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  1. Okay. I will stop the meds. When do you think it's safe for her to go back in the main tank? Thanks!
  2. She's been on metromeds since I first saw the dropsy, which was the 11th. The swelling was gone by the 15th and has been just fine since.
  3. Okay so if there's no swelling anymore, and she's been getting the proper amount of meds, how much longer do you all think she needs? Again, thanks to everyone for your help! Mistress Cara the ranchu says thanks too. Blub.
  4. Okay so should I get epsom salt? Or just continue with the meds and no salt? She's been getting 4-5 pellets 3 times a day. I'll weigh her later tonight when I change her water. Thanks, all.
  5. I used Aquarium Salt from Petsmart. I started the salt with 10 teaspoons/10 gallons, then increased it to 20 teaspoons/10 gallons. I salted for 16 days. At the moment she is salt free (waiting to hear if you guys think she's safe to go back with the others). She's been eating metromeds since the 11th. For the past few days she's been getting some peas too.
  6. Thursday the 11th very late at night I noticed my little ranchu girl was pine coning. I immediately took her out of the tank and put her in qt, started salting her, and started her on metro meds (I bought them a while back just in case, thank god). She was floaty, one side was more bloated than the other, and she was definitely pine coning. The following day I increased her salt and did 100% water changes every day. Oh and she had an air stone. Literally 4 days later she looked 100% back to normal. Swimming just fine, no floating, no pine coning, just a happy little fish. Now more than two weeks later, she still looks perfectly fine. I guess my question is this: is she safe to go back in the main tank? Did I really cure her? Is dropsy ever curable? And I don't have any tank readings because it was about 1am when I saw she was sick. I also cleaned out one of the filters completely and have done several water changes since. (And I figured she was a goner, though I had to try). Thanks so much, everyone.
  7. Guys. My ranchu with the back sore has the exact same back sore after less than two weeks, and my telescope has the bumps on her tail again. This time they look worse. Red streaks are back on the fins worse than last time, too. Obviously something is not right in my tank. My 75 gallon tank. How do I go about salting or treating a 75 gallon tank?
  8. I didn't do anything different and I'm pretty sure it did not correspond to water changes. I know for sure the telescope had nothing to do with water changes. I just have two lady fish and one ranchu who treats them like sister wives . I'm excited to see what happens again this spring/summer.
  9. I had two babies survive the big tank. I didn't think any were fertilized and one night I went to turn off the light one night and saw these little squiggly things hiding by some driftwood, so keep an eye out. You might be surprised by them.
  10. It's been my experience, and I don't try to get mine to spawn, but I woke up to fresh eggs on at least 7 different occasions. Pretty sure 5 of them were from my pearlscale, and the other times was my telescope. I only ever saw it happen once during normal human waking hours. The rest happened overnight sometime, but I stay up pretty late, so it seems that it happened very early in the morning.
  11. Well, my ranchu went back in the tank after two weeks of qt. That was on the 8th of this month. Now less than two weeks later, the red/white fuzzy spot is back again. I'm going to start setting up the qt again, but does anyone know what might be going on? I've had this guy for more than a year and he's never had any problems. Now this twice in less than a month.
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