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  1. Have you tried your local classifieds?
  2. Sorry to hear about your fish . Could you please post a picture or a video to help with the diagnosis/treatment plan? Including the bottom sitting?
  3. Love your Rancu! Good to hear he's getting better.
  4. MexiMike83


    Ya Walmart is like a pet cemetery
  5. When I fed them, I would drop the food in like usual and while they were going crazy over the food I put my hand close to where they were feeding. And eventually just fed out of my hand.
  6. Ah koko. I have that feeling of "I hate it when you're right". lol. Ok, duly noted. Thank you
  7. Oh, and if I may make a few more suggestions. Here are some other things you might want to consider getting in addition to the regular tank stuff. An API drop test kit for testing water parameters. Aquarium Salt Prazi Pro - to treat for flukes and new fish to be quarantined Metro Meds-Antibiotic (just in case) Medi Gold- Antibiotic (same as above) As far as fish food goes, we recommend using Pro Gold (you can get this along with the antibiotics at Goldfishconnection.com or Repashy soilent green (you can get this on Amazon). The antibiotics are absolutely necessary but it's nice if your fish ever gets sick, you can treat it right there and then. Rather than rushing out the door to find a store that carries something to help your fish. Phew, And I think that should do it!
  8. I understand the wood in there by itself. And I'm not trying to argue. But how would any of that stuff get in there if moss is already growing over the entire thing? I would think that it would be hard for fungi to establish itself.
  9. Just dropping in to say, I'm sending positive thoughts your way. Glad to hear your fish is looking better.
  10. Yes, you can order from any of those websites and they will ship them to you. I suggested those sites because you can look at all of the varieties and see what you like as not all pet stores will have all the varieties. I have heard there are some good fish stores in New York - I'll let the other members post the name (I don't remember), perhaps you could check them out if you're in the area. Many of our members have fish from both websites and have had a very good experience. Either way, I'm sure they will be in good hands in your care.
  11. Hello, . As for your gravel question. Most people on here have bare bottom tanks. If you choose to go with a substrate you will either want to go with sand or large enough rocks that won't get stuck in the fishes' mouths. As for type of goldfish, that's is up to you. I would suggest going to the following websites: raingarden.us, or goldfishconnection.com (on Thursdays) and see which ones tickle your fancy. Generally speaking, as other members have stated, you will want to stay away from the pond variety of goldfish for your 55g tank. This leaves but is not limited to the following options: orandas, lionheads, crown pearl scales, pearlscales, ryukins, celestials, bubble eyes, ranchus, tosakins, telescopes, moores, butterflys, broadtails, and veiltails. For the most part care of them is the same, the exception being that the more egg shaped fish are more prone to constipation issues - we can help you with that; and the bubble eye/celestials need more strategic decorating as they can get hurt easier. Welcome to the forum. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your fish and your set up! We'll be there with you, every step of the way.
  12. Ok, good to know. And with that, I'm off to bed. Minutes turn into hours for me on this site. lol.
  13. Ok, and another question. How do you balance the CO2 needed for the plants during the day and the O2 consumption at night (including the fish)? Do you run CO2 in the tank by day and an oxygen bubble at night? Or is the surface agitation from the filters enough O's for the plants and the fish?
  14. Aww, I can't like your post Jess Thank you! I will look at these over the weekend when I get some more time.
  15. Oh and that white fungus stuff!? I had that stuff too on a so-called "mopani log." I would think that if the plants, or moss are growing on the log that the fungus wouldn't be able to establish itself. But again, I'm open to suggestions. At this point, I'm outside looking through the glass so to speak. I have no idea what to expect.
  16. That's kindof what we're doing now. We have a black lava rock in there with an anubias attached to it to add to the illusion of a planted tank with the Tahitian moon sand substrate. I've heard of folks tying plants to...grated plastic (for lack of a better description), this way I could hide it under the sand. I am definitely open to suggestions. Edit: I would be interested in hardscaping if the plants don't work out. I like the idea of a more complete ecosystem in the tank. If everything is running great, bacteria, plants etc., my hypothesis is it should act as an extra barrier to bad stuff. Similarly, the bacteria growing in your gut if kept healthy, can act as an extra line of defense against pathogens. So ya, that's kinda what I want to do in the near future.
  17. Love water puppies Here boy, here boy!
  18. That is definitely worth taking into consideration. What started growing on your driftwood, were there plants already growing on them like they have at the planted aquarium central? My girlfriend and I are interesting in trying to do some aqua-scaping in the aquarium. The problem is fitting the plants that fit the niche: low-medium light, either hardy or grow fast to compete with munching, and plants that can tolerate the temp as well as hard water. If I can only get one more goldie later on, then I will take a page out of Jess's book and start playing with plants My main concerns are putting something in there that could be toxic to them - I don't mind experimenting a little with "might work" plants, but I don't want to do anything that will jeopardize my Orandas.
  19. So here's the list. Medium Malaysian driftwood covered in Riccia Fluitans or the Medium Malaysian driftwood covered in Marimo ball, moss ball Hygrophila corymbosa Lilaeopsis mauritiana, MICRO SWORD I'm aware that anubias, and onion plant species work. I'm just interested in finding out if any of the above are goldfish safe or grow fast enough to keep up with the little Pac-women Are there any grasses that do ok?
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