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  1. Hi my Aussie friends....just wanted to let you know that you can get Repashy from the UK. Its called Lilly exotics and the person to talk to is Amanda. I ordered mine and got the package (took atleast 3 weeks via normal post) - Thats from UK to Tasmania without any Customs issue.
  2. Yeah I see....the water tank should be perfect then....just make sure you aerate the water before use so your DO is at appropriate levels.
  3. Hi Blackmoors I age my water because my tanks are in the garage and the only water supply is from an outside tap with really cold water. I use 2 50Gal plastic drums...fill it up 2 days before a water change - add prime & buffer, put in an airstone, cover it with netting and leave it alone. This gives it time to get up to room temp. and the ph to normalise. I find that 2-4 days of ageing is a good amount (personal preference) How many tanks are you running as a 1000L rain water tank is fairly larger.
  4. Thanks guys....I'll have a look at what is available here in terms of aquarium fertilizer.
  5. Hi guys I need some help in getting the green carpet algae to grow. Right now I can see some green on the tank wall and floor but it's growing really slowly and not as much cover. Here are the light and tank specs : 100 Gal tank with 4-T8, 25W light tubes (sunlight). The lights are kept on 10-12 hrs a day. Tank is bare bottom with no plants and 5 ranchu's. I can't get any direct sunlight on the tank because of the location. * What I need to know is if I am using the correct lights/spectrum to grow the carpet algae? * if there is anything else I can do to speed up the process? Thanks in advance.
  6. Just keep in mind that it will smell pretty bad. If you still want to go down this road than use a mesh bag as this will help make cleaning easier. I work in nursing, in aged care. I'm pretty used to blocking out bad smells Thanks for the advice, both of you. No worries....give us a yell if you get stuck.
  7. Just keep in mind that it will smell pretty bad. If you still want to go down this road than use a mesh bag as this will help make cleaning easier.
  8. Hi Herts, This is how I did my fishless cycle - I used a raw prawn in a mesh bag. This stuff will really smell after a few days but you should start to see ammonia when you test the water after a week. Also if you can....please get hold of some filter media from an already established tank and put that in your new tank. This will help speed up your cycle.
  9. Hi guys some new updates. The ranchu's are now in their new 100Gal tank after a their month long quarantine. Here are some new pics : http://i1166.photobucket.com/albums/q616/tassiegold/image-1_zpsc9aaad5f.jpg http://i1166.photobucket.com/albums/q616/tassiegold/image-1_zps69e7d21b.jpg http://i1166.photobucket.com/albums/q616/tassiegold/image-1_zpsb199f6b4.jpg http://i1166.photobucket.com/albums/q616/tassiegold/image-1_zpsf43442f1.jpg
  10. Hi Legion go with 12mm glass and make sure they put a top brace on the tank. Better safe than sorry Also will you be getting a stand built as well or have you already go that?
  11. Thanks katiehuggins...tomorrow is their last day in quarantine and then off in their new home.
  12. Hi jeffeve if you want to go with 2 FX5's I recommend DIY spray bar to control the output otherwise your fish will be pushed around too much with the standard FX5 output connection. YouTube has a video showing how to do this. Also how many fish are you looking at having in your tank. Maybe you can have a couple of sponge filters with the fx5 to achieve 10X filteration.
  13. Great info...thanks Alex. Do you know it takes 5 times more baking soda to go from 100 - 110ppm in you add with teaspoons? Cheers
  14. Wow..I like your big pond....pretty cool water feature and nice touch with the budgies Great stuff
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