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  1. I knew that name sounded familiar xD Congrats on the new fish and sorry about Grover =T
  2. Hey everyone I just picked up a 20 gallon tank from my aunt's place (she upgraded) and just had had a couple of questions. How exactly do I switch my fish to a new tank? Am I supposed to use some of his current water or fill the new tank up with water and put Pocho's filter on it for awhile? Also, I've never cleaned a tank before so any pointers? I'm mainly asking because some of my aunt's fish were sick so I don't want Pocho to catch anything. I'm really happy I can give my little guy a place he deserves and not to mention how much money I saved. -.- lol I'm thinking about trying some moon sand since he tends to get gravel stuck in his mouth a lot xD I'm also gonna have to buy another filter. I only have two 10g filters that only add up to 180 gph.
  3. Forgive my ignorance lol what is leach? And yes.....yes it is -,- lol
  4. The first pic is the one i sent my girlfriend a couple of minutes after discovering my little fishy friend. For those who didn't read my first post I came home after volunteering for a rescue squad fundraiser to find this little guy on my kitchen table. It turns out my sister won a goldfish at the fundraiser. The second pic I took after returning from Petsmart. This was around August. The rest of the pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago. I tried to get a picture of Pocho's eye which I think might be swollen but I don't know if i'm just seeing things -.- I obviously failed lol The little dude just won't hold still! I tried making him move closer to the corner for the camera which is why you can see my hand in one of the pictures. xD I did manage to get a decent shot of what I think might be brown algae. Well enjoy! And sorry about the quality ^-^'
  5. Finally managed to get a picture, sorry for taking so long. I'm pretty sure its brown algae but just to be safe. ^-^ P.S. Sorry about the quality, the only way i can get photos on my computer is by using my sister's iPhone.
  6. lol Don't worry I use buckets too, thank god its a small tank -.- So I just need to rinse the padding in my old fish water and leave the biomax alone right? I'll do that next week when I give Pocho his water change. Should I give the actual filter a rub down too? I remember my old filter had some gunk on it but I didn't know if that was a good thing so I left it alone. And thanks for the help Courtney. =D
  7. Well I've had Pocho since august and the tank i think around september and i haven't really changed much, maybe the new filter i got two months ago?. The stuff has been there for awhile though I didn't think it was a big deal but I just wanted to be safe. It does wipe off pretty easy, it almost all come off with a paper towel. I also keep the tank in the corner of my room so it doesn't get sunlight and I don't use the light that came with the cover much anymore because it heats up the water after an hour. Is there a better light I can get for my tank? I was considering trying plants eventually but I don't really know much about them so I'll probably start with just the light first. I'll try and see if I can post some pics when I get back home tomorrow. =]
  8. So I'm still new to filter media and wanted to know how I should go about cleaning it and how often it should be cleaned. I use Marineland Rite-Size filter pads and Aquaclear BioMax filter inserts in an Aqueon Quietflow 10. Its been setup for almost 2 months now. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask if anyone knows about this. I noticed awhile ago that there was this weird hazy material on the glass of my tank and when i wiped some of it off yesterday during Pocho's water change it was brown. Just wanted to know if this was bad and if it is how should i get rid of/prevent it?
  10. Wow she looks great =] and i agree with Akari, loving the saddle lol Hope you guys have a happy life together!
  11. Your tank looks awesome! =] the bowl in the middle looks like the one my fish was in when he came from the fair ......actually i think his was smaller -.-
  12. I'll do my best but its hard to get a decent pic of this little dude lol
  13. My fish has the same thing, I noticed it a couple of months ago but he seems fine so far. His right eye is more bulgy though. Hope we can figure something out ^-^'
  14. Yeah I would go around the house and ask for my family's opinions too and yes the instructions are kind of vague tithra -.- lol My nitrite is always blue and my ammonia always usually looks closer to .25 right before i do my water changes. I only have issues with my nitrates and higher range pH when it comes to comparing the colors. =o I'll just do what you do
  15. I just wanted to know how everyone else checks their results. I'm not very good at checking because the colors change at the slightest change of position or the angle of the light source. Also when i compare the tube to the color chart is the tube supposed to touch the chart or be slightly away from it? I just tested Pocho's water and my testing problems finally annoyed me enough to make this embarrassing post. lol
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