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  1. So I think the general consensus here is to: a) use sinking pellets over floating foods; b) and to use moist foods over solid foods. Well, while I was looking for a filter, I came across what appeared to be vitamins you just squirt in the water like prime, I could be wrong but that's what it looked like to me (can be seen at drsFosterandSmith)? Have any if you tried this before?

    I ask because, I think it was Steve from RG said on his site, we are trusting the nutrition guru of the product we buy to ensure everything out fish need is in there. I quoted that horribly but you get the idea.

    Also, what foods do you use to give your goldy a varied diet and what hasn't worked in the past?

    What percentage if fat, protein etc do you like to see on the label?

  2. I will explore other models but I need a basis for current output (the reason behind the last question). Or perhaps a better way to ask it would be, what filter would you put on it of any brand (size of filter included) and how you reached this decision, what would be the max size and minimum? This is so someone who reads this later might be like, okay I need to get that one.

    Ultimately, I'd like to get down to one filter - I don't know if that's feasible and I understand some of the risks involved but the tank looks nicer with less stuff in it in my opinion. Oh, and thanks everyone for your input. This is good stuff.

  3. Wow, pleased to see how much traffic this has picked up! I haven't decided on a filter yet, but I think we found our boy Oranda :) He will have to spend a month to six weeks in quarantine so that buys me some time still on the filter.

    I'm pleased with my Fluvals. I have a 405 and a 206. The 206 opens and closes more easily, which is part of the series' improvements I think. I wouldn't say I love these, but I haven't tried any others.

    We had the 406 when we first got the aquarium and cleaning the thing was a nightmare because I had to use a screwdriver to get the lid off. Very frustrating, then the thing died in the middle of the night one day. Thinking it was sand, I gave it a good thorough cleaning and nothing. Still didn't work. Which was frustrating because I spent a bit of money on that one. So now, I don't care what it costs as long as it works past six months (how long the fluval lasted).

    I was also wondering what would be the largest single filter in terms of gph you would put on a 56g tank? Helen likes the Sunsuns, lots of people say good things about the eheim. How difficult is it to dismantle them for cleaning, filter media etc? Because really, at least once a month I'm going to have to lug it to the other side of the house to the tub for cleaning. So that is a big selling point for me. Shopping for a filter is like buying a car - only you can't test drive it :wall

  4. Curious which one in the pro series you're looking at? The Ecco pro or the larger professional series?I have an Ecco pro 2236 and I highly recommend it. The main difference between the eccos and the classics are the self priming feature (which is really nice)I also have a fluval 306. I really like this canister so far. The media setup in it is really nice, it has more sponge media than the eheim. The thing I don't like about it is the black corrugated (is that the word I want? It's bumpy instead of smooth) tubing, and the components feel cheaper to me than my eheim. I feel like I could easily break something on my fluval accidentally whereas the eheim feels sturdy. The fluval does more gph for cheaper cost though ;)Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Looking at both really. I'm sort of a tech geek and liked the thought of the 3e series. My only concern is it too much filter for my aquarium in terms of current. But being able to change the current and flow with a touch of a button appeals to me.

  5. I am wanting to try canister filtration again for the extra media - water params are fine, but I would like to see less stuff hanging in the aquarium. I've been looking at the eheim models, specifically the pro series but wanted your guys' thoughts before making that big of a purchase. What's the difference between the pro model vs the other model? And second but most importantly, what filters have you had that worked well and which ones didn't work and why? What do you like about yours? Maybe fill in this statement: you should stay away from this type because....

    Love your faces and thanks in advance guys! We're still looking for the boy fish :) We'll post pics as soon as we find the right one!

  6. Thankyou everyone for your kind words. And she was paws. She was Edie's little sister so to speak. Here's my favorite video of them. This was taken shortly after I got them.

    My gf wants to get another one to keep Koko company. We are waiting for dandyorandas to post another auction or for rain garden to get another batch of orandas up. Alina, my gf, wants longer veil tail like fins - that's the catch. So we will see. Namaste everyone.

  7. She passed yesterday after fighting a swim bladder issue and one side of her face was swollen. I'm sort of at a loss because I thought I was doing everything right. The vet tried too with antibiotics and even tried aspirating her swim bladder. That's when she got worse.

    I'm sorry I really tried everything Lucy. You will be hard to replace. Alina and I miss you already. She was in tears last night over you. Thank you for being my friend.

  8. Her observations were that she noticed one side of lucy's face swollen. I told her about her not eating and the floatiness issue. She said her bet was it was bacterial. I told her about Koko's fins not healing. She took a clipping from her fin, swabbed both fish and went into the back room for examination. She said she found no parasistes, she did find the gram positive on koko I think.

    Her bet with lucy was that it was a bacterial infection and gave her a shot of a broad spectrum antibiotic. I wish I could remember the name. I think it started with a T. Anyway, she said if a change is noted we will see it almost immediately and that it would be necessary to bring her back in a few days for another shot until the problem was gone. So, I took them home and put them in the tank. Later that night, we tried to hand feed Lucy. And she ate!! We were very excited about this new change. She continued to take hand feedings for the next few days and her strength seemed to be improving. We took this as a good sign and made another appointment for another shot. Only this time, after injection, Lucy went limp laying on one side.

    That was Tuesday, October 1st. Since then she will hardly eat even with coaxing of hand feeding. And she cannot right (sp?) herself back up. It's very sad. I don't know what to do. I don't like watching her suffer. She has been having this "swim bladder" issue for over a month now and for the past few days she doesn't even try to swim from once side of the food bin to the other. It's as if she's "bed ridden".

  9. She hurt herself in the caulander. We fed her a pea, it's all she would keep down. Right now I'm going to put her into the food safe bin with conditioned water. and run an air stone. She just lays on one side. She seems to be pumping water over her gills. She still moves like she has some fight in her but I just don't know. :(

    At what point does one consider euthanazia?

    The vet couldn't find any parasites from a swab that she did nor any gram negative bacteria. She said she found a cluster of gram positives. Staph maybe? I don't know.

  10. Her floatiness had gotten a little better. I took her to the vet and she got a shot of antibiotics and A&E at least started to hand feed. Today because I had to work, my gf volunteered to take her in for the second round. I'm not sure how long it took her, I have a feeling she did a side excursion with Lucy in a half filled 5 gallon bucket. I'm angry and hurt right now and I guess I want someone to blame because my fish was doing okay this morning.

    Anyway, I got a picture from my gf while I was at work with Lucy laying on her side at the bottom of the tank. I tried calling multiple times and texting and got no answer. Very frustrating. She's in a caulander now and I pray that I wake up to see her still alive. I don't want to go to sleep. :(

  11. Okay. I will do a 2 part video. Half when she's awake and the other half when she's sleeping - when it's the worst. It's really sad when she's trying to sleep, she is bent over on one side and get tossed around from the current. When she's awake she's able to keep herself up no problem. She just doesn't eat. Alex, this has been going on for about a week or so now. It first started after I used the prazi and the salt dips.

    Helen, what is the proper dosage for epsom salt? I just need to get her to Tuesday when the fish vet can look at her. I hope she doesn't starve to death before that happens.

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