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  1. i have 108 watts of high output t5 on a 55gal. hope it's enough
  2. i got 1 blue lieutenant tang that they say gets 8", 2 clarkii clowns, 1 bicolor blenny, 1 pistol shrimp, 1 randall's goby. also are 5 hermit crabs, 5 cerith snails, 5 nerite snails that i already had. oh, and 1 long tentacle anemone that one of the clowns already paired with! will get pics soon, but the fish are still shy
  3. I know Put food in one slot, skip two, one slot, skip two, etc. and set the interval for 24 hours OMG YOU ARE A GENIUS. THANK YOU
  4. the max interval the f14 can go is 24 hours =( i can do a small portion every 24 though. or get my neighbor to feed every 3 days sweet, thanks!
  5. hi. in november i'm working in texas for 2 weeks and i'm trying to plan ahead for feedings and water changes. i do the same 2 weeks in texas thing in february, so i need a plan. i'm fairly understocked (6 goldfish 1 pleco in a 90 gallon and 16 tetras in a 37gallon) so i am wondering if it would be safe to go 2 weeks between water changes. i have the f14 fish feeder so i can feed them for 14 days. i have to learn about my saltwater tank issues but i think most of my fish will graze on the algae on the live rock. still don't have fish for that tank yet. for the freshwater, can i go 2 weeks without a water change? i've gone 10 days before a few times with no trouble, but usually i do an 80% change every 7 days. another option would be to try to teach a friend or neighbor to do a water change, but that's scary. if they did something as simple as forget to add the dechlorinator it could kill everything. i may have to get someone to feed every 2 days instead of every day to lower the rate of nitrates going up and just change water right when i get home.
  6. 14 cm max. ###### metric system. 5-6 inches? guess i'll only get 1
  7. OOPS i said the wrong word. I meant JAWFISH =) sorry still learning, this is what he looked like. they had 3 next to eachother, not sure how big they get yet
  8. i am hoping that it will work to get 1 black/white clown and 1 orange/white clown of the same type. not sure if that's allowed. from what i read i guess there's 2 kinds of wrasse. i think 6 stripes are the agressive ones. today at the store they had some other kind of wrasse that seemed to school together that was cool. they had this awesome thing called lungfish, i wanna look up what they can go with and i hope i can get 1 to 3 of them!
  9. yellow eye tang you can get at petco evidently but i'm ordering one through the new local store i like the watchman gobies, they form symbiotic relationships with tiger pistol shrimp where they share the same hole. there is a yellow one, a striped one, one with dots, etc. i learned that wrasse and hawkfish eat invertebrates so i'll probably not get either of those =( so it's 1 yellow eye tang, 2 clowns, 1 damsel, 1 goby, 1 blenny. and shrimp/crabs! that's where i'm at now...
  10. gonna get 1 of each of those possibly only 2 clownfish. the one i forgot was a Wrass (reef safe, not all are) and there are a bunch of types of gobies i might get like 3 gobies. gobies and evidently it takes YEARS for a tang to get over 8 inches, so i might get a tang and trade it in on a baby tang when he gets big!
  11. i think i'm gonna get 2 clownfish, 1 hawkfish, a couple gobies, 1 damsel, and a clean up shrimp/whatever crew. and of course corals. i have a list in the car just forgot to bring it inside, might have 1 more thing on it. apparently clownfish get up to 5 inches, and the hawkfish are freakin hilarious!
  12. they said it was a <something> tang. based on google image search it looks similar to a naso tang but i don't think that was right. grey mostly. was about 8" long and they said he was 7 years old and would get as big as 2 foot! so i can't get that species, too big. but i'll check out the fish you mentioned =) thanks! cool, thanks =)
  13. i just do 80% water changes once a week and feed once a day. twice a day if i'm doing a water change soon =) saltwater is zero maintenance so far (it's cycling) but supposedly since the live rock absorb nitrate and turn it into nitrogen gas, 10% monthly water change and daily feedings are all that is necessary! would be cool, but where would my goldies live =) have 6 and a big BN pleco and plan to have 2 more. i'd need another tank haha... i already plan to get a 220+gal tank for oscars, silver dollars, and tinfoil barbs after i buy my house next year. gonna limit myself to these tanks till then =) thanks =)
  14. i just have nitrate/nitrite/ph/ammonia test kits, but i'm gona let it sit for a few weeks to cycle before i start testing. from what i understand (still learning) i have to test for phosphate and get a phosphate buffer in a filter bag or something, not sure what else i need to test for... and i still need a protein skimmer which will be soon.
  15. thanks =) going for a mix of live rock, corals, and fish. still learning stuff, but the only corals i think i can do are LPS and zoanthids. still learning about fish too but i want 1 "show fish" that gets 6" or so that is friendly, possibly a Tang fish... and 4-5 smaller fish... and 2-3 shrimp/similar type things!
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