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  1. Hi Morning!

    Got some questions for you, first can you fill out the water parameter worksheet:

    • Test Results for the Following:
      • * Ammonia Level(Tank)
      • * Nitrite Level(Tank)
      • * Nitrate level(Tank)
      • * Ammonia Level(Tap)
      • * Nitrite Level(Tap)
      • * Nitrate level(Tap)
      • * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)
      • * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)
      • Other Required Info:
        • * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops?
        • * Water temperature?
        • * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running?
        • * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)?
        • * How often do you change the water and how much?
    • * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change?
    • * How many fish in the tank and their size?
    • * What kind of water additives or conditioners?
    • * What do you feed your fish and how often?
    • * Any new fish added to the tank?
    • * Any medications added to the tank?
    • * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment.
    • * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus?
    • * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.?

  2. I've done pantyhose in the past in effort to keep sand out of my filters. It did a pretty good job, only the pantyhose got pretty dirty fast. So, if you're prepared for that than that would be a good option. Some people here put sponges inside their intakes , I'll let them discuss their experiences as I've never tried this.

    I'm sorry about your snail! Hopefully he will make a full recovery. Sending positive thoughts your way, good luck!

  3. Not sure if this is the right spot for this question, so moderators please feel free to move it where it belongs. Thanks :)

    Went to Petsmart today and came out with some API CO2 booster. I am thinking I will try it at 1/2 dose in the morning to increase plant growth. Has anyone used this before? Will it harm my plants?

    My plants are:

    1) 3 - anubias plants of different varieties

    2) 1-anacharis narrow leaf

    3) 1-Ludwigia palustrius (narrow leaf)

    4) 1- narrow leaf ludwigia.

    I've never used this stuff before, right now I'm using Seachem Flourish twice a week as the label instructs. Thoughts, opinions, suggestions?


  4. Got the light thing sorted out...hopefully. I got the zoomed ultra sun and the flora sun from Petco. Hopefully these will do the job. The plants survived the night!! Those weights really did wonders. I only had to cover up the weights with sand today, and none of the plants were floating so that's good. I don't know if you guys use these weights, but they are awesome as my fish tend to run over anything in their way and dislodge planted things. :rofl3

  5. I think she's technically a "blue"? I don't know. She's not purple. The color you might be seeing is from the blue actinic light. Her face is a greenish gold with a dark dark green wen, her body silver and gold with a dark grey tail. Lol, I have no idea what color she would be technically classified as. If anyone wants to classify her color for me, that would be great!

    I'll get my dslr out tomorrow and take some pictures for you under the right lighting :)

  6. What plants, filter intake, heater, and algae? I was tooooo busy looking at your gorgeous Goldfish. I love them both. What is the name of your darker goldfish? He/she looks velvet/purple! Gorgeous!

    Okay, I had to go look at your video again. I was still looking at your fish. lol But I did take a quick look at your plants and substrate. It all looks lovely. But your fish take the spotlight. :wub::heart Okay, I think I'm going to watch your video again. I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful colored Oranda like yours before.

    Aww thank you :hug !! The darker one's name is Koko, named after this website for helping her when she got sick with pop eye. She's a constant reminder to me for the kindness the people have shown me on this site. And it is fun to tease THE koko using the double nuances. hehe. :joke

  7. Okay, well since I'm going to get new bulbs tomorrow I'll just post this brief video. Those that view it tomorrow won't have to listen to "the walking dead" tomorrow and will instead, listen to music.

    Sorry the video is so short! My gf is watching TV in her pj's and requested i not pan the aquarium to all angles and our house is a bit of a mess (can't let the world see that!)

    Please excuse the algae on the filter intake on the right, the filter will be replaced within a week so I didn't bother. The heater on the front left of the aquarium will also be replaced with a fully submersible heater so the lid can close. I will do a more thorough video once my house is cleaned and open it to the public. Anyways, here's the set up.

  8. Just my 2 cents. From a microbiology perspective, the other organisms in the bio film process the wastes of the other bacteria. Some might even have a resistance to a bacteriophage (bacterial virus) or possibly resistance to certain chemicals/antibiotics. Which depending on the bacteria you are talking about could be a good thing. And since the nitrobacter and nitrosomonas species grow attached to surfaces, makes me believe further that the benefit out weighs the risks. I agree with Alex in that there is such a thing as "too clean", even for humans.

    Anyway back to the OP's topic.

    I have TSM sand. I feel that it gives the fish more "stuff to do". But be warned, that sand gets EVERYWHERE! I also think I've lost two filters because of it. If I were to change to something different, I might look at a soil bottom with a gravel top for plants. But unless I move and have to drain the tank, I doubt that will happen. But it is pretty and the contrast is nice.

  9. Oh nice! I will have to check that out! Yep, the bulbs are going back tomorrow. Seems the other one is for saltwater too. Go figure. >.> I'm just really new to this light stuff. Thank you guys for your patience!

    From a very brief google search/read, I learned that plants need both the blue and the red spectrum of the lighting. I think at present, I have two "blue" bulbs, rather than a red and a blue. I realize this is a really layman way to put it, but it sort of makes sense to me at least. C'mon youtube!

  10. Pictures!!!!

    Actually, the blue bulbs are for saltwater. Pink are plant bulbs.

    Ah nuts. Those bulbs were 20 bucks each! Well heck, now what do I do? I just want them to live. I have a deep tank, I hope it helps. Hopefully after a couple of physics classes and maybe a trip to the botany department, I'll figure this stuff out. Haha. I don't recall seeing "pink" lights at petco. I'll go back and look tomorrow or over the weekend then. I hope they'll take it back!

  11. Hi everyone!

    Plants arrived from planted aquarium central! This is what I got: 1 Vallisneria asiatica (tall background plant), 1 Anacharis narrow leaf, and a Ludwigia palustris, narrowleaf ludwigia. I also picked up a couple of annubias plants the other day (my one rock with the anubias on it was looking like more rock and less anubias so I got another one to tie to the rock) and the other one went on the other rock in the tank. I also read that lights lose some of their spectrum after a year, so I bought two replacement bulbs. One more of a blueish hue (the sales person said that it would reach the plants better, and the other a 10,000 k bulb). It looks pretty neat.

    We painted the back of the aquarium using black latex paint (Thanks Tithra for the youtube video!) . We were going to use acrylic but I wanted decided to go with the latex cuz Tithra did it. Also, I cannot find this PAR thing you were talking about :(

    I did the PP dip as suggested on planted aquarium central. And so far the plants aren't a salad. We purchased the lead free weights that are sold from the same website, and put them on all the plants. Hopefully, it will be enough to keep the plants in the substrate from the two Bulldozers. :rofl3

    Currently, I am using flourish and nothing else. I'm still not sure if I need it or not. We will see I guess.

    What else? Oh, the 2nd new filter will arrive here tomorrow and I will put it in once my cycle stabilizes. I had to replace the AC 70 with a different filter, it is seeded but I've noticed a slight bump in my cycle. The ammonia is less than .5 but I am doing water changes every couple of days with Prime to play it safe.

    Other than that, the tank looks beautiful. Depending on how these plants do will determine if we buy more. Hopefully, these will grow enough to allow us to plant the offshoots (not sure on the exact term) in the bare spots in the back of the aquarium. I'm so excited!! :rockon

    I will try to post some pictures up later today. Right now, I need a break from aquarium-ing. :goldfish:

  12. I'm not sure anyone can give you a definitive answer to your question. The most important thing is to watch your water parameters. Wait to see what the moderators think, but if it were me I'd fill up the tank as much as you can. More water means the waste products are more diluted.

    If you get in a pinch you an get a big food safe rubber made type container from Walmart to put your fish in, with filter of course. Good luck!

  13. It was a great filter. I seriously cleaned everything the day before the flood happened though. The level thing was on. I don't know. Hopefully this will serve okay and the plus side is I don't have to prime it.

    We used Vaseline to lube ours, what do you use koko?

    And ya, I'm thinkin about getting rid of the sand later on down the road.

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