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  1. Hello all! Forgive me this post is rather lengthy and I thank you for your patience. My girlfriend and I would like to put more plants in our aquarium. Presently, there is an Anubis plant that took root to a lava rock. I think I'm going to put more anubis to the same rock to make it more colorful. I have a few questions. Anyone use CO2? I looked online and it seems really expensive, (my aquarium is 56 gallons). I'm hesitant about it and DIY pumps because if I forget to check the levels one day, I could find my fish dead. I don't want that. I also have heard of using dry fertilzer instead of the liquid stuff...what!? Ideally, I would like to have plants that can root themselves into rocks, ike lava rocks so that I can move them and thus creating a more natural look. I don't trust driftwood because of rotting etc. I am open to suggestions. What plants are suited to this? As far as lights go, I don't recall what kind of lights I have in there, they are the t5's that's all I remember and they weren't cheap. I was also wondering about oxygen consumption at night, of both the plants and the fish. Anyone have problems with this? Also, I have a deeper tank would you recommend installing a power head for circulation? The bubble wand seemed to kinda stress the fish out (I think) but maybe I'm just paranoid. I am totally willing to revisit it though if necessary. Where do you get your plants? What plants do you have in your tank, what plants didn't work for you? (I realize this will vary from tank to tank in some degree) How do you have them secured in your tank? What mistakes have you made in the past and: what did you learn/changes did you make? When do you prune your plants? Do you wash the algae off your leaves? Do you use any plant food i.e from Seachem? Do you take your goldfish to the beach with you? (I'm kidding, if you've read this far - give yourself a hug from me and thank you) Anything else or advice you'd like to share?
  2. Here is an old video. Koko is the blue/gold. Lucy is the red one (like Lucile ball). I named her koko because she had some nasty bouts with pop eye; and the good folks on here helped to save her and her eye. So every time I see her and Lucy, I'm reminded of this site and all the great people in it.
  3. Hey guys I haven't forgotten about this site, I've just been super busy with school. (I still check in every now and then), I miss ya My fish, Lucy and Koko are doing great! Anyways, I was wondering, does anyone have a nerite algae eating snail, similar to the one Alex was talking about, that they would like to sell? Or a good website to buy them? Let me know!
  4. My advice, plywood underneath with shimmies that you can get at any hardware store to level your tank. Good luck.
  5. I was going to but felt that this was related to my prior issue, posted under DnD which I could have posted under. Thanks.
  6. You want to trade tanks sometime any chance? Let me know. You can keep the fish, I just want the tank Great shot man!
  7. For me, I had aggressively treated for flukes with Prazi and salt - nothing. Then I started to do water changes twice a week, to lower my nitrates that were still in "safe range", still some gulping but not as much. So between all of that, something good has happened I think. Oh, I also added plants to the tank - but I don't think it has made that big of a difference. But then again, who knows. Sorry, that probably doesn't help you much. I just wanted to share with you what steps I have taken so far. Hope your fishes get better!
  8. I was using Pro Gold and despite the pellets sinking, they would still gulp afterwards. Day 2 is almost over, and no gulping has been observed yet.
  9. Should be able to. I would monitor the water params and go from there. That said, you can never do "too many" water changes.
  10. Ditto but there is Two of them So there is! lol
  11. I agree with everyone else, go see your doctor. I would also remember to thoroughly wash your hands before and after doing anything with the fish tank so you don't spread anything to your person or fish.
  12. I hope I don't speak to soon, but usually right after feeding my fish would do their gulping thing at the surface. I fed the soilent green today and was surprised to see that there were no more gulping. I'll update again as a week passes, but so far so good. And this is encouraging. I just wanted to share this with everyone.
  13. the other thought is, how many times would you be reminded that you need to make the mid night restroom visit
  14. I think it's amazing. But ugh, cleaning the glass would be that much more important.
  15. Looking forward to the pics, oh and may I request a video too!?
  16. Ugh, Alex was right - it stinks terrible.
  17. You can either spread the food out more or you can try to teach them to hand feed. Hand feeding might actually be best. Sakura made an excellent video. Here it is: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/103326-training-fish-to-eat-from-your-hand-video/ It takes time and patience, but you'll get there
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