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  1. If it's empty and you trust that it's disease free, than absolutely.
  2. Just wanted to stop by and send some positive words of encouragement. (Was that encouraging? , j/k) You're doing everything right. I understand that the color can be a bit off, I think it depends a lot on the lighting and the contrast of the kit. I typically put it up against a white sheet of paper. My tank took about 3-4 weeks to cycle. Hang in there!
  3. Guppies! And personally, I would avoid mollies as if you get one you will have a million after they have babies.
  4. How often do you guys feed your fish? And (again I've never used gel food before) do you just take some out of the freezer, put it into the fridge to thaw and then serve? Or do you just "pop it out of the ice tray" and then melt in some water and then serve or...? I ordered the 5.3 oz jar. I don't have a scale so this will be interesting.
  5. Lol I have no clue. What would you recommend? Oh and I should add that my goldies are approx 6 and 7 inches. So not baby fish. I just don't want to buy a big bag and not use it all like what happened with the pro gold. But I want enough to stretch my dollar.
  6. Ok, I have 2 goldies. Will one bag last a whole year like the Pro Gold do you think?
  7. How long does it last, and how many do you feed per fish? I've never used gel food so any help you could offer would be great. Thanks.
  8. I was just wandering how do you hand feed pellet to them, I tried but in vain. My black moor have difficulty searching food. Sakura made an excellent video. Here's the thread http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/103326-training-fish-to-eat-from-your-hand-video/page__fromsearch__1
  9. Are you going to sell them on Koko's?
  10. I am curious as what will happen when Lucy catches up to koko in size.
  11. I don't have anywhere else to put him He's been in there for months and no issue so far. It's not ideal - and I realize this but it's the best I can do for right now.
  12. Some would call that practical and wise I think you're through the worst of it
  13. Ugh, I want a cigarette now. lol j/k. 2 years this November! Have you thought about increasing the number of plants?
  14. Side story about snails. When I first got into goldfish, I was looking at snails for a companion. An employee at my LFS said that snails and goldfish are a bad combo. You see, goldfish have teeth that they can protrude out of their mouths and wear a hole in a snail's shell, and get some escargot. At the time, I kind of just took his word for it. lol. So, I have 2 fancies and a cory cat in a 56g column aquarium. Ya the cory is a tropical but he seems to be doing fine and he was the last fish I had from my old tropical tank, so he's in with the goldies. Anyway, I plan at a later date to get another fancy and am wondering how many snails would be appropriate. I don't want to be overstocked. I thought I read somewhere that apple snails can get quite big, and the bigger the animal the bigger the poops, but I like the algae control idea. Presently I do WC's twice per week. Edit: So you guys are saying the apple snails don't eat algae?
  15. What's a mystery snail. Is that an apple snail or a nerite snail?
  16. I hope that happens! My betta tank needs some cleaning up. But I hope they will eat algae wafers once the algae has run out! EDIT: come to think of it, when I had them in QT I fed algae wafers and they did eat them, so that's good! Hmm. Maybe mine have never been hungry enough. I haven't seen any sign that they ate the wafers I gave them in the tanks. well, they were in a little critter carrier with nothing else, so they had no other options for 2 weeks they must have been desparate sorry to have stolen your thread a bit mike! It happens
  17. How much room do you guys leave at the top for the snails? Is your water level below the beginning of the black rim of your aquarium so they can breathe?
  18. Both I've got enough room for 1 more fancy (still waiting on trying to find the right one) and a snail. But like almost everything I do, I do the research first to see if it's something I can commit to. (Feeding, etc). How much room do you leave at the top? I fill up my tank to just the start of the black rim on my aquarium, I haven't measured it but I don't think that's two inches. Is this enough or if it's lower does the water sound from your HOB annoy you?
  19. What kinds can go with goldies? How do you feed them? Have they killed your plants? And is it necessary to QT them, and if so how?
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