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  1. I think it would depen

    Tithra, have you considered boiling the duckweed before giving it to your fish? If you boil it, then cool it and do that process 3 times it will kill pretty much anything on the planet including endospores.
    I hadn't thought about that. Ideally I would like to keep some (live) duckweed in the tank at all times, not sure if this will work out or not. I have to wonder how boiling it that many times would effect the nutrient content, as even boiling veggies once causes some decrease in vitamins/nutrients etc. I think I will just QT it for a few weeks to start and make sure nothing hatches lol :P
    hmm something a little interesting to ponder from a BBC Documentary.Boiling Veggies does indeed cause them to loose some of there nutrients however raw veggies are harder to digest in humans therefore a cooked veggie allows easier digestion and therefore a higher uptake of nutrients, in conclusion you will get more benefit out of a cooked vegetable than an uncooked one even though the uncooked veg contains more nutrients. In The Documentary they suggested that cooking food caused an increase in our rate of evolution because we could get more nutrients out of cooked food. could it be the same for fish ;) just something to ponder....couple of years feeding fish cooked food they could have legs :lol

    I think it would depend on how long goldfishes digestive tracts are-god it's been a long time since I took zoology- but typically herbivores have a long digestive tract (i.e. ruminants like a cow) whereas carnivores have a shorter one and omnivores in between. I'm not sure how it applies to fish though.

  2. Thanks Tithra :) it's 56 gallons. Before reading this I had already looked up a calculator and it recommended adding 11 mL for my tank to reach approx 5 ppm, so I did. Hopefully that will be alright, if not I'll do a pwc tomorrow after work and see where it's at.

    This mopani wood is frustrating. It won't sink, and I'm starting to think that it might be a bit too big for the tank. But my gf is gaga over the stick. I'll post a picture here.

  3. Yesterday bought Zoomed's mopani wood. It has some interesting twists and beds which is pleasing to the eye and will be nice to attach some Java moss to. I hope that it is fish safe. I don't want my fishies to lose their eyes :o

    Bought an ancharis plant to put in, it's beautiful.

    The Seaview stuff is amazing, and I highly recommend it. Bought more Safestart stuff today to poor in the aquarium, I know that there are mixed reviews as to whether it works or not and while I've seeded my new aquarium, I don't want to take any chances. My aquarium shows zero ammonia, no nitrites and between 5-10 nitrates. I expect to have the fish here within a few weeks. Too bad I can't find any plain ammonia without any additives here in town although I have yet to try Home Depot.

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