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  1. I like Anubias myself, my goldfish leave them alone and they require low light to grow . I would also keep an eye on your pleco as some common plecos have been known to develop a taste for goldfish slime coat
  2. That's a really good question, Mike, but as far as I am aware, this should not be the case. Nitrate poisoning actually is almost identical to nitrite poisoning, which is basically brown blood, tan gills, red streaks in (caudal) fins, gasping at the surface, and other signs of hypoxia/oxygen deprivation. The major difference is because nitrates don't get across the fish gills as easily as nitrites, it takes much higher amounts of nitrates to cause the poisoning. The other thing that nitrates are thought to affect is the swim bladder, because of the effects on the vasculature and how that may affect regulation of air in the SB. Different fish may exhibit varying sensitivity to this. Anyway, sorry for the long answer. I just thought I would take the opportunity to go into a bit more detail. The red spots are bacterial infections, and if anything, it might indicate that it's time to clean the filter/rinse the media. No worries, actually I prefer the longer explanations - it helps me to learn the why and the reasoning behind issues. Thanks!
  3. Lol I read the title and immediately thought of booze, which naturally my thought was, The biggest you can get! :alc
  4. Alex, I was wondering something as this might relate to my tank. I've seen nitrates in my tank up close to 20, could Jojo's problem and the nitrate be related at all? I understand that 20 is technically in the "safe zone" but I've also heard rumors that there are sensitive fish.
  5. I really should proofread more. That posting was terrible.
  6. I'll go first (or try to type the fastest ) My story starts at Petsmart. My girlfriend and I were in there one day and fell in love with a goldfish tank. I started doing some research and found Tithra's youtube channel. Being new to the hobby of goldfish, I had lots of questions and she directed me to this website. I was very impressed with how fast I received answers to my questions and not to long after I subscribed (until I lost my job ). Whenever I have a question, I know I can share my ideas or worries with the kind friendly folks on this site. My fish have been through popeye a few times and everyone has been super helpful. Not just when my fish get sick, but also when I have any kind of question ranging from filters, to media, lighting, fish food, etc. If it weren't for this website I wouldn't have my beautiful fish from Raingardens, nor would I know about Dandy orandas (I will get one of them fish!). I really want to subscribe again asap, being a subscriber allowed me to keep a blog which was more so for my records than anyone else's benefit- water change on this day, parameters this and that, tried this set up etc. And Kokos has a social outlet to it too in the subscribers chat which is a lot of fun. I would personally would like to thank Koko, DNAlex, Tithra, and Stakos for their kindness and support over the last year or so and anyone else who took the time to answer my questions. I realize this is a labor of love for you guys. Thanks for helping me keep my fish healthy and please keep up the good work. Edit: got beat for first post
  7. I thought it would be fun to read about everyones success stories. Why did you seek out Kokos? Are you a subscriber, why or why not? And most importantly how did kokos help you and how have you grown from this website? And anything else you might like to share or maybe you would like to thank someone.
  8. I had a thought regarding your nitrate (I've never really had to deal with nitrate out of the tap, so my disclaimer is that this suggestion might not be the most efficient). Plants will use nitrate for food and lower it in your aquarium. What I was thinking was maybe grow some in your aquarium and after they take root, possibly doing 10% water changes daily (this could get expensive, so again this is just a "hair brain idea"). But I think this would take care of your nitrate problem in the long run. Good luck.
  9. Hello Korzal, Welcome to Kokos! Just my . As far as salting goes, here is our recommended protocol for using salt as Stakos indicated http://www.kokosgold...876-using-salt/ . I would avoid putting salt in blindly as you don't have any idea of how much salt is in your tank. Clean water with large water changes can never hurt. I always do 50% because if I'm dealing with salt, the math of replacing the salt water drained is easy. Good luck, please keep us posted, we'll help you through this. Edit: When I originally posted I didn't read your tap parameters.
  10. Which series do you have? I just got fluval 306s and I really like them. The latch on the lid also serves as a lever for opening them. But this might be a new development. Jaime, I think whatever you get, making sure you have some really fine mechanical filtration like water polishing pads will be really helpful. The exact way you implement that is largely up to you, though, I think. I have the 406, they have the latches on the sides but they are flimsy and I've always been afraid of breaking them.
  11. Just wanted to update. After water test, everything was in normal range - the nearest problem I could tell was the nitrate somewhere between 10-20 on the dip sticks (ugh I need to find my test tubes and color charts for the API drops). To remedy this we've put in an anubias plant to provide O2 as well as eliminate the nitrate. I was worried about the .01% salt effect on the plant but it seems not to be bothering them. I'm also seeing them gulp less and less. I will continue melafix as well as the Prazi Schedule as Tithra suggested. Thanks everyone!
  12. I did last night! I will try again when I get some time, using a pipe cleaner brush.
  13. Just my I will never get a fluval canister ever again. I have to get a wedge to take the lid off each time when performing maintenance on it.
  14. Resurrected one, the AC 70! Thank god . The canister filter works when it wants to. I've cleaned it out multiple times. I went to Walmart last night because nothing else was open on Sunday here in good ol' nothing is open on Sunday Utah, and got a Tetra advanced filtration system 30-60 for $40. Swapped the media from the sponge filters (thanks for the Youtube tip Tithra ) and we're back in business. I wish I had more time to trouble shoot the canister. That sucker was expensive! Edit: The great thing about Walmart is they will take just about any return you give them. Hehe, so hopefully I'll be able to figure out what's wrong when I have more time from school etc. What a nightmare.
  15. Can I do the round of Prazi as Tithra suggested in the general thread "bobbing for bubbles" in addition to the melafix I'm doing now?
  16. I'm not a light guy - to me it is more complicated the Organic chemistry. But from what I understand it's not so much the moisture as it is the ability to penetrate water. And I could be completely wrong about that. I know at least one of our members got hers from this website http://www.drsfostersmith.com/fish-supplies/lighting/ps/c/3578/3733. Sorry, wish I could be of more assistance.
  17. Hello doomgiver You should be able to find the answers to the ph and stuff if you take a water sample to your local pet store. We recommend using the API drop test kit to figure out these parameters. If you could find this information it will help the moderators assist you in a faster more efficient fashion. We have no idea what the problem is until we get that information from you. I wanted to point out a couple of observations: From what I can deduce based on your measurements you're aquarium is approximately 30 gallons which would house 2 full-grown goldfish at the max. (We recommend about 15g/fish). But since they are still small you have some time before you might have to start thinking about upgrading to a bigger tank. The other thing that will be helpful is the type of filter you have, the reason being as you are probably aware, that goldfish are messy and produce lots of waste. So it's important that there is an adequate filtration system in place. The last thing I wanted to mention is that water changes can never hurt. Good luck!
  18. Note before reading further, please wait for more advisement from our moderators before trying anything that I'm about to tell you. Until then, I wanted to clear up something for you. Basically Kh (carbonate hardness) refers to how well the water's ph can resist change when introduced to an acid aka a buffer, or a cushion if you will. I think Tithra is concerned about a possible ph crash (the water becoming too acidic). Ways to increase kH (Carbonate Hardness): Adding sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Don't do this unless a moderator instructs you how to do so. Adding an air stone to increase surface turbulence driving off carbon dioxide (CO2) I would do this. Adding commercially available products to increase buffering capacity, like crushed coral for example. I've never worked with the stuff so I have no clue as to how to advise you on this. So there you go, a little bit of chemistry for you - I'm still learning myself. We're all rooting for ya. Good luck! Source: http://www.chelonia.org/articles/waterchemistry.htm
  19. Ok found some melafix and did half the dose recommendation of 1 tsp/10 gallons (I instilled 1 tsp/20gallons) and will repeat this for 5-7 days. We have a little bit of money so I will see about methylene blue or acriflavin tomorrow when I get my water tested. Thanks guys.
  20. That would be my guess. I would set it up and see how it works
  21. Doing a WC now, I put a sample in a Tupperware container so I can take it to be tested tomorrow and I'll test the parameters after the WC as well. We moved and I can't seem to find my test tubes for the API nor the color chart.
  22. I am driving to Wyoming and am going to bribe you with chocolates and cupcakes for your nacreous orange Oranda . Gorgeous fishes! Really though, that one is absolutely stunning. Great job!
  23. We're twinners! Is that the 56g column aquarium from Marineland? Nice!
  24. I followed the instructions on the label "1tsp/20gallons of water to be treated." so I did 3 teaspoons, I figured the 4 extra gallons (tank is 56g) was trivial. I let that sit for 5-7 days, and repeated the following week. And recently, did the same thing except only 1 round. Water changes before and after each treatment of course. Did I do that wrong?
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