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  1. He's at peace now, i decided to call it a day for his sake. He was swelling like a balloon, was dropping scales and just looked to be in pain and distress. In a sad way, it was nice. Sorry we couldn't try out the chamber method, to see if it would help others, i just looked at him this morning and knew. If my pictures, this thread etc etc, are of any use to any of you, and you wish to use them for an article Koko feel free. If Pedro's story can be of any use and help other fish in trouble, then at least it wasn't for nothing. Thank you very much everyone, whether for kindness and support, or for assistance as good as any vet, you've all been amazing people, and i cannot thank you enough. xx
  2. no he didn't touch anything - this is not normal for any goldfish especially my Pedro - he used to really eyeball us when we're eating our own food when he was well! the food was literally landing next to his mouth and on his head and he barely looked at it he may have swallowed some of the pea mix when syringing but not a lot, most of it seemed to be spat out. this is when i think i should be just letting him go. i miss the fishie in my avatar pic, full of attitude and a little big nightmare, he didn't deserve this i sometimes just wish he would go and join Precious, and then i feel so mean when hes there hanging on forever. thanks for the link too, this will help me lots
  3. oh thank you so much!!! but as for the food - he doesn't want to eat and shows no interest in any food at all... he was never a spinach fan when healthy :s would i have to syringe feed it him, he found that so stressful
  4. thanks just trawling through sites trying to find some chlorophyll in the UK, a lot of them are triple strength and have loads of stuff added to them, so hard find the right thing and half the websites look a bit dubious - i buy everything online normally but these are some really dodgy sites lol
  5. thanks i've just been looking for tubs the right size while i was out looking for chlorophyll and there seems to be some sort of shortage of plastic bins that are big enough aargh Been all over looking for chlorophyll too, can't find any , tried herbalists and the pharmacists. Looks like will have to order it online and hope he lasts long enough
  6. that's good to know, thank you i've also found an interesting bt of info about safe plastics to house fish in... from link removed so if i can find a tub made of the right stuff, i wont need liner, which is good because i am no where near anywhere that sells them! my tub with the de-nitrate filter is fine to use but although it's big enough its not tall enough, it's only about the same height as the tank. Now that i know that this treatment wont sting or hurt him in anyway makes me feel better. One worry is that he's going have to be treated for this forever if having nitrate poisoning leaves him so sensitive to it. A lot of fish keepers in London complain of high nitrates in the tap water, even at acceptable levels he's going to be affected, and need this treatment for weeks at a time. i'm just worried that even if by some slim chance we cure him he's going to be susceptible forever, and the treatment is no doubt stressful for him.
  7. thanks Stakos, had a bit of a scare this morning, he had wedged in the gap between the two filters and was facing nose up, but from walking in the room i thought he'd gone, but he was still the same! he's losing a lot of scales, even though there's nothing to hurt himself on they are just dropping out. would the chlorophyll hurt him where he's missing scales? you can see the bits where they've fell off now. when i found a load of them the other day you couldn't see where they'd come from but now enough have come off to be able to tell. i guess there are scale-less fish so it should be ok right? i'm just so worried he's in pain
  8. thanks Stakos, you guys have been my rock throughout this, and i'm so grateful He has perked up a little, making more attempts to swim and loop the loop as he does. his tail is looking weird up close, i think the slime coat is going crazy and bits of slime is blobbing off. i'm going to think about this over the weekend, hopefully i will make the right choice. He upset me earlier when i dropped in a smidge of food, it just landed on him, he didn't even look at it. so sad
  9. sorry forgot to add, i have been generous with my prime dosing the past few times in the past couple weeks, usually about double or even triple, it hasn't made any difference to Pedro, no worse, no better
  10. i saw this treatment on that article, but i never did it as i worried it was beyond my expertise and i'd end up killing him plus i couldn't stop the high nitrates at their source so he'd be cured, then sick, then cured and sick and so on. Now the nirates are behaving out the tap, im not sure he's strong enough to cope with all this. Relieving the water pressure by reducing the depth of the water gave him some relief, so i'm worried putting him in the chamber, with very deep water like that would be horrible for him surely? I'm not questioning you, and i hope you don't think i'm being awkward, i'm just worried about putting him through stress when he may be dying... or whether use this as the last ditch attempt and if it kills him at least we tried everything. i just can't help picture him dying alone at the bottom of a dark and lonely bin full of water and chlorophyll how big would the container need to be for a fish of Pedro's size? i have no idea where i'd get something like that.. i guess a plastic bin wouldn't be 'food safe'. the tank is 15 inches tall, so double that would have to be 30 inches high. i wish i had just done this in the first place instead of worrying about the tap water at the source and my experience. i'm worried we're too far gone now.
  11. PH out the tap is 7.4, tank is 7.4 too, both exactly the same colour. i don't have KH test kit, but i have this about the water hardness - from the water company's website, it lets you put in your postcode and brings up test results etc... but we know how reliable they are i would say we have hard water for sure, the hood is often encrusted with white stuff if water gets on the top etc from splashing and is allowed to dry. today Pedro hasn't even tried to swim. He's been in the same position all morning. He's breathing very rapidly and hard, really opening his mouth wide. Sorry didn't get back soon, but i'm in bed when you guys are awake unfortunately lol
  12. sorry should have done it in the first it's coming out at about 30-35, not red but not as light an orange as 25ppm. so bizarrely actually higher than the tank :/
  13. 25ppm in the tank, so i'm guessing the tap water is the same or less. this is what i believe caused this long term flip over to be honest. the nitrate straight out the tap in October came out at 50-80ppm on a regular basis. i only tested the tap water after reading the first article, i tested tank water first and were shocked at how high they were hadn't tested for a while as we were on top of water changes and everything was fine until this, and even then we wasted a month thinking it was just normal swim bladder constipation type things). i kept doing water changes but it didn't help, so i tested the tap out of curiosity, and there was the problem. My water company didn't believe me enough to investigate, so i tried nitrate removing media, plants etc. i haven't got a car to go to the fish shop and buy RO water, and there's no way i could manage it on a bus, nor could i afford to waste the amount of water RO systems use, plus i'm not allowed to mess with the plumbing etc as it's a rented flat. ironically, the nitrate in the tap water has come down in the past couple weeks. but how can he recover from that, when now he's got rotting fins, fungus and possibly internal problems and god knows what else. And if he recovered from those things, how on earth can he recover from the original issue of nitrate poisoning when it's this far gone.
  14. back home now, Pedro is still exactly the same, although i can see more tears in his fins and tail. it looks like breathing jolts his body every time, not a huge jolt but it's jolty in 20 mins he's attempted a mad swim once. is this behaviour an indication of anything? basically he swims in big loop the loops to the surface, as if trying to leap out, then he crashes down to the bottom exhausted. He's not spinning himself (as in corkscrewing) I don't know what to do it's heartbreaking. i'm probably repeating like a broken record now
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