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  1. I hope your pond is okay, I don't live too far from you. It has been a very long winter, with no end in sight. Have you seen your fish by now? I have a 500 or so gallon pond, and to keep the snow from filling in the pond (a few years ago the snow turned my pond into a slushy and several goldfish died) I now keep a piece of plywood over half of the pond all winter. I also have an inexpensive floating de-icer that keeps a small hole open, since it gets so cold the water will even freeze over the air filter thingy that's at the surface. All that said, the surface was still frozen over around the de-icer, and a few weeks ago when it finally began to melt I found I had several dead frogs floating under the pond. Maybe they came out of their hibernation but couldn't get through the ice. I haven't seen all my goldfish so far, either.
  2. Ohmygosh, we had a seminar at work a few years ago on this issue. Bottom line, those Lysol wipes will clean, but only so far. They don't kill off germs the way you think they would. As I recall they don't even contain bleach? They are semi-effective.
  3. This is something I battle with. I used to "save" fish, but eventually realized I was just encouraging the the problem so now I try and avoid most LFS. I did recently adopt a betta on a FB tag sale page though, not sure I was saving it, but she didn't want it anymore, and no one else wanted it-----so I stepped in. In essence I avoid circumstances in which I am required to make a decision.
  4. Commons grow longer than fancies, but fancies grow much rounder. So in terms of absolute mass fancies are often larger, and greater mass arguably equates to increased bio load. The current stocking recommendation for single tails is this the same as fancies, but I think many would argue that a longer tank might be more important to single tails than fancies because they tend to be slightly more agile swimmers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I agree with this. And I still can't see either a common or a fancy goldfish in a 10 gallon tank, so that rule is out the window to my mind. A 20 high for one fancy, well he'd be lonely and still somewhat cramped so he'd need a mate, a 20 long for a common, also lonely and cramped and needing a mate, I guess we are now up to 35+ gallons in my little world. So I guess to answer the original question, I would take into account the measurements of a 75 gallon tank. I would think it would be suitable for all types of goldfish.
  5. The type of goldfish is important too, as commons grow larger than fancies. Can you imagine a common in a 10 gallon? Even 20 is too small for a common. I don't think the tank requirements foe commons are stickied anywhere, and they are probably the most common goldfish, with so many given away at fairs. Is there a link to that somewhere?
  6. Very nice tank! And my kitchen is that color, too.
  7. Very pretty fish! I especially like the white one. They were lucky to come to you.
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