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  1. No luck I'm afraid. When I turn it on I just get a dull clunking noise and no water coming out.
  2. Thanks very much! I'm disassembling now.
  3. Sorry you had such a scare! Unfortunately no matter how careful we are, accidents always still happen every now and then. Sounds like you've gotten lots of good advice - I just wanted to join the chorus in saying that the little guy is lucky to have someone working so hard to keep him healthy and happy!
  4. Way to go! That fish is lucky to have you looking out for him.
  5. I have an eheim nano tank (6 gallon aquastyle) with a betta and a dwarf frog, and the filter has stopped working. I took it out, and found a thin metal rod in the bioball chamber. Does anyone know where this came from/how I can repair it? I know this isn't actually goldfish related, but the Kokos community is so knowledgeable and helpful that I thought it might be worth a shot.
  6. I agree completely - tanked drives me nuts! No cycling, incompatible fish and no regard for their requirements. Fish Tank Kings on National Geographic is quite a bit better from the little bit that I've seen. The last episode I saw they were explaining about how the fish they chose had to be appropriate for a high traffic area and the tank size and whatnot. It was pretty good!
  7. I hoped someone on koko's grabbed the little guy! Too cute - congrats! I can't wait to see pics!
  8. I like the green as well! You're so lucky to have that pool enclosure - so prefect for the goldies that they'll never have to worry about herons and other nasties.
  9. The orange and white oranda and the ryukin on the far left of the first two photos are to die for!
  10. Oh man! Bryon is my dream fish - all white, nice smooth natural-y body, gorgeous fins, what more could someone want!
  11. I'd take some photos and send them to corporate. Tell them that the store management has been unresponsive and that you and many others you know are very upset and don't want to frequent the store while the fish are there. Make it clear that they have shown that they are unwilling to improve it and that the only response that will be satisfactory to you and other concerned parties is a shutdown of the section. If you can get a few other people to send similar letters it may have an impact! Also while emails are good, a paper letter has more impact.
  12. Thanks guys! Good advice - when they get around to doing it I'll for sure post pics!
  13. There is a reason for it though - when you are inserting genetic sequences for research purposes the glow genes are added so that when the embryos develop, you can be 100% sure if the genetic code is being successfully expressed. My aunt is a bio-geneticist and we've talked about it, apparently it doesn't cause any problems in and of itself (the inbreeding it takes to make them a commercially viable product is a different story) and is a very important research tool.
  14. My parents are getting ready to move up to their country property full time and have been considering putting in a koi/goldfish pond. They aren't really the DIY type and would definitely be getting it professionally done. Can anyone recommend a company in the Toronto area that they've had experience with? The property is actually out near Coburg, but it seemed unlikely that there would be much out there. If they're going to do this is has to be really turn-key. Cost isn't a problem so much as ease of maintenance and aesthetics are. They don't want something too big, just enough for 3 or 4 koi. Thanks so much - you guys are such a trove of info!
  15. One small step for the vet, one giant splash for goldfish!
  16. Sassyfras that's very encouraging. I will be sure to do that!
  17. Oh dear - that's what I was afraid of. One of the places always seems to have their fish department in order and has given me good advice in the past, so maybe there's hope on that front, but that's too bad. I had always hoped it was unknowledgable employees who were the problem, as opposed to it being an issue of policy.
  18. So the bad news is I'm going to be heading to Toronto for the summer and then back to Ottawa in August, so it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to get the tank up and running until September, although I will be taking all of your good advice about trying to get the filter cycled before I move back to save time. The good news is I have applied for a couple of jobs at pet stores in Toronto, so maybe I'll still get to hang out with goldies this summer anyways! I'm still waiting for callbacks, but fingers crossed I'll be able to spread the koko knowledge! Do any koko-ites have experience working in pet stores? Did you feel like you were actually able to ensure a good level of care and inform people properly, or was there too much pressure on the bottom line? Obviously I know that they have to sell things, but I think I'd rather quit than sell an arowana and 5 gallon tank (something I actually saw happen, and stopped at an Ottawa store). Can anyone weigh in?
  19. He's so cute! What a handsome guy. I saw the one on DO and thought he was pretty cool - if it comes out as the result of inbreeding, would that make them more prone to problems, or are goldfish so inbred already that this doesn't make a difference?
  20. He's super cute - and very lucky you nabbed him!
  21. So handsome! What a lucky guy to find a home with you I sure wish raingarden shipped to Canada...
  22. There are 2 on dandy orandas right now, although they both kind of looks like they have a little wen :S
  23. They're so teeny and adorable! Congrats!
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