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    Types Of Betta's

    Cool page!!! Thanks for posting it!!!
  2. Sharon...Thankyou! Like you, my first three goldies were ryukins....all of which I still have. The other two that I have not posted in this thread, were the two that won "pic of the week" about three weeks ago. (it is my avatar) But here is a picture of one of them, Agent Orange. So far she is the only egg layers in the tank!!
  3. anyone else with some beautiful ryukins and/or stories????
  4. everything you always wanted to know about a goldfish, but was afraid to ask.....
  5. And what a beautiful oranda it is!!!
  6. This is an awesome idea! Are you going to be doing these every month Andrea? The first one is great! I will have to post a pic of my oranda in the a.m. when I get home.....he finally just starting to get his wen!!(I'm very excited!)
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