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    Le ryukin and Le hybrid red cap

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  1. Well when I first got my new fish he was quarantined due to past illness, but I thought he should be okay, then a month later he got pinceconed and I thought he was gonna die, but he looked like he healed completely and he was perfect for months, untill one day he started bottom sitting and later that die he lied dead. My other fish always had floating problems, and I tried to fix it by giving swimbladder medicine, or feeding homemade gel food, feeding tiny quantities etc I tried all the methods but nothing worked for his float, then he did the opposite and started to sink instead, and then he got worse and worse untill he died. I do water changes so often and I make sure the water is perfect, but they still got ill, what more could I have done. that's why I dont feel like getting more because I feel I have bad luck.
  2. Hello, My goldfish had passed away after being ill, Now this is the first time I have not had a pet goldfish for over 6 years. Now I dont know what to do with my tank, I have two healthy weather loaches in there, But I dont feel like buying anymore goldfish because they have died and It hurts me when they die. Did anyone else this before?
  3. Wango


    it makes sense now guys..i am gonig to use ur advice and report back!!
  4. Wango


    Yea, i fast him usualy 1 day a week and sometimes feeding once a day only....nothing worked :'(
  5. Wango


    My goldfish floats NO MATTER WHAT he eats....he swims perfect, then one mouthfull = BOOM FLOAT Floating pellets = float sinking pellets = float Vegetable flakes = float treats such as blood worms = float GEL FOOD = FLOAT vegetables = float what the hell can make him stop floating!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!
  6. You speak Wisdom... How much gelatin should i use when making a gel food? I have the sachet (powder) version
  7. It says I should add high quality fish food to my gel food mix... But commercial fish foods make my fish float, so why would I wanna put that in there? :S
  8. My dads goldfish has gotten ill and he told me he thinks it is swimbladder. The fish doesn't float to the top, or sink...it swims normally, but when going fast and stuff it keeps rolling sidewards again and again unable to get upright unless slowing down. This doesn't sound like swim bladder does it? could he be overfeeding his fish, what should be done?
  9. thanks guys, the filter is brand new so it shouldnt make any noise at all, so it must be the sand, I have removed sand from this area of the tank and put pebbles. Now I will clean the impeller again and see if it stops, if not I am gonna smash it!
  10. Hi there, for less than a year I have had this second hand filter, real old, and every now and again it would decide to make a really terrible sound, like a powerbike going at 100mph! i had to slam it off everytime...so i finally bought a new one. I got an interpet power filter the largest one available...I knew its a good filter cos i have lways used a smaller one with no problems. So i put the filter in, and 1 week later it has started doing the same noise as the old filter!!!!!!!!! So i opened it up, and i noticed there was lots of sand inside, but only at the bottom of the two sponges and no where near the top componenets, so i cleaned that out, removed the sand from the bottom area of the tank where i keep the filter so it wouldnt clog up again, and it still made the hideous noise this morning....i tipped it sideways and upside down in the tank then itcalmed down and went back to normal, if it happens again what should i do to fix it!? thanks
  11. When I bought my chubby orange oranda last week he had torn fins since he was in quarantine, but now his fins have healed in my care. but when i see him sometimes he flashes his fins really fast in and out...like twitching, he does it with his dorsal fin mostly, and clamps it down for a few seconds then after that he is fine and doesn't do it for a day or so Could it be a parasite on his fins annoying him?
  12. what kind of salt should i put in? hehe
  13. Since lemon died my ryukin has been sleeping alot more because he is lonely. so I decided to buy another fish since I was going in the pet shop direction yesterday. So when I went to the fish section the first thing I saw was a tank full of huge orange orandas and i wanted one straight away. they were labelled "Jumbo oranda" But then my mum showed me the quarantine label and I got disapointed, I looked for other fish but they only had very little fish. So instead of leaving we asked when those giant orandas will be out of quarantine, and they checked and said they can go today so I chose the smallest one xD He cost me £30, that is $46 I think xD I have named him chan now. On his side there is a healing wound with about 3 scales missing, but it appears to be healing well. His fins are a bit ragged, but they look healthy and all. He was getting chased by my other fish yesterday but now heh as stopped hehehe
  14. i have no idea of his/her sex hehe. I will take a photo next time i find some hehe xD
  15. Le ryukin has white poop...(he no longer floats) It is long and stringy... what should i do bout this?
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