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  1. Hi all, I think my fish has an internal tumour growing on it's left rear side It's been maybe a month or so. Can someone confirm this? Would surgery be too dangerous? Anyone had a similar experience? https://vid.me/QxkF
  2. They're really small but have fairly long tails. Bulking them up so they can grow up nice and beautiful <3 They're a bit aggressive to the other two orandas though, nipping their fins. There's no damage so far though, but I'm keeping a close eye on them. helllooooooo *pokes out of curtains*
  3. The red cap is called Myrmidon hahaha Little Hal and Myrmi are doing great. ^_^ They've settled in fine and are curious little things! I love the whole process of caring for baby goldfish when they're young and watching them grow into beautiful creatures hehe I will keep you all updated with photos! Thanks for all the love guys!
  4. Thanks guys! I came up with the name Halcyon for the orange oranda cutie. It means calm, peaceful, tranquil, prosperous, golden. I think it fits very well. Haven't decided on what to name the red cap yet it will come to me soon hehe
  5. MY TANK! It's hard to see the goldfish because they're so small compared to the tank!
  6. I just recently made a small batch of gel food with what I had at home at the time. It included: Peas Acidophilus capsule Canned tuna Fish pellets Agar agar
  7. Thank you!! My tank is about 35G. I will post a photo of the tank soon when I get the chance!
  8. Hi all. After my fish of 7 years Nymeria died last year, I've tried tropical fish keeping as something different. It was fun at the start, but I never had that same connection I had with goldfish. So now I have gone back to goldfish! Here are my two new ones I got today. A little cute orange oranda and a red cap I'm in love again!
  9. Hey all! I recently got my hands on a free fish tank that my family friend didn't want. SCORE! Just decided to post throughout the stages of setting it up. I tried to go for a simplistic organic look for the tank. Hope you enjoy reading! Thanks. I've only added water and decorations so far. The plants are mostly fake because I know the goldfish will demolish them all if I did get real ones. There are some real ones as well though, for the goldfish to nibble on. Think of it as a housewarming gift for them? lol I have a canister filter and air pump coming my way via mail soon! Can't wait to buy some goldfish after that!
  10. I fed my goldfish some orange the other day. They ate it, but I don't think they liked it as much as they like eating peas. I found the orange just made the tank water cloudy.
  11. That's interesting, thanks guys! Might try it sometime.
  12. Silly question, but would the acidity of the orange be uncomfortable for them?
  13. My goldfish absolutely loves peas! I feed them a pea per goldfish a couple of times a week along with the usual dry pellet goldfish food. I haven't tried making my own gel food yet but I'm considering it after reading alot about the benefits on this forum
  14. Thanks! That helped. The view distortion is true! Maybe a rectangular one is better... I might go check out a few different ones at different stores. Thanks for the info! Edit: The AquaStyle 620T looks like a better option at the moment. So many to choose!
  15. Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has an AquaMode 900 fish tank or have heard anything about them? I'm saving up for one and I'm excited that my goldfish will be able to move into a much larger home finally!! Here is a picture of my fish tank that I've had for nearly over 7 years. As you can see, Nymeria is getting too big for the tank!! Any help is appreciated, thanks! Link to the AquaMode 900: http://www.aquaone.co.uk/aquamode.php Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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