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    One Ryukin boy named Pinto. =)

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  1. Very cute fish! I especially like Billy's coloring. Do you plan on upgrading in the future? I think the average reccomendation for common and comets is 20 gallons per fish. I hope someone will correct me on that if I'm wrong!
  2. Many members on here use bins for their quarantined fish. A 10 gallon sterilite tub would be perfect and it is cheap. I hope you will follow the advice given about doing the frequent water changes necessary to keep your fish comfortable through the cycling process and well wishes on the recovery of your little one!
  3. All your fish look very healthy amd happy, but your calico really steals the show for me!
  4. Thank you all so much for all your sweet comments! It really means a lot to me. He has been a very fun and healthy fish and I am excited to see where his coloring will go from here. Although I was also very surprised to find he was turning black, but he does get a fair amount of indirect sunlight so I'm sure that's a factor in it. I hope it will stay!
  5. I just realized after taking some pictures that my Pinto has gone through quite the little change in this month! I am excited to see what his final coloring will be. This was him earlier in July: And this is him today! (Please excuse the poop, it was pea day!) "Mom! Stop it! You're embarrassing me!!" Okay, okay... but seriously... he even has a patch of facial hair!
  6. Hello, Bacon. Poor little guy. Would you be able to get some pictures and a video of his behavior? It will help the mods figure out what is causing his illness. I hope he recovers quickly!
  7. Yes, I suspect this is probably the truth! Thank you very much, Alex! I can't WAIT to see my little man grow with this!
  8. I am really looking forward to trying this next month when I have some more money! And hearing all of your suggestions and reviews is really so helpful and enlightening to a noob like me! I was wondering, is this something you could cut into a long sheet and place in a veggie clip for them to nibble all day or is it best being fed in small meals?
  9. All your fish look very happy! You are doing a great job.
  10. Unfortunately I'm sad to say I found Loosi passed away this morning. I can't help but feel guilty... I took her out of a place she had lived in for a year because I thought I was doing what was best for her. I appreciate all your help, I hope she is in a better place now. :'(
  11. Okay, thank you very much. I will let you know whether she eats or not!
  12. This video was from much earlier this morning, she doesn't have it anymore. But it didn't look like an empty poop casing to me from what I could tell. The green stuff was peas that had been boiled and de-shelled. She doesn't really go after food unless it's dropped directly in front of her face. Pinto came by and ate them later and didn't have any problems with them, so I think they were alright. I can try to put her in a basket and see if she'll eat any. I found a place where I can order some of the food online. Say the word and I'll place the order.
  13. Hi bodoba, Pinto is on his 5th week of Prazi and Loosi is on her 3rd. And thank you very much. I hope Loosi feels better soon. Here is the video: Do you think she is going to be okay? She looks so uncomfortable. Also, do you think the bubbles are turned down enough? I would be more than happy to pick up some of the Jungle food. Where would I find it?
  14. Hahaha! I think that works, quite well to describe her. Unfortunately I woke up to her bottom sitting again this morning and she is breathing pretty rapidly as well. She is still having long stringy poop, as well. Pinto is completely fine. Back to his active, piggy self. What can I do for my poor Loosi? I just want to see her feel better and be active and happy again. I did another 50% water change, added salt to .1% and added Prazi as well. I don't know what the deal is, but I still couldn't get the video to load. I can try uploading to YouTube if it's important for you to see a video. Just let me know!
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