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  1. I will have to be more careful when turning on the lights. Well, it is a comfort knowing that I am not the only one this has happened to.
  2. Lol no leaf blowing going on here I might see if I can find something to put in there. It'll have to be something that they won't try to swim into and get themselves stuck.
  3. My ladies seem to be doing fine, but I'm curious as to how do you know when you have too much current? Last night, I checked on them to see if they were "sleeping" my red seemed to be- her head was angled slightly down, and she was in one spot. My blue, well she wasn't. I'm worried that there might be too much current for them to get their Z's. Which I imagine will lead to disease later on. Yes, I'm paranoid
  4. So earlier today (I slept in), I turned on the aquarium lights and it must have startled her because she darted to the other side of the tank. Seriously, It was as if she was running from the police Anyway, she tried to swim behind the AC 70 and to my surprise, succeeded. She was also running into the log I have in there. After she had settled down, I noticed a scale hanging down from her left pectoral fin and seems to have a few damaged scales on that same side as well. I don't see any bleeding or erythema, But I don't see any regular flashing behavior. Is this normal? Do fish lose scales? I've never had a fish big enough to really notice like this before.
  5. They are doing well. Ricki the blue got startled earlier this afternoon when I turned the aquarium light on - he bolted so fast (lol) that he scraped a scale off. I guess she likes getting woke up as much as I do. She isn't bleeding or anything. I'll keep an eye on her.
  6. I like the new set up Shell I had some sand in glass cup/vase which I was using to grow a plant. The plant died and what's left are these tiny bits of sand. I will try taking the siphon nozzle off and getting them, so far it's been near impossible to get all of the tiny grains at the bottom. Great post b/c I was going to ask it too
  7. Some people have suggested in the past to use a large clear Tupperware storage type bin for added space and just use a HOB filter/air stone to keep it running. (Temporary solution). I actually might have to do this for a "QT tank" later on in the future as my current 10g tank is occupied by tropicals.
  8. So, I drooled a bit Beautiful fish Alex. Has your panda kept it's panda color? And, where did you get it if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Lol they made quick work of the mopani wood fungus It is mowed down and looks excellent. Thanks everyone!
  10. I work 12 hour shifts-I work at a hospital. Add the one hour commute each way, that turns into a 14 hour day. Currently I have 2 Orandas in a 56 gallon tank. I will get 1-2 more fish in the future after the bacteria have gotten a chance to catch up to this bio load (new tank, fishless cycled it for 3 weeks with seeded medium). I'm just considering the possibility.
  11. Thinking about following Tithra's example and getting one for when I'm at work.
  12. Beautiful, I love the plant decor!
  13. You, Alex and everyone are so AWESOME thank you.
  14. I got two choices. Pro gold pellets, or the color enhancing flakes (would soak them first of course). Probably pellets I think. Edit: I work a 12 tomorrow, so it will be a long day for them.
  15. She's blowing bubbles at the surface, is she suffocating!?
  16. K a few questions. My red I just noticed is gulping at the surface, then swims down. The blue doesn't do this behavior. This normal? I have the air wand in, I haven't cranked it up too much because I don't want to stress them out with the current. My AC 70 is on full power and my fluval 406 is turned down all the way. And last question. When I feed tomorrow morning or night, how much food is too much? So much for the mopani fungus, they don't eat it but they like chewing it and spitting it out.
  17. Good. I can sleep easier now. Haven't had them for 12 hours yet and I'm already a paranoid parent Thanks guys.
  18. I'm guessing it's nothing, but I noticed this earlier when I first put the fish in the aquarium. There are some white, cauliflower/chalk like spots on my Blue Oranda. Could they be breeding stars? My red oranda looks like she might be preggers, her body is a lot more plump than the other one. It could be nothing, the fish are behaving normally, I don't see any flashing or anything. But I wanted to be sure, hence the post. My metro meds/medigold and jump start are on the way. Need to order Prazi yet, I'll do that ASAP if this is something. Anyway here is the picture, as far as water conditions go it was good (not what you wanted to hear, but I tested it before putting the fish in).
  19. Sorry, I didn't know I guess I just assumed that that's what the point of acclimating them to the new temperature was before I removed them from the bag. So, the question still stands. How much food is enough and how much is too much? Steve said a hungry goldfish is a health goldfish, so where do you draw the line? And how many times a day do you feed them? I work 12 hour shifts some days and won't be able to do small meals TID (3 times per day).
  20. So I fed them today, I figured they'd be a little hungry after fasting for two days. I put like 8 pellets (Pro Gold) in and they could give a Kirby vacuum a run for it's money because they inhaled it. I don't want to over feed them, so how much is enough?
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