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  1. I really need to proof read more when it's late at night. lol. I wrote kuval fx5 for the tag
  2. I'll let ya know if I decide to later on. Right now I got the fluval 406 and an AC 70. I just ordered my fish and am waiting for my tank to finish cycling before I have him send the fish to me. Tomorrow we're going to start decorating I think.
  3. Today I left my house to get my water tested at Petco, I asked the lady at Petco to test my water for me and show me the results. She tried to give me a lesson on the nitrogen cycle - anyway it was obvious I couldn't correct her so I just left. What I didn't tell her was that I used to tutor Microbiology at the university.
  4. I'm going to show this to my gf, I think she'll love it
  5. I think I'm going to do bare bottom and if I add anything it will be sand so that whatever waste that gets deposited will stay on top and won't sink into the cracks. We'll see.
  6. Ya my tap is good. The water here is hard and ph is slightly alkaline (about 7.5).
  7. Steve said he'd hold the fish for me. I think I'm going to wait another week before I have him send them out here. It's only been a week, now granted I seeded the aquarium but does it really happen that fast??
  8. Thanks Tithra! I'll get the extension when I get paid this Wednesday. And I think it might have been the bubble wall also. I feel like a kid that's going to disney land tomorrow, lol, this is great.
  9. So, I had to work four 12's at work and did not get a chance to test my water. However, I took it to Petsmart and had them test it. My ammonia is at 0.25 ppm, and my nitrate is just under 10 with no nitrite in the water. I'm thinking that my aquarium is ready for fish, (after a water change) what do you think? Also, i just ordered two fish from rain garden and am super excited
  10. Thanks DNA, I wonder how expensive pantyhose is. I just put the tank together barely. I'll test it in a few days. Ugh, I refuse to pay for quick time pro to make the sound right. There's gotta be free software out there to fix this. But alas, I'm tired and need to make my bed so I can go to bed.
  11. I'm going to try to fix the sound on the video :/ God I sound like a prepubescent teenager. lol As for the AA sterilzer, it's not on anymore. I had to turn it on though to make sure it worked. Glad I did
  12. Here's a video of my aquarium. Be easy on me, it's my first video with my phone and there are already some errors in it. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRCh2mDiN90&feature=youtu.be
  13. You could also get a second filter to put on. As long as you are filtering 370 gallons per hour (tank size 37, times 10) you should be fine, your tank might be sslightly over stocked so the extra filtration will help. From what i have read and heard, depending on the goldfish, they recommend 20 gallons for the first fish and ten for each additional.
  14. I agree with you, the intent behind this post was to find out if the canister in question was too big for my aquarium. Was i "bringing a missle launcher to kill a rabbit" so to speak, and cause undue sress on my fish with current because of the size of the canister filter. I fell in love with the fancies, i find watching them very relaxing. I want my aquarium to be as asthetically pleasing as well as provide the best environment for those fish as possible.
  15. Got the floval 406 today. I'll set it up sometime next week (hopefully) and start growing some BB
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