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  1. They are adorable, thanks for sharing your pictures.
  2. Thanks Alex, I've been working, a lot and doing a lot of travel for work. I'm home for a week and then gone for another week. After that I'm home for a couple months. I know, I logged on and was like, wow, a new look, and I love it.
  3. Thanks everyone, he acts fine but I started to worry. Fids,
  4. My red cap started growing a pom pom, or so I thought. It has gotten big, the size of a large pea, but it is loose from him. He swims around trying to eat it. It is also on in front of one eye. It looks like it is hanging on by a string but thicker. Hs anybody seen this before? Thank you
  5. having a sick goldfish? I had a streak of bad luck and now it's been several months without any issues. I'm starting to get worried that I have one that seems to be acting a bit off. My husband thinks I am just paranoid thank you, Jaime
  6. The canister is a API Filstar SIze large. I just thought of something. If I want to add a HOB I think my tank might be too close to the wall. Hmmm If/when I switch I guess when I do my water change I could maybe move out from the wall a bit then. I always drain it to just above the biggest fish. My hubby will hate me but oh well.
  7. It's a 90 gal tank. The wet/dry trickle is built in and has a 3500 pump that does 730 gph aqueon submersible pump. This canister is a pain in the butt.
  8. I currently have a API Filstar size Lg and a trickle filter. The issue is I HATE my canister filter. Everytime I open it up to clean the filters I have to take the rings out and put them back in so it doesn't leak. Well today I did this routine but it took me over 30 minutes to get it to where it wouldn't leak. I did the exact same thing I always do. So my question is, Is the extra power I get from the canister worth the headache or should I give up and get a nice HOB? Opinions and advice appreciated, Jaime
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