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  1. Ok 14 days of feeding has been completed. Fish appear to be good with no signs of any bloatedness or lifted scales both have been eating the gel food fine and now back to normal food. A big thanks to all who advised and helped me with the treatment of my fish.
  2. They appear to be ok. Both are back to the size they were prior to this issue and no evidence of lifted scales anymore.
  3. Ok gel food feeding going ok both fish are eating their specified amounts. How long should I carry this out for? I made 25g of medicated food and after using 1g of this I am left with 24g all divided into 1g cubes (which is them split into 4) do i keep going with this feeding style until there is no more medicated gel food or do i stop after a specified amount?
  4. Gell food now set after adding more gelatine. First attempt at feeding them proved problematic but has now been completed. One thing I noticed is the food floats how can I make the gel food sink so I can do this with any future batches of food. As my tank is only a 30L tank I dont have a big enough bowl to fit a fish into that will also fit into my tank. I can only remove part of the lid as the filter is built into this. I ended up taking one fish out into a bowl (as I did when weighing them). However I dont want to have to do this every time as it will stress the fish. Could I use some sort of divider for the tank just for feeding times? If so what can I use are there such things available to buy or would I need to make something?
  5. Ok will do. If it still hasnt firmed up enough though after another few hours can I add more gelatine at that stage to help with it firming up?
  6. Well although the food is firming up it is still not set firm after two hours in te fridge. Should I leave it longer or would a quick blast (15 - 30 mins) in the freezer be an option?
  7. You have said that one piece (1g) of food is enough for 4 days. Does this mean that this 1g will require devided into 4 pieces for to feed for the 4 days or should this 1g piece be the food that my fish eats in one sitting?
  8. Just finished trying to make the gel food. How long does this normally take to set? Once set I will begin feeding the fish idividually and report back with how things are going.
  9. I was told to raisemy quarantine tank to about 80F for salt treatement so this is around abot 30C usually my main tank sits at 20 - 22C as I dont normally use a heater. Next steps are making my gel food - how do I go about doing this and what ingredients other than the Flagyl do I need? Also in terms of feeding the gel food to the fish how will I do this with the two fish in the one tank? Will I have to split them up?
  10. ok thanks for tham I can get eheim media online no problems.
  11. Thanks. Waiting is fine as no fish will be in this tank for a bit anyway so will have a look online now I know the stuff to be looking for.
  12. Should I still be using the heater in my tank? I know for using the epsom salts I had to raise the water temp but do I need to continue with this now I am no longer using the salts?
  13. Well its setup in my tank just need to get the bio media tomorrow. Just so I am certain of the correct kind of media to get to fill the bottom chamber is this link to pets at home web site the correct kind of media I am looking to get for this empty chamber? Not used this type of filter before or filters with bio media so just wanting to make sure I get the right stuff. http://www.petsathome.com/shop/biomax-by-fluval-25640
  14. Sorry I meant to post back but I have been really busy the last few days and jsut catching up with all my forum posts etc tonight. Yes it arrived yesterday so this weekend I plan to try and get it up and running on my currently empty main tank (fish currently quarantined in another tank) so I can start getting my main tank ready to restock. Thanks again for the filter.
  15. Ok weights of the fish are 4g and 17g.
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