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  1. I have my aquarium right next to my bed, so every time I wake up in the morning, my goldfish will rush over when they see me looking and nudge their little noses on the glass. They do this little "dance" up and down the aquarium glass until I feed them. I used to play a game years ago where I'd move my finger up and down on the outside of the glass, and they would follow it. Then after a while of following the finger, I'd feed them before leaving. I didn't realize it then, but I guess I was inadvertently teaching them that up/down glass equals food. They know they always get fed early in the morning, so they do the same dance now even without the finger. It's really adorable to watch. And today, I was feeding my goldfish when one pellet got stuck behind a plant. Sunset, my lionhead, notices the food and starts wiggling her tail fin, frantically trying to snatch it up. It was adorable - I was about to help her, but then Charcoal, my black moor, comes along and ends up getting it first. He has a slightly narrower head than Sunset, poor girl.
  2. Wow! Fry look so different from mature goldfish! I must bookmark this for when I get into breeding. And the pictures are so clear! I envy your camera.
  3. As far as I can tell, protein contents are the same. Hikari Oranda Gold pellets are floating, whereas the Saki Hikaris are sinking. The Saki lines also contain probiotics, which I think is quite important both for digestive health and overall health in general. Thanks for the the thorough explanation! I did some searching and found that Saki Hikari may aid in growth. I'll see about purchasing a bag and giving it a go. Plus, I like the fact that they sink.
  4. Heh, that was the same experience I had. I guess I'll have to pay more attention to labels when buying off the Internet.
  5. This is not about semantics, but about making a blanket statement regarding goldfish that is not quite accurate. I don't think goldfish in general have sensitive digestive systems. I was only referring to the fact that goldfish lack a stomach and are designed by nature to eat small morsels of food continuously throughout the day. Perhaps "sensitive" was the wrong word to use, but fancy varieties do tend to run into more buoyancy problems than any other fish I know.
  6. Even though this post was written a while back, I must say that I've found it very helpful. I've been suspecting that my fish have flukes, since they've been acting very strange lately. I just started medication today (prazi pro just arrived in the mail). I'll write a followup once medication is complete!
  7. Wow - that's the biggest goldfish I've seen. It's huge! I think I can even hear it breathing (though that could be the person behind the camera). I think it might be a common as well.
  8. WOW! Can I have Kerry?! I simply love those colors! Reminds me of a panda bear - so cuddly and adorable. Beautiful!
  9. Adorable fish! The fins are beautiful - definitely well cared for. I've always been a sucker for fish with long, flowing fins.
  10. Heh, well the pictures are simply lovely. I love the white oranda with the orange spots! The orange, black, and white ryukin is adorable too. Very pretty!
  11. Woah - Griffin is huge! What an amazing headgrowth. I wonder if my lionhead's will grow that big! How long have you had him? Stunning pictures!
  12. Wow, I love the coloration of the black and white telescope! And the baby veiltail in the other tank looks stunning! So cute. You also wrapped things up nicely with the flower background. Beautiful pictures and even more beautiful fish! Good job.
  13. Sounds like you put a lot of work into getting everything set up, but it came out looking beautiful! You definitely did a terrific job! The fish seem to love their new home.
  14. What a beautiful tank! I love the "clean" look. And the fish are simply gorgeous! Keep the pictures coming!
  15. Leo is adorable! I love the black fins and the dark mouth! Good luck with your new fish.
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