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  1. thanks for the advice. i'm on my way to store first in the morning.
  2. i've gotten to the bottom of my flake food can and only have all this "dust" leftover. i dont want to put it in the tank as it will probably cloud up the water and the fish can't eat it being that small. i was wondering if there is anyone out there that knows how to take all that flake food "dust" and compress it into a sinking pellet or have any good ideas to do with it.
  3. do you have enough air flow in your tank? they look to be huddling around you filter's outtake in you first pic. try melafix. it's been my number one go to medicine for my golds when they don't look 100%
  4. most bottom feeders do well with a betta. corys, plecos, frogs, and shrimp are good ones to pick. for the 10 gallon, i'd stick to the basics on this one and choose small tetras and barbs. white cloud minnows and danios would make great choices as well. you don't want to overload the tank and filter with too many fish. a good rule of thumb is to keep 1 gallon per 1 inch per fish. a 10 gallon tank kinda limits your options. but once you get it established and get the hang of keeping them alive and happy then definitely consider getting a bigger tank. your choice of tropical fish will then be greater and you can choose some of the more exotic and bigger species.
  5. your fish are amazing! very lovely! do you plan on adding some more decor in the future? aren't you worried about you plants getting eaten?
  6. i agree with stakos and try using melafix immediately.
  7. i've had the same problem before. i recommend using pond care's melafix. its an antibacterial remedy for koi and goldfish. i think it would work great for your betta. it uses natural tea tree oil to help promote rapid tissue healing and re-growth. plus it won't harm the biological filter, plants, snails or other invertebrates. i think its one of the best products on the market.
  8. my little guys do the same thing. i just started to throw a couple extra in the tank to please everyone. though its funny to watch 5 or 6 little fatties fightin over the last pieces.
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