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  1. Is this a fishless cycle? Edit: Here's an article on cycling with or without fish: http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/cycle.html
  2. Well, you could always try and if it doesnt work take it back?
  3. Lol well thanks for the belated congratulations everyone
  4. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, things will be ok. For better or for worse, hang in there!
  5. Maybe he got more of dad's genes than mom's or vice versa
  6. If you do decide to remove the sand, do it slowly so as to avoid a bump in your cycle (bit by bit with every water change). My fish too occasionally get sand on them, no bid deal as far as I can see.
  7. I would clean everything out. And exactly, what do you mean by "overflowing"? As far as cartridges go, I would watch Tithra's video on media: . Be sure to seed any new filter and not throw out your cycle.
  8. I'm not sure. They are '8 months old since I've gotten them'. I'm guessing between 1 and 3? I don't know
  9. Lol Hugo has his "skinny jeans on". Jack is precious Now question is, how big are your hands? lol
  10. Like Narny said, temperature and aeration are important for the aerobic bacteria to grow. Make sure your temperature is optimal and if you don't have an air stone, I would lower the water level a little bit to make sure that there is enough oxygen in the water from your filter.
  11. Have you checked Raingarden or goldfish connection?
  12. Mine are about 7-8 inches. I'll post pics later (girlfriend wants me to get off the forum and hang out with her, lol)
  13. Thank you very much! I wish she kept her red, as it has faded to Orange :3
  14. Just a shot in the dark here, and assuming you know the brand, but have you tried calling the company that makes the tank?
  15. Vinegar and let everything go bone dry for a couple of days.
  16. Good to hear that progress is being made! Keep up the good work, you rock!
  17. I miss my beta Looking forward to the new pics!
  18. My two cents would be to fast him for a day and see how he does. I don't see how it could hurt?
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