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    I would love to see a review of this place!
  2. As long as you can see bubbles in the water, you're doing great! I assume you meant heater in your first sentence. You don't have to have a heater. Having one will just speed metabolism and decrease the growth time.
  3. Prazi is short for praziquantel-a medication used for treating parasitic flukes (something that almost all goldfish have initially). You can order Prazi pro from Amazon. I got mine from a more local pet store type place (not petsmart or petco). The higher temperature is for metabolism purposes, the higher the temp, the more efficient their immune system can be because they're cold blooded. The salt is to prevent the possibility of a secondary infection.
  4. Do you have Prazi yet? For now, I would add salt at 1 tsp per gallon and start the 4-6 rounds of Prazi if you have it. Additionally, if you have a heater I would turn it up to the tune of 80 degrees F.
  5. Also, I don't know if you have a heater or not. But if you do turn up the heat a bit to about 80-82 degrees F. And if you have an air stone, crank it up. If you don't have an airstone, lower the water level and let the filter's trickle oxygenate the water. I did mine in about 3 weeks.
  6. Did you dilute the bleach? 1 part bleach 20 parts water? As a side note, I know there are products for cleaning produce - I would think that that would work as well?
  7. Can you post pictures and a video of your fish so that we can better assist you?
  8. Short answer is plants! Plants eat nitrate. Best for your fish would be to age water in a bin with plants growing in it before transferring it to your tank. It is important to keep your nitrate below 20. The addition of plants like pathos, anubias, and others (see the plant section on the site) will help lower nitrates in the tank and increase oxygen. Good luck.
  9. So, I hate to be pushy and all but.....Where's the video!?!
  10. Nope, not at all. I did it with mine. Just make sure you salt 1 tsp/gallon.
  11. I would poor the stuff over your filter media. Just my two cents, as the bacteria will attach themselves to surfaces and not in the "floating water".
  12. What I wonder is how much light is going into the tank as well as how much food. Both can be causes of microbial blooms. Cheers.
  13. Back breaking work them canisters. I guess the water changer has made me soft.
  14. Like Jess said, no it won't hurt your cycle. The bacteria in the bottle are either alive or dead.
  15. I really think it's hit and miss with this sort of stuff. So much depends on how the product was made, and how it was shipped (Temperature control etc.). I have used products in the store to "boost" my cycle but I'm not so sure it really did anything other than take my money.
  16. Yay, I'm so happy for you! I'm excited as we will get to see how you'll groom him into an amazing Oranda. Congratulations!
  17. Good to hear your fish are doing better!
  18. Don't make me come over there and smack you >=3 Not knowing the lineage of him though, I guess that could be a possibility. I could have picked the odd duck out out of the 5 bottle cap sized fish the owner ordered lol (Not that we really know the lineage of many of our fish, but my PetSmart Ryukin and even my WalMart Moor look more nicely bred then he is lol He's got permanently missing scales, fused tail fins, a squared of look from the top. He's a strange little fish XD)
  19. Both my fish are from RG. better safe than sorry, QT anyway. :thumbs
  20. I would do a large water change to get your ammonia to 0 (your fish will feed this end of the cycle anyway). And then I would add salt at 1 tsp per gallon to deal with the nitrites. You will want to check your water parameters daily and keep the ammonia at 0 and the nitrites below 0.5. The salt is to act as a buffering agent between the nitrate and your fish, preventing "brown blood". If you have to do a WC, say 50%, you will have to replace the 50% salt that you removed. When the ammonia and the nitrites reach 0, you're cycle is done
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