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  1. "Fish are stupid." "That is the biggest waste of money I have ever seen." "Why not get a real pet?" *facedesk*
  2. My first "Experience" with fish was two tiger barbs and a gourami. (Uh-oh already!) They were in a quart "tank" *facepalm* with a divider. The tiger barbs didn't live long, but the gourami lasted a whopping EIGHT years. I did 100% water changes every other day when they where in the tiny tank. Then, when I moved, I got the gourami into a 10 gallon tank. A little better, but it wasn't cycled and there was no filter or heater. He then lived 6 pathetic years in that tank, before he died. My first brush with goldfish, is I had two common and three rosy red minnows in a gallon jar. I did 100% water changes with no conditioner whenever I saw poo because "Poo is really bad for fish, mom!" I remember that I dropped one of the rosy reds, during a water change. I used to empty the jar into the sink, along with the fish. Then I poured cold water from my shower. I used a plastic spoon to get them out, and one day I dropped one, and stood there screaming for three minutes as the fish flopped sadly. I am so glad I now am more knowledgable, and I now do my research. I live very happily with a pretty betta in a 6.6 gallon tank, cycled with a filter and heater When I move to Duluth, I am getting a 30 fancy tank. So excited
  3. I do have hiding places, (thats where my snail sleeps in the morning,), I have Java moss in both corners of the tank where they mostly stay. I should get a picture of my tank up, so you guys can see if it has enough hiding places. Thanks for your kindness
  4. So I was cleaning up my betta's (Herobrine.) tank and I sat down to watch him for a while. My smallest ghost shrimp swam up to the surface to chill on top of my aponogeton. Herobrine went over to him and nipped him. I disregarded this, he thinks everything at the surface of his tank is food, I thought he would stop. He nipped him again and I watched, horrified and shocked, to see him continue attacking him. He then sank down to the bottom, a couple legs missing, and Herobrine attacked him until he stopped moving. I am horrified. He showed no agression whatsoever to any of my shrimp, and suddenly he kills one. I am keeping a close eye on him, the remaining three are larger then the one that was killed. How could he do this? He doesn't get food on Sundays, but I don't think he was hungry. I am very shocked and tramatized to see him die in front of me. I really feel sick. RIP little guy. Sorry I couldn't stop it.
  5. Thanks I'll look into the AquaClears. Yes, I've cycled my betta tank. I don't think I can seed it with what I have now (I need to get rid of everything), so I will probably just have to cycle it the old fashioned way.
  6. So, the title made no sense...XD Anyway, I'm moving to Atlanta which is 2,000 miles away from where I am. I cannot take Herobrine (my betta), or my tank. That really, really, bums me out. I will have to sell both. I'm probably going to cry = (. But, I have done my math, and turns out I can afford a goldfish tank. I spent $50 on plants and substrate and $15 for a heater. I'm not getting either of those (maybe some sprigs of Anarchis [sp?] or hornwort), and I'm going bare bottom. Thats $65 dollars less (I can do math!), and although I need a bigger tank, and a bigger-er filter, I can fit it in with the money I am selling my tank. That thrills the heck out of me . So, I am very slighly experienced and is moving on to goldfish. Will there be a drastic increase between difficulty if I was just on a betta? I know bubble-eyed and celestials are oober sensitive, but what about telescopes? I love telescopes, and moors too. Are they a good starter? Or an oranda? Pretty adorable, but I do prefer telescopes. I'm guessing pearscales are hard, a shame since they are so danged cute. Another thing is, that I need a good filter reccomended to me. I read the boxes carefully, and I am having a hard time finding the right GPH. It's 10x the water volume for normal fish,and 20x for goldies? I am getting a 20 gallon (of course.) and I've looked at a filter for a 75 gallon that does only 310 GPH, which is kinda sad (anyone know why the GPH on filters is so small?) Canisters frighten me, and I don't think I can afford it. Thanks for enduring my questions I'm not sure this is in the right section, I'm sorry if it's not.
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