female should join them? Is Darla bullying for alpha status? Is this a fight over food and we should be feeding them more? (They get 10 Hikari Oranda pellets 2-3X/day each) OR is Darla finally showing her true colors as a consumate bully? Any help on what this behavior is and how to stop it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Sandra, Jesse, Leo and Darla
  3. Wow! Who knew this would be such a popular thread with such a diverse range of topics. Thank you to everybody who has provided their thoughts it has been both informational and amusing. I failed to mention that I also feed Leo frozen food 2X/week and veggies or fruit most days. Since he is growing I just wanted to stay on top of how many pellets he should be getting. Sounds like he's not gonna starve any time soon despite his efforts to convince me otherwise. Soilent Green not only has an awesome name, but also sounds like an excellent nutrition idea. My only concern is that........ *whispers* "Soilent Green is made of..........people!"
  4. Can anybody tell me how many Hikari Lion Head pellets are in 0.1 gram. I feed my Oranda, Leo, Hikari Lion Head sinking pellets (the small kind) I am trying to figure out if I am feeding him the right amount of food. I read on this forum that one of the most accurate ways to figure this out is to feed them 1% of their body weight. Leo weighs in at about 30 grams according to my food scale, so according to the perscription he would need to be fed 0.3 grams of food. Unfortunately, my food scale is not very accurate at the 1 gram level, let alone 1/10 of a gram. Can anybody help? We have been feeding Leo 4 pellets 2-3 times a day. Pretty sure he could eat much more than that in 2 minutes. Water parameters are good. Does that sound like enough? Thanks, Sandra and (potentially hungry) Leo
  5. Ack!!! Sorry this posted a bunch of times. I don't know how to erase the extras!
  6. Here is the thing on the R2 Fish School tricks. It's totally fish-dorky, but it does seem to work.
  7. You can get the "hoop thingy" at most pet stores in the fish section. It is meant for attaching horizontally at the top of the water to keep your floating fish food on one area, it's $3.00 or something. I have successfully trained 3 Orandas to do this trick. I believe with consistancy and patience most fish can learn this trick relatively quickly. Here is how: You can teach them to eat from your hand or, in my case, long insect tweezers used for feeding lizards. Once they recognize the tweezers/your hand as a source of food then they will usually follow it anywhere, especially if they smell lunch on it. So then I use the tweezers with a treat on the end of it to guide my fish through the hoop. Soon they will recognize the hoop as a place to receive food and start swimming near it, around it and through it when you bring it out from the side of the tank during feeding time. Then you simply reward the behavior you want, which is swimming through the hoop. (sometimes they need to be guided for a while). Then, once they swim through the hoop once you can work on increasing the number of times they swims through. Once goldfish have figured out a pattern that will get them food they are likely to try it again if the first time doesn't end in them receiving the reward they were looking for. Teaching your fish to swim through a hoop takes about 2 weeks to a month of daily training. I usually just make it part of my feeding routine. You just need a little patience and to remember that it is a goldfish that you are working with after all. They are quite smart for fish and have great memories of up to 4 months, but sometimes it takes them some time to work new problems out or remember exactly what they had to do to get that treat from you. You can actually see the cogs slowly turning in their little fish brains. You can also teach them all kinds of other tricks like basketball, soccer, and fetch with the R2 Fish School kit. I am not affiliated with them, just Saw their stuff during a YouTube search. I'll post it.
  8. Update: Leo seems very happy and healthy. again for all your knowledge and help! High five! Hope this message finds you well, Sandra
  9. Good advice, I'll just relax, watch and enjoy. I think I am overly anxious because I have had beloved goldies crash and burn on me very quickly in the past and it was heartbreaking. I will: Keep the salt at 0.3, order those supply meds and stay on your W/C schedule. Final question: should I dose prime for 100% of the tank volume every time I W/C? This does not overload the tank with chemicals over time? "Tanks" again for all your help, Sandra
  10. Here's a video. The first eye facing the camera is his "good" eye (just a bit of fuzz on it.) When he turns around you will see his "bad" eye (pink ring all the way around it.) His "bad" eye looked like his "good" eye yesterday. He does have some pinkish color in his wen near that eye so I'm willing to believe its wen growth if its possible for it to grow that quickly. Behavior: Eating well and acting mostly normal. He did some splashing at the top corner of his tank this evening, but then settled down. Unusual factors: His tank water has increased from 72 - 82 degrees over the day due to a hot spell we are having in Philly. I don't know how to prevent this. Tanks, Sandra & Leo
  11. Hate to bother you so soon, but Leo's eye is worsening. In 24 hours it has gotten pink and puffy material all the way around the eye. I can't get a good shot of it but I'm sending you my best. Is this just very fast wen growth or some kind of bacterial infections or eye flukes? water params today are Ammonia - 0 (yay for the first time!) Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 0 Ph 7.4 Leo's eye today: Leo's eye yesterday:
  12. Nice New Pic - I had no idea you were a weaner dog! Hee hee.
  13. Yeeeeeesssssss, your plan of global domination through Goldfish advice is coming along "swimmingly....." I had to upload some photos onto my computer anyway, so I grabbed a shot of his eye incase it is easily diagnosed. It almost looks like wen growth on his eye. Poor little guy is suffering from Oranda - cataracts at the age of one. I will assume everything is fine unless it gets worse or you tell me otherwise.
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