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  1. Don't get me wrong, I have looked around. It's how I came up with everything I use in my food. I don't currently have access to a computer, and searching the forum on my phone through the mobile website is rather annoying, and extremely time consuming. As I said, I wanted to make sure I was providing a good diet, and if there was anything I should add, ect. Someone said something about a thread with a list of good veggies to use. Can't find it. I asked if lettuces could be frozen long term for storage, as I'd like to use them for the Goldfish, and I have other critters to feed them to, and got no answer. Perhaps no ones tried it, who knows. And I'm curious about others thoughts on the use of banana in their regular diet. I've just begun feeding the outdoor fish again last week or so. They've been getting the Oranda Gold pellets to start off with, but as they get going, I plan on feeding them the gel in the freezer. That's got all the stuff listed on the first page. There are still things to be addressed. Obviously, not every one will have something to input, and I know that. But focusing on the same thing isn't getting anyone anywhere. I'm not being as lazy as you seem to think I am.
  2. We have, yes lol The difference now is i have two new Oranda that actually show potential for nice wens and I want to help them along as much as I can. The other two I've given up on, as far as wen growth goes The same discussions that we had a few months ago still apply today. But that was sooooo long ago, and searching for things on forums on my iPhone is a pain LOL In my defense, I did look around some before posting I basically just wanted to make sure I was doing what I could (with out making myself crazy) to help them along, and that their diets were right to do so. I learned a few things!
  3. We have, yes lol The difference now is i have two new Oranda that actually show potential for nice wens and I want to help them along as much as I can. The other two I've given up on, as far as wen growth goes
  4. I do use baby food in addition to the fresh veggies. I use summer or winter squash baby food, and last time I use sweet potato. Can't say why, but it seemed like a good choice lol The only veggie ones are peas, squash, carrots or sweet potato. Otherwise they're meat mixes, fruit mixes or rice mixes.
  5. Not *exactly* the same thing! Something along the same lines as too much of something lol
  6. I can get the full line of NLS at PetCo. Just only some of the sizes are available. Mainly 2 mm. But these come is Cichlid formulas. Cichlids are really popular here. They have the same ingredients, yes, but the percentages of proteins, fiber, and so on are different, meaning they vary in the amounts of ingredients. I've heard this, too. And something similar about kale?
  7. It's not a lot of banana. An ounce or less. Theres more of everything else for sure. Basically wanted to use the banana food for the spring so they could get some weight on and have that extra boost durring any breeding. But they really like it, so I figured a bit less in their normal diet would be ok. Can lettuces be frozen long term without reducing their already small nutritional value? I've got a lizard that eats mainly spring mix, but he's doesn't eat a lot, and I don't have to make fish food very often. Being able to freeze lettuce would allow for more variety in both pet departments... As far as color with squash goes, I chose that because we always have it, for the lizard, and because it's got a lot of good stuff packed in to it. The outdoor fish have great colors (oranges are more red) and the indoor fish have pretty good colors as far as indoor fish go.
  8. I was wondering, how do you people improve wen growth in your orandas, ect? I've tried a higher protein diet (fresh fish, bloodworms, and beef heart mixed with veggies in a gel food). I've tried giving them more bloodworms, beef hearts, ect, treats on a weekly basis, and I'm now on my third type of Goldfish food (New Life Scpectrum then Hikari Oranda Gold, and now have Saki Hikari on order). The NLS they do really well on as far as diet goes, but they pellets available here are only the 1 mm ones, and they are quickly becoming too small for all but one of my fish (unless you count the danios ). The Hikari Oranda Gold makes all the fish in the 50 gallon float. The pellets themselves are floating pellets, and once they've been in the water for a minute or so, they expand and double in size! So not only do they fish have to eat from the surface, but then the food expands in their tummies. These combined make the fish that don't normally float, float. This now gets fed to the ponds, and to my big fantail, Bruce. I've now got on order Saki Hikari. It was a great price on Pet Mountain and I needed a ferts and stuff as it was, and my friend got a bunch of dog stuff. So, free shipping Anyways... Lol We'll see how that works, I guess. Now, my plan is, with the NLS pellets (or maybe a mix of the NLS and Saki Hikari), to make gel food with it. I've yet to find agar agar, so I've been using Knox Unflavored Gelatine. Works great, doesn't cause any issues. I buy salmon fresh, use it then if I can, if not I freeze it. For the rest of the meat content, i use a random combination of frozen brine shrimp, bloodworms, and/or spiralina brine shrimp to equal 2 or so ounces. The last batch I used banana. This was a huge hit, and I'll do it again, I think. The reason behind banana is good growth. Not sure what it is about bananas, but a lot of people with young fish that get in the foot+ range love it. And I always use fresh yellow squash, and zucchini, and a can of squash baby food. Then some garlic, too. I use a packet of probiotics (the kind you sprinkle into a drink or whatever) and a Publix Greenwise Children's Chewable Multi-vitamin. Easy to crush lol I've been actually dissolving them in the frozen food while it thaws in a little spring water. That's much easier. I want to add more as far as veggies, but not sure what? Ideas? Once I add a few spoonfulls of pellets, the whole thing usually weighs 4-6 ounces, 50/50 meats and veggies. Like I said, I really want nice wen growth on my orandas, but I also need a diet that is balanced for the whole lot (oranda, fantail, telescope, moor, common, comet, shubunkin). I'm not dealing with separate diets for the different tanks and ponds lol Thanks bunches for reading! It's really long....
  9. I have a second to post the other pictures now I only managed to catch Luna, Spotty, Brain and Milotic, though. Gimpy and Changy were playing hard to get. They're the smarter and faster ones. Probably why they're growing faster LOL Anyways, Milotic. He's not actually grown any since the last pic. You can see his pretty tail, though Brain. A small amount of growth, a new bit of wen, and the orange has receded more. And Spotty. She's gotten utterly huge! I don't know what this fish ate to grow so fast LOL And you already saw Luna
  10. Thank you I got Luna and her brother (who lives with my friend) from my uncle. He was keeping them in a tank of angel fish, gourami, and other bratty type fish. They both were all tore up and skittish. They've both more than doubled in size. She's not got a good side-view, but looks great over head lol that's why I keep her in the pond
  11. Went out and did a head count netting session in the 150 gallon pond this afternoon. Here's a sneak peak
  12. Updated pictures of the 50 gallon, and Bruce! Updated pics of the pond fish will come next time I clean them out (just did it this week end, sorry lol) FTS Dharma Pudge The tele (name suggestions? Pretty sure it's a male) The fantail (also need name suggestions! Still too little to fully tell, but thinking female). And yes, thats a full grown Platy! Little guy Didn't get any single shots of the common, but here is a (blurry) group shot The common also needs a name! And the fantail looks gianormous in this pic.... Lol And because Bruce, in the 29, wouldn't sit still, here is a video. He's actually pretty calm in this one... LOL http://i344.photobucket.com/albums/p321/Akari_32/fishlore/6B3004B5-6569-43A9-93EE-AE646B02C803-2532-0000034CB0B8D94B_zps06adeff2.mp4
  13. most of the 14 weekers are short and tubby...altho, there are a few, like Jagger (there's another post about him/her) that are long and leaner...they are few...but they are here. Personally I like the short, fatties. I've got both. I like them for different reasons lol I've got a longer bodies one in my pond, and he has a great natural royal blue color and has a nice top view. Then I've got my little ping pong ball in the 50 gallon, and it's so funny watching her wobble around. I have another in the 50 gallon that is in between, and she's more graceful than either of the other two. But the whole draw to fancy goldfish are those fat little bellies x3
  14. Could be the Oranda or Ryukin, then. My short bodied Oranda (I call her a ping pong ball with eyes ) is real round like the from the top. In goldfish, the dominate traits fight over who is more dominant, and those will show. Not sure which are more dominant and which aren't, though. Some are co-dominant and will show along side another. You get neat looking fish like that lol
  15. Hi! I was out cleaning out the ponds yesterday, and after looking at these pics, all the little guys actually have an extra inch on them compared to the pictures I posted LOL They grow up so fast T.T I do for sure need to get updated pics on them Also need to name the nameless ones lol The common in the 50 gallon, the little fantail, the one eyed tele, and maybe even give Spotty, Gimpy and Changey (the white comet) real names XD
  16. How cute! Those guts on a few of them, are they Pearlscales mixes?
  17. Haha, the ponds themselves leave much to be desired, but the fish are pretty LOL The ponds are a work in progress. We are building a gazebo over them, and then will plant around them once that's finished I usually feed two pinches to the 50 gallon, and I hold them gently under water so that they can soak up water and sink on their own. This also lets a small amount of food down at a time so that most of it gets eaten. Dharma is out growing the small pellets and is now eating more of them (she's a pig, and move quite fast when food is involved LOL). Can't wait to get something a bit bigger. That will help with her not eating so much lol Thank you! They're just a little spoiled. And by "little" I mean a lot XD
  18. Thank you! The big guys (Bruce and everyone in the ponds) actually used to get the NLS Large Fish pellets. They loved 'em. However, like a dummy, I left them out side for two days. But I had some homemade food left in the freezer and ordered the Hikari pellets from Pet Mountain since they were on sale and I already was ordering a bunch of reptile stuff from them. And now I'm shopping trip #2 through Pet Mountain, buying ferts for the 50 gallon XD Unfortunately, the only size NLS goldfish pellets they have around here are the itty bitty ones (1mm, I assume) and they come in a larger container (which i have). They are great for the little fantail and such, but Dharma and the common are too big to really get much of a meal out of them. I'd have to have the lfs order the larger pellets. Right now I've got all my sale food, and my homemade food, and the Saki-Hikari in my cart.
  19. They are growing like weeds, even over winter! Now thats it spring, I expect their growth to take off. Heres a pic of Spotty when I first set the pond up just under a year ago!
  20. Feebas, my female common from the fair, if you will remember. She's grown a ton since I was last on here. Her tail is about as long as her body. Excuse the green water lol The ponds get full sun all day... <.< And her bf, Seeking. He used to be smaller than Feebas, but is now the bigger of the two as far as body length goes. Moving on the 150 gallon pond! This is now the grow out pond. Some of these fish (haven't decided who yet, and don't quite need to given everyone's size at the moment) will be given to a friend. These pics were taken over winter, so some of the fish are a bit thinner than usual. Spotty Fish Gimpy (the original rescue goldfish). Milotic, who hasn't been introduced here yet. I love him And remember this guy? He's all grow'd up now! Luna. She's kind of ugly from the side, but makes a nice pond fish as she looks really great from above. She's actually bigger now than in this pic. All these are kind of old lol And Magneto, and other special fish of mine. Supposed to be an oranda. He never got that memo, I guess lol And little Brain. Again, bigger now lol He used to be quite shy, but he's getting more bold and I see him more often now He also never got the "oranda" memo
  21. Hey-ya guys! Been a while, I guess! Decided to pop in an post some pics of my tubbies and and their tanks (won't post pics of the ponds because they don't look like much LOL). I got lots of new goldies since the last time I was on here, and lost a few, as well. Some may remember my little Ryukin, Lady Swimmy McNibblekins? I recently lost her to a bee sting. The feisty little thing she was, she must have jumped for it thinking it was something yummy, and she was so small that she didn't even make it long enough to have figured out what she had done, and was soon gone just a few hours after bringing her in. Here is the last picture I got of her. I also lost my little white comet. The pump got him. It was a stupid mistake on my part, and I have since ordered a new style of pump with an internal sponge with grating over it, rather than those Becket pumps with the sponge that you push over that little hole. But in good news, I now have a shiny new 50 gallon tank that my mom got my for Christmas off Craigslist. Its actually a 55 gallon that someone chopped the top off of. It now holds 48 gallons. It currently houses all my rescue fancies, and then a common I bought over winter from the PetSmart feeder tank. He'll actually be moved outside soon, as its warmed up again. Its inhabitants: Pudge, a female white (not that weird yellow in the picture lol) Oranda. This little girl is about 3 inches in the body, and dropped eggs all over my QT tank. The male comet tried to be "buddies" with her when I first added her to the 50 gallon, but neither are old enough to know what they are doing and he soon gave up lol Dharma. One-eye'd, food-issue Oranda. She was doing really well on New Life Spectrum goldfish pellets, but I can only get the really tiny pellets around here, and they are getting too small now, which is adding to her floating problem. I've tried Hikari Oranda Gold, but they expand after they've been wet for a few minutes, and made all the non-floaters float. Plus the pellets are just a little too big, and they can't eat them after they've expended. The 150 gallon pond gets them now. I'm going to order a bag of Saki-Hikari and see how that goes over. If it doesn't, I'll have a whole bunch of pond food... lol And the commom. He's a bit feisty, but is well behaved. I'll kick him out eventually. I've got some things to do to the pond before I do, though. And then theres this little cutie. This is not an updated picture at all. I've had him several weeks now and he's doubled in size. He's my little sale fantail from PetSmart And last but not least, my original rescue, a one eye'd calico tele. Originally thought it was a female, but now I'm thinking male. Its got such a slim body to begin with, so its hard to say right now. Poor little guy has hardly grown since I got him, and stresses over everything. Loves to eat, though, and its hilarious to watch him chase food with only one bulging eye XD The tank also houses a 6 inch Sailfin Pleco, who will also go back out to the pond eventually (I really love her, so I'm dragging it out as long as I can lol), a 4 inch female albino BN pleco named Ninja, 4 Swamp Darters (Florida natives, very cool), 8 Danios, and 3 Platies. Next is my 29 gallon. It houses Bruce (like Bruce Wayne ), my gorgeous 5 inch fantail. He was a pity purchase from WalMart. To be fair, it wasn't my money, it was a gift card, and he had been there several months. I thought he was stunted, but he has managed about a half inch since I got him. He shares the tank with a Clown pleco, a young longfinned BN pleco (growing out until he's ready for the 50 gallon and his girlfriend to be), a platy, two female Endlers, and two Blue Dainos. The next post will be of the pond fish. Stay tuned!
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