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  1. I'm trying to plan for what type of aquarium set up I want. Pros and cons? For those that have tried both bare bottom and gravel/sand, have you noticed any difference in your fishes' behavior? I've read that the reflective bottom can be stressful for some fish is this true of goldfish? I would think that a bare bottom would be easier to clean. And while I haven't tried sand before in an aquarium, I would think that it would be the 2nd easiest to clean since there are less cracks for debris to fall in.

    Thanks in advance. Sorry if this has been posted once already.

  2. The FX5 in my opinion is way too strong for the 55g. A friend of mine has it for her 75g, and the current already is too strong without modification.

    May I suggest this instead? Get the Fluval 405 and an AquaClear 70. That will put you over the 10x recommendation, and the combo of canister/HOB will give you a back up and also plenty of media space.

    I might end up doing just that. My girlfriend wants me to not get a HOB filter for aesthetic reasons, but buying 2 canister filters seems harder to clean and way more pricey. Is fluval a good brand for canisters? I've never used canister filters before. And what is your thoughts on the aquaclear vs something like the penguin biowheel?

    I say go for it :) that way, if you upgrade, you won't need to buy lots of bigger filters.

    You can turn down the flow on the fx5. I have 2 on my tank and big butterflies. The butterflies have no problems with the full output and neither do the small fish.

    How big is your tank ashlee18?

  3. So here's my dilemma. I bought a 56 gallon tank and am looking to put 3-4 fancy goldfish in it. I've read and heard that for goldfish the recommended guideline for amount of filtration needed is tank size x10 per hour. So for my 56 gallon tank I should have a filter or filters that filter 560 gallons per hour.

    I would like to either do this with one filter or break up the work to two filters and get the added benefit of if one fails the other one will serve as back up while I get the problem fixed.

    I was looking at the Fluval FX5 External canister filter seen here:


    It is big enough for the aforementioned filtration per hour but I'm worried it might be a big too powerful for the aquarium and the current too strong. Any thoughts or opinions would be great. I'm piecing this aquarium together bit by bit months in advance. I want it to be as perfect as possible for my future companions. Thank you so much for your input.

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