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    Today I bought some cuties. A quirk about me, when I see a product I can associate the commercial to it. My girlfriend hates it because I've got lots of jingles in my head when we go to the grocery store
    Ricki liked the cuties, Lucy barely touched it. They are both gaga over green beans. Today I bought the kind from the produce section, heated a couple up in a bowl of water in the microwave for a few minutes. Opened up the pod, mashed the beans, and served.
    Going to do another large WC, and blanch some romaine lettuce and put it on a clip and into the aquarium.
  2. MexiMike83
    To some of your guys' annoyance I'm sure lol, I've been concerned about current. Since I'm now on a budget, I'm going to try to rearrange the filters and hope that some of the current is canceled out by one another. We'll see. I'll probably do this within the next few days.
  3. MexiMike83
    Today I cleaned my Aqua Clear 70 for the first time. Boy, I guess gold fish are dirty! I can see how easy it would be to neglect cleaning it as we don't see it in the water. I also got rid of the charcoal bag that came with it - and replaced it with 3 Rite size filter media pads cut to approximate dimensions as the charcoal bag and added an extra bag of AC 70 bio-max media. Thanks Tithra
    Tomorrow, I'm going to go to a LFS about an hour away to buy some Prazi Pro for my guys and look to see what price they have on their media for the Fluval as I will have to replace those charcoal bags too. For now, I'm content just doing the one and will do the Fluval in a week or so to avoid any mini cycles.
    Today, I also bought some charcoal bags for the AC 70, in case I need them to remove the Prazi later on. (Not sure, but doesn't hurt to have it to remove meds anyway).
    I also might get another fish since I'm doing Prazi and salt, might as well get it over with.
  4. MexiMike83
    Ordered two Orandas the other day from Raingarden goldfish. I"m excited although unknown to me at the time the color fish I bought are very similar to Tithra's. I hope she doesn't mind. It was an accident I promise!
    But I confess I must've watched her fish videos in awe at least a dozen times with a feeling of envy What's difficult to know is where I am in my cycle, I'm essentially flying blind. Since I've seeded my new tank with media from my old tank I don't know if what I'm seeing from my tests are left over rubbish from the old tank or if what I'm seeing is actually real. More testing is needed to get a better idea of where I'm at. Steve, the owner of raingarden, told me that he is okay with holding my fish for a few weeks until my tank has cycled - way cool of him.
    Today I bought a black background and some Seaview for it to stick to the aquarium. Tomorrow we are going to drive to Salt Lake City (about 40 minutes away) and go look at some of the bigger fish shops there. We're hoping to find some nice decor ideas and a piece of driftwood that we might use to attach some plants to later on. I also need to buy an adapter for my sink so that the aquarium hose will connect to it so I don't have to break my back carrying bucket after bucket changing water.
    Ooooooh I'm so excited!
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