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  1. I have the 264gph one for 2 months and so far loving it. There's a great review for one in this forum products review section, that pretty much made my decision. They come under different brand names but I believe they're all similar, and have amazing feedbacks throughout. Mine came inside a very professionally packed SunSun box.
  2. Pro gold made all my fishes gulp air like crazy. They literally wanted to glue their faces to the surface, they would break away once in a while to swim around but had to hurriedly rush back within 10 seconds like their lifes depend on it. They returned to normal as soon as I switched back to other foods, even when other foods are also commercial pellets.
  3. I would like to follow her up with probiotic. I have acidophilus at 2 billion per capsule. How much gel food can I make for every capsule?
  4. Thank you Tithra. I will definitely put this down as something to try. It probably won't be my first choice because my life situation makes it very difficult for me to maintain two tanks, especially one with less water volume that requires more frequent WCs. But if I couldn't find other option, I will try my best to give this idea a go.
  5. So after one week of MM, not only that she doesn't get any better, her condition is exacerbated. She's floating almost all day instead of 3-5 hours twice a day like before. I feel bad making the poor fish more miserable than she already was. I think it was a pretty bad decision to give her the MM. Not sure if the med in there aggravated her or the contents of the food, which is similar to ProGold. I was quite disappointed with ProGold, it gives my other fishes floaty as well. Luckily, they returned to normal as soon as I stopped. I will have to research other methods to alleviate her problem.
  6. I think I will give it a few more days to correctly judge the effectiveness.... I will try feeding less although I think I've already been feeding very conservative lately and the growth of all 3 fishes seems to halted a bit. Also, she can get the same reaction from just one pellet... My tank is a 40Breeder, so depth is quite favorable relatively to most tanks, not sure if cutting off water volume would be wise when it compromises the gallon requirement for the 3 fishes i have in there.
  7. Also, isn't it bad I stop short on the course of antibiotic? I remember reading it would cause resistance to the med and maybe other bad things.
  8. I've fasted her 3-4 days a couple of times, followed with one week of spinach which she wasn't floaty during the duration. Each time I tried to reintroduce her to different foods: gels, frozen, repashy.....and each time her problem came back.
  9. When should I expect to see improvement? She has been on MM for 4 days and so far she look much worse. She gulps more desperately and longer, it's similar to the time I fed her Pro-gold. Whatever is in these foods, it makes her went crazy gulping like she will never has another chance to do it. She's also floating all day and has less control of her body (flipping, barrel rolls, belly up...).
  10. I could put her in a floating tub at feeding time. I think that would be best for her not having to go through the stress of moving out alone into an almost empty tank, she loves being around the other fishes and always teaming up with the ranchu shifting through the sand and poking the plants when not floating. But what about them eating each other poops? Would the contents in the poops no longer matter once they went thru the digestive tracts? She's known to get floaty even with just one tiny pellet. What are the chance of a not very well-digested contents in the poops of other fishes irritate her and interfere with her progress?
  11. Just making sure. This has to be done with her in a different tank, correct?
  12. Her belly around the area feel soft but bouncy. The two sides feel firmer while the very bottom, whitest part, feel soft. I've never do this before so I don't know my judgement is accurate, what might feel soft to me could be normal for someone else. Also, there are 2-4 light red streaks in her tail if that means anything. They have alway been there, not going away or getting worse, water paramenters are good and other fishes don't have them. She weighs 23-24 grams.
  13. I won't rule out the chance that she's stunted since she came from a giant chain store where the condition of their fishes is very questionable. But during the 6 months I have her, not only she had tripled in size but went though several color changes so I would say she's showing good growth progress. I will attempt to feel her belly tomorrow and maybe weigh her.
  14. I've mentioned frozen foods do not work. Being reluctant to use MM, I went on try as many fasting method and food combination as I possible can. I did 1 day/week fasting follow with one day of veggie, I did 3-4 days fasting followed with one whole week of veggie. But the moment I reintroduce anything else, no matter how small the amount, or that I still feed veggie along side to slowly ease in, she immediately goes back to gulp and float. Another video of her floating: and here's how she normally is, after farting out the air she gulped in. Interestingly, her poops are all thick and chunky with no air mixed in ever, she farts the air out seperately. My non-floaty fishes have longer poops with air inside sometimes. ......until the next feeding.
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