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  1. http://i1254.photobucket.com/albums/hh602/thankmy_luckystars/SG104832.jpg Heres a earlier pic of my tank when it had gravel, and you can see those small pots and drift wood in the tank which i believe were my biggest problem with dropsy
  2. http://i1254.photobucket.com/albums/hh602/thankmy_luckystars/SG104915.jpg Heres a pic of the fishies we've been talking about, Ping the pearlscale at the top, Betty the ranchu in the middle, and my only goldie left now Star at the bottom
  3. My pearlscale 'Ping' didnt make it, he was my longest running fish of 2years had him from the start. wow two fish in one day! didnt see that happening. i'll upload some pics.
  4. Well sadly betty died this afternoon to be honest i thought she was gonna go lastnight, but when i came home from work she gone. And as for my pearlscale,... he was swimming fine, eating fine, but when i came home from work and couldnt see him in the tank,... he had wedge himself upside down behind a tank decoration right above the bubble tube, so i freed him from his trapped postion and now hes floating on his side, breathing heavy with very little life. Maybe he will recover? maybe he wanted to be with betty in fishy heaven lol. Im almost thinking about giving up fish keeping now, one thing that is stopping me is ive spent so much money on it all, and learned so much in the past two years it would almost be shame to waste it all. who knows.
  5. the pearlscale had popeye which i treated with kanaplex, the eyes went back to normal, but hes got the little bubbles coming out of his scales which is pinecone on a pearlscale. but hes still eating and seems okay, so i have some hope..
  6. hmm, well im thinking shes prob got a day or two left, she anit good at all. though those metro meds wont go to waste because i also have a pearlscale who is ill with dropsy, is epsom salt okay to use with pearlscale?
  7. i just tried to feed her, but she didnt want to know, and i guess this metro med is food yeah?
  8. Hi Alex, no the metro meds havent arrived, i think they mite of been posted today havent herd back yet. The tank is at 79f /26c and as we discuss before the tank is 25L so 1/8 of a teaspoon will be the dose? As for Betty, shes about the same, ive stopped the kanaplex now. she just floats in the corner, has an occasional swim round then back to rest. i havent been feeding her though its prob 4/5 days without food.
  9. update: ive been doing 90% water changes, mixing my tap water with my r.o 50/50 my ammonia levels are still showing 0.25 is this still no good for me to use epsom salt?
  10. Ive used Purigen, it is very good stuff, the only thing to take note about is, if your trying to establish your biomedia then leave it out because the purigen will remove the 'food' for your bacteria to grow, and it will take longer to become established.
  11. Ok Alex good. well i have wednesday off work, so i will get myself some more r.o water, and a heater, and look for something larger for a QT tank. but as it stands i have a 25 liter QT tank, though not quite full, lets say 20Liter so for adding epsom salt im adding 5 flat teaspoons a day, while doing 90% WC a day, sound right? and for how long should i do this?
  12. well i got Seachem Prime. or i got a little bottle of Interpet tapsafe.
  13. yeah i think doing a 50/50 r.o -tap water and then lessen the ratio on r.o would be good, i do want stop using r.o all together really. is the nitrite reading and Gh reading not of concern though? being as my water has always been Gh7 and my tap water is Gh12. + i dont really have an established filter in the QT tank which could remove the nitrite levels. and i guess i better get myself another heater for these big water changes.
  14. The trouble with the 90% wc is i use r.o water, not tap water as it has 0.25 nitrite 0.10 nitrate and a Gh of 12, ph is alright 7.8 though, and ammonia zero. for me to get that much r.o water to do 90% wc would be such a big challenge, my nearest shop i can get the water is a 20mile round journey, each 25liters is £3.50, and i dunno if i should do such a big rapid change from r.o water to tap water
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