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  1. I just wanted to say that your Ranchu is gorgeous! Get better Pearlie!
  2. I love the plants as well. I will have to check out that plant website as soon as my fish are done with their .1% salt treatment/prazi.
  3. You're very welcome I love this site and the people on it-they will help you with everything from disease treatment, to food and even to decoration ideas. I learn something everyday, and would encourage you or anyone who wants to learn about goldfish to be apart of our community here. Keep us posted!
  4. I have a question for Alex. Would using hydrogen peroxide on the red spots be of any benefit?
  5. Hello! Former Billings, west-endian, Billings West high person here. I get a little giddy when I see someone from Billings. So, I just wanted to say hello I'm sorry about your fish, there are some really knowledgeable folks here that will help you through this. Regarding the salt, you can click the link in Alex's signature "Using Salt 2". He usually recommends the grocery stuff because it's cheaper than the aquarium salt at the pet store. Anyways, once again I just wanted to say hello and . We'll help you through this, there are a lot of great people on this forum. Good luck!
  6. Oh man, Pro gold isn't enough? Sigh....have to go to the store...
  7. Best would be to age the water where plants are growing (thereby lowering the nitrate) and then transfer the water (I think that was implied but just wanted to point out).
  8. I was just concerned because I am pretty sure it is a recent development
  9. Is this normal? She seems to be swimming fine. I think I read on an old thread here that it can be from her sleeping on it wrong. Is this true? When testing my water of late the only thing that was close to high was a nitrate of almost 20. I can get the water tested but it wont be until after my exam.
  10. I found the schedule. Day 1: add prazi and .1% salt (keep this salt concentration for the whole treatment). Day 4: big water change Day 5: big water change add prazi Day 9: big water change Day 10: water change, prazi Etc. until you have added prazi 4-6 times
  11. Alex, would you post the Prazi schedule for akamozu so she doesn't do what I did and only do 1 round of Prazi?
  12. Personally, and this is just my opinion so bare with me I keep my filter intakes high. Since losing a canister filter and almost my AC 70 due to sand getting in inlet and causing problems (I was cleaning them weekly after I started hearing noises), I now keep both filter intakes high without any extensions. We tried putting pantyhose over the intake but found that too much debris got caught in them and reduced the flow. So far so good as far as the sand situation goes. My filter intakes used to be closer to the bottom and I think they caught every grain of sand my fish spat out. If you do decide to use the extensions, my advice is to a) turn off filter during water change b) wait 10-15 minutes after a water change before turning it on and c) be more religious about cleaning the filter housing of sand.
  13. That is a really good deal! Make sure to test it for leaks.
  14. Have you checked raingaren.us or goldfish connection?
  15. Love the decor! You decorate a lot better than me. My girlfriend says I decorate like a man, whatever that means. . Awesome. Oh and
  16. My two goldies are from RG and they make my living room worth sitting in. I prefer online as the Petsmart, Petco and Walmart stores here seem to be fish cemeteries.
  17. My only suggestion to you is to buy the biggest aquarium you can afford and put in your living quarters. Why? Because the bigger the tank the easier to take care of and more stable the whole set up will be. Not only that, but most folks I know end up wishing they had a bigger tank. "If I only had 10 more gallons, I could get that really neat fish I saw at (insert web adress.com) or that pet store." I have a 56g and I wish I had the space for a larger aquarium...like twice that size. C'est la vie. Edit: Oh, and longer is better than taller. I'm looking forward to seeing them pics!
  18. Yay, got a 100% on it! Hopefully I do as well on my exams
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