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  1. One of the best lion heads I have seen .. I am not familiar with all the varieties of these fishes though.. Is this a new strain?
  2. You know what Dan.. I am planning a complete native planted tank as soon as I get in to our new home, native plants, fishes and may be shrimps as well..
  3. Ashlee its a Asian Ambulia ( Limnophila sessiliflora), Got lots of these growing in a nearby lake.. and some other plants as well, like brown crypts, Elodia, vallisnaria, Nympaea.. etc
  4. Got a bad news to share.. one of my Otocinclus Catfish is dead, he got stuck in moss wall some how and drowned I believe.. I had no issues with these guys, they were very active and went about doing their job very professionally.. now need to get a partner for the other guy..
  5. The pleasure is mine.. mjbubbles
  6. Mr.B your guess is right, this tank does not get Co2 injected nor fertilizers.. Its just the dirt topped up with river or constructin sand.. all my plants are low tech plants and my lighting is just about 2w/gallons.. so no need for co2, as far as ferts are concerned..will wait and see if any signs of deficiancy shows up and then start it..
  7. Thanks Ashley. I need to take a page out of nidhi's book too. I can grow plants, but I got no skill when it comes to aquascaping. LOL. Thanks Ashley. I need to take a page out of nidhi's book too. I can grow plants, but I got no skill when it comes to aquascaping. LOL. Same here! Looks like a have a project for tonight. I think.. any thing is possible, we just neeed to try.. so just go ahead and give it all you got, and nature will take over.. best of luck
  8. Mr.B..ashlee18 is right its aponogeton crispus.. very nice and easy to grow plant, ashlee18.. I need to confess that I never tried to aquascape, just planted them as and when I got these plants..
  9. :I-Thank-You: The green mesh is for growing moss which would eventually look like the moss is growing on a wall.. shellbell4ever..I had no issues keeping mollies with angles..try it finsNfur.. my male gaurami was very aggressive too, but has coold down a bit.. and thanks for the watching..
  10. Hi cathface.. Its a male Trichogaster trichopterus or commenly called Three Spot Gourami, Opaline Gourami, Cosby Gourami.. there is a female also, 3rd photo from bottom..
  11. Hi All, This is my present set up which is of 8 moths old.. Tank size is 36x18x18 inches, 45w x 2 High out put CFL's, lower layer of garden soil and top layer river sand, External cannister filter - Jebao - 503, 15w, 750lts/hr.. here are the photos of my planted tank and the inhabitants.. ok.. people, what do think..
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