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  1. Rather than repost the pictures and the video, I'll link the thread: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/98735-omg-fishies-are-here/page__fromsearch__1
  2. Love the fish and the decor Queen Mandie
  3. Are you planning to do daily WCs? I think Steve checks his fish for parasites etc., so you may not need to salt or Prazi at this time. However, for QT, I highly recommend doing at least one 50% WC daily, at least for the first two weeks Thanks Alex, will do.
  4. Thanks Koko I know, I didn't intentionally plan it this way. I guess after drooling over her fish for so long, my subconscious picked these fish. Imitation is the best form of flattery I guess I haven't added salt or anything other than Prime. Do you think I should add some?
  5. Here it is Sorry about the floaties, they are the fungus from the mopani wood - this fish are picking at it. I might have to take it out because I don't want it to much up my filters. I'll post a youtube video later. For names, I'm thinking Lucy (red) and Ricki for the blue. What do you think?
  6. I'm so happy. Red lipstick! hehe And the tricolor is a big girl (at least I'm told they are both girls) Need some ideas for names. Steve said they are likely to be female, I haven't the faintest clue, and he that it's hard to tell.
  7. K 5 pics. Video later, can't get my phone to work with youtube for some reason :/
  8. Pictures to follow. I haven't even opened the box yet.
  9. Received the Pro Gold and the Color Enhancing fish flakes today in the mail. I wish I would've stuck with the smaller canister of the flakes, I had no idea it would be that huge!
  10. Ok, cool. I get paid Thursday - I will order some then.
  11. Which one was the better food medication? I forget. All of them including the jumpstart and shipping is 40 bucks.
  12. I dont have those either. Dang, going to dip in the savings again. Sigh
  13. So I just realized something, aside from a heater, aquarium salt and a UV sterilizer, I don't have any other QT materials i.e. prazi. I just hope that everything will be ok since both are coming from Raingarden and I don't have any fish at the moment. Thoughts?
  14. Status update on the duckweed/little aliens?
  15. Sigh, typing on my nook is difficult. I fat fingered my own post and hit multiquote by accident. Latex paint is what i was thinking of
  16. Just an idea, if you have all black gravel, maybe larger white rocks from the pet store checkered with black ones for a finish line on the bottom? I like your idea, looking forward to pictures Edit: I didnt see your above post Edit again: There is this paint...I forget the name, but it is almost like rubber when it dries and comes off super easy. You could paint it on the outside of the aquarium. Now that i think about it we could be talking about the same thing. Hmmm
  17. I just wanted to say....I sunk my mopani-ship!! lol. After close to 4 days my mopani wood sunk in my tank. Good times. Fish will be here on Thursday.
  18. Above and beyond this might be, (Im assuming you have a craigslist or an online classifieds of some sort), but a lot of times you can find tanks next to nothing on there. Maybe you could talk your boss into getting a bigger tank. Good luck, and bless your heart for caring.
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