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  1. Hi everyone. Goldfish Connection has their showroom open again....anyone check it out?? I'm kind of partial to Colin!! Goldfish Connection
  2. Agreeing with Sandy...some fish are just this way. I have a butterfly telescope that has a limp dorsal fin when she's relaxed. If she is very nervous about something going on in the tank, or if she is bustling about with her tank mates, the fin will stand completely upright. If you know you are giving him proper care, I wouldn't give too much thought about it other than the fact it's more than likely genetics.
  3. Pearlscale club??? I'm in!!! Here is a few pictures of my "Ping"! (they aren't the greatest pics, but they'll do! I need to take more picture of this little guys!!) I have had Ping for about five months now.
  4. Blue crayfish in central Illinois?? I guess it's time I go to Sailfin and check things out again!!
  5. Beautiful fish.....I can't choose between Strip and Lumpy....they're both very nice fish!!! Thanks for sharing the photos!!
  6. Daryl- How wonderful of your freinds to remove the fluid cysts for you!! Agreeing with Emma....do give it time....that's all you need after any animal or human has an injury, illness or surgery. It sounds like Sol's spirits are wonderful, so that's half of the battle already won!!! Keep us posted.
  7. Hi!! Welcome to Koko's!! God love Daryl---she gives excellent advice. That being said, I don't think I have much to add to the sexing question. However, I think I can post a few pictures for you of my ryukins...they are not quite as large as the one posted above,(nice photo by the way ) but it may help to see the degree in tail difference. This first picture is of my ryukin, Bucho. He has a very nice long tail. This one of my other Ryukins, Agent Orange. Her tail is still fairly long, but not quite as long as Buchos, or the picture above in Daryl's post. The main thing to check for when looking at differences between fantails and ryukins is the "hump back" characteristic that ryukins carry.
  8. Awww....Tanya!! I'm sorrry you lost your little waving cutie!! I'm sure you did all you could during that short amount of time.
  9. edjeff80

    Types Of Betta's

    Cool page!!! Thanks for posting it!!!
  10. :GASP: Salt water??? j/k Very cool guys!!!! Congrats on your "new" hobbie!!
  11. Hey, thankyou so much for the link!! That really stinks!!! I'm sorry neither of them made it.
  12. Good lord!! Champaign has a fish exchange/auction???? I had no idea!!! I guess it's okay, though because I was sleeping all day from working the night before(I guess someone has to work graveyard shift at the hospital ). I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for any upcoming events. Do they announce it in the Gazette or the C-U Veiw?? P.S. Sorry one did it make it through the night with you.
  13. Debi- My chocolate oranda is also turning orange. Although I will have to admit to a statement Daryl just said, even though it is disappointing, I still love the fact that I can enjoy his company, he's very personable.
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