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  1. Hi all, that white stuff is no longer there at the top of her head but has moved to the side of her head. She is very lethargic and stays by the intake tube. She appears to be breathing a lot faster than usual. And just today she won't eat.

    This all started about a week after the canister filter was in, the red fish was added to the tank at about the same time.

    The red fish also has a white spot on the side of his head. His behavior appears to be normal.

    I did prazi on the red fish for 2 weeks, water changes every 3 days in a food safe bin, and added more prazi after the water change. So I believe that's 4 doses? He seemed fine with no visible marks or anything so I put him in with Koko. About 4 days later, I put the filter on. That was like um...1 week and a half ago. I think.

    I did a large water change last night. I don't have any medi gold. I don't want to lose another fish :( I'll get the photo tonight. I have to work til 3 am.

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  2. No I don't have a qt tank. I have a food safe bin, but the gf kinda wants it back. Lol.

    I was wondering if maybe a salt dip would be in order.

    I really think that the problem is from the switch of filters. I seeded the canister but there is a lot more surface area in the canister than the HOB and as you all know nitro bacteria are slooooooooooow growers. So with the water part, that's what's going on I suspect.

    Ok, I'll get the camera. I need to take a nap before work and I'll have it by tonight. I am running on three hours of sleep.

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  3. The numbers are correct other than the ammonia I tested it yesterday. The nitrate is less than 20ppm, nitrite is zero water ph is very basic and hard. Tap water is excellent - It's just hard and alkaline.

    I just did an ammonia test and it's zero, the water was changed last night. Can we please move on from the water and focus on what it might be? Should I try peroxide?

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  4. Chelsea, I appreciate you trying to help. I assure you that the water params other than the ammonia (the first half of the questionnaire) are fine. I tested them with the API drops. And anytime the water is questionable, the first logical step is to do a large water change which I did at 2-60% changes.

    The question is, does this look like excess slime production or something else like hole in the head or a fungus? I can't tell.

  5. I thought I did answer it...

    Water params normal except aforementioned ammonia spike.

    tank 56 gallons.

    yes new fish.

    filter Eheim 3e Pro 2078.

    water temp mid 70's. (gf has the heater on because she's constantly cold)

    Water changes every few days lately at at least 60%

    Behavior she stays by the filter intake and doesn't move a lot.

  6. So a bit of history. Water params have been fine mostly except for the expected ammonia spike from the change of filters from HOB to the seeded canister. On one day it climbed to 1ppm. And we've been trying our best with water changes to keep it below .25 ppm and adding a bit extra prime now and then.

    Koko, has some white stuff on her head. I'm not sure if it's excess slime coat production or if it is something. She's just acting odd, she's not as active. She still eats but I think she's got a bug. I'm not sure if the new fish from RG brought something with him into the tank. He seemed fine after the Prazi treatments so I went ahead and put him in the tank, I didn't give him any medi-gold or anything. He has two white dots on the right side of his head but is completely active and otherwise seems normal.

    Here's some pictures of Koko. Please excuse the glass. :P

    Should I do salt tx? I have an old unopened bag of metromeds (about 1.5 yrs old), melafix and prazi.



    If you need better pics let me know, I'll have to get the dslr out.

  7. I finally got it set up and running. I took a cutt off a piece of filter/sponge from the old HOB and put it in the canister for seeding. I suspect that there's going to be a slight ammonia jump while the bacteria get set up. I'm hoping that there's enough in the tank so it's isn't worrisome. Anyway this is hour one review and I will try to update this in a few months. So, with out further adieu:

    Ordered the product from Amazon - it was about 20 dollars cheaper than Doctor's foster and smith. The parts seem sturdy and put together well. So well in fact the hose was a bit of a pain to get on all the way - but I don't want a flood so I will take it as a plus. The installation was fairly easy, the only slightly annoying thing with the installation was that there are 3 manuals for it in different languages. So you have to read e.g. the English section in each of the three manuals. It does however come with a CD to put on your computer that has all the manuals, all three of them....Better would have been to have a manual with say, English, french and Spanish for example and the other manuals with different languages. So you only have to keep the one manual.

    Anyway, my initial thought on this filter is man this thing is quiet! I mean, I whisper louder than this thing runs and the hum of my laptop fan is much louder. I have yet to own a filter quieter than this one, I find myself glancing at it to make sure it is actually running because I can't hear it!

    A bit about the electronic features: I like the adjustable flow option with a button rather than messing with the intake valve to the canister like my old Fluval. It has an automatic option, the filter is supposed to adjust power as it gets more filled up with what I will call "gold fish love" -this is also the default as I understand it; a 12h bio function (which I haven't quite figured out yet I need to find the manual)- basically you can have a higher flow during the day and a lower one at night so the fish can sleep; there's also stream and constant flow options - if I remember right, the stream will do a cycle flow, it will occasionally put out a higher flow and then go back to a lower flow and the constant flow is well...constant. The canister filter has a service indicator light that tells you how long you have until the filter needs servicing - at the moment it says 6 months (i'll keep an eye on that to be sure). Now if I can just find that manual :lol I can figure out how to use all of these settings.

    There is a TON of room for media, 4 baskets worth. I have the two bottom filled with Fluval pre-filter media, the next one up Fluval biomax and the top one filled with Eheim substrate pro. This thing is pretty nifty. :thumb:

    The spray bar appears to be agitating the surface in a smooth calm way. I see the plants swaying a bit with the current which hopefully will mean that this will be the only filter I will need. I still need to pick up the purigen and put it in. I'm not sure what rack to put it on? Thoughts on that anyone?

    My only complaints are at this point the size of it, it won't fit under my aquarium stand - but the trade off is that it will be more accessible for cleanings. The other minor complaint is the ever so pretty green tubing and it didn't come prefilled with media, I had to buy my own. I spent quite a bit on media.

    You should see my poor living room, it is covered with fish supplies/boxes from amazon. So photos will be out for awhile until I can get this place cleaned up. I only have about 4 weeks left of school so probably by then.

    Things I'm considering getting for it later on down the road are the internal heater and I'm not sure but I think there might even be a UV sterilizer for it too.

    Overall, thus far I am very happy with my purchase.

  8. Hi everyone. Been super busy lately, I will try to upload some picks of the unboxing this weekend. All I can really say is wow, they do grow don't they!? I mean, just a year or so ago Koko was close to that size (still bigger but close). I hope my little boy can handle a real woman. Haha. He looks like a sardine by comparison.

    Super stoked. I also got the fluval media for the eheim. I hope to set that up too this weekend.

  9. I strongly suggest getting one. Goldfish are very messy and while your water params may be fine right now while the fish are small they will get worse as they get bigger. Without being able to test your water, you have no way to tell whether or not your water changes are sufficient or if you have a drop in your ph etc. Essentially, you're blind. And another reason to get the test kit is if one of your fish ever get sick, and you come to this site for help, one of the first questions we're going to ask is about the parameters of your water.

    With proper care, your Orandas can grow about as large as your Rocco fish you described earlier and live up to 20 years. One of my orandas is close to 8 inches or so in a 56 gallon tank, and let me tell you - It's a lot of poo!

    It used to be taught here that the recommendation was 20 gallons for the first fancy and 10 gallons for each additional after. Since then, the subsequent gallons after the 20 have been raised to 15 gallons instead of 10 because of all the problems that come with poor water conditions. The more water, the more dilute the waste is and it's easier to manage. Also, more water means you'll probably have a larger filter which means more surface area for the nitrifying bacteria to adhere to to break down more waste. So while 10 gallons per goldfish might be okay in the short term, I do not see it sustainable for the long term.

    Gorgeous fish you have!

  10. Hi there and welcome back! Are you planning on getting a bigger tank anytime soon? As is i think you will have to do water changes every 1-2 days as you have a huge bioload in your tank. A better set up for your 5 fish I think would be a hundred gallon tank. At most I would do 2, and 3 fancy goldfish in your 45 gallon.

    The other thing to consider, aside from water quality is stressing the fish due to lack of space and competition for food etc.

  11. Thank you this helps me Alex, Sharon and tithra. Much more than the anecdotal this food is better than that. Thanks for explaining percentages and rationale. Love to faces!

  12. I see what you mean Alex. Still, one can get fat on twinkies and candy bars. What do you look for when trying out a "new food" on the bottle? How do you decide for yourself that a food is quality or just a "TV dinner"?

    It's not my intent to argue for the sake of arguing but to understand.

    Thanks Tithra! Maybe I can ask my gf that for Christmas!

  13. I too am skeptical but I have to wonder if what you are feeding your fish has everything your fish needs in it especially on the vitamin side of the spectrum.

    Pro gold made my fish gulpers :(

    Good stuff guys keep the discussion going.

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