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  1. amazing fish! and the pictures! those are some amazing pictures, i love the grainy quality and the colors are perfect! this is art.
  2. Sent. Also, i forgot to mention i live in Michigan.
  3. bleach (NaOCl) breaks down into oxygen (O^2) and salts (NaCl). As long as it the bleach left behind 100% dries out in the PP will and cannot not react with it because all thats left is salt lol. This doesn't sound quite right to me. Drying isn't inherently a chemical reaction, so there shouldn't necessarily be products that differ from the beginning compound, i.e. dried salt water leaves salt (not necessarily bleach). It is possible for unstable compounds with a short half-life to be de-activated in the amount of time it takes to dry something out, but the drying isn't causing the change in the compound. This article (http://sci301.uvi.edu/Waste/HouseholdWaste.html) states, "bleach its antisceptic qualitities by reacting with the cell walls of living microbes. It is also the chlorine gas that gives bleach its odor. If allowed to evaporate, chlorine escapes, leaving behind NaCl (table salt) and NaOH. The white powdery substance left from evaporated bleach is a combination of these ionic compounds." That sodium hydroxide is a dangerous ionic compound, and can be harmful to even people. You may be able to get away with bleaching, allowing your stuff to dry, and then rinsing vigorously, but you may be getting away because bleach is water soluble and you are simply washing it all away. I'm no chemist, and you may very well be right about bleach simply leaving NaCl Behind, does anybody have any proof of this though? I am currently soaking a tank and am a bit skeptical.
  4. the gills were probably removed by an injury, if it had hatched that way it would most likely have probably been destroyed. in similar news, i almost bought another feeder fish today from a poorly kept LFS that was in pretty sad condition, but did not.
  5. I have this. They are too big for my fish to eat so I have broken them before feeding. Also, you might try soaking them in water first if you're worried about the food expanding. I always fed this to my fish along with other foods, so I wouldn't be able to tell you if anything changed with my fish's digestion. I would think that adding a variety to a diet is generally a good thing.
  6. this is awesome. what a fantastic little fish. long live Blondie
  7. I may be interested. Can you post some pics up and prices/shipping? I can't PM you yet.
  8. I found this guy recently, he seems to be a high quality breeder in Malta. If you can't get him to ship, there may be some other connection on this website. check out this thread: http://www.aquariummalta.com/boards/t/4813/my-fancy-golfish-photos.aspx?p=1
  9. awesome success story. i've heard a larger eye to body ratio can be a sign of stunted growth.
  10. I think results trump theory by definition actually. Theory is, by definition, an idea which has not been proven wrong by results of experimentation. If you actually believed you would get better results by keeping your GF in bowls you would. But you don't think that, you think the instances of old goldfish having been raised in bowls are freak occurrences, or exceptions to the theory. If they weren't exceptions, they, as results, would trump the theory and you would eat your words. I wouldn't necessarily say there are any rights or wrongs in the way of fish keeping, so long as the keeper's intentions are sound. After all, theory was all conceived from practice. The above does not reflect my opinion on OP's situation, or the keeping of GF with tropicals in general. My opinion on those issues is neutral.
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