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  1. She can't seem to stay right side up. she ether upside down or tumbling and trying to stay up right. Shes been like this for two weeks. Ive had her for about two months got her from the auction on goldfish connection. She eats but it's hard because of her tumbling. She eats pro gold, and cooked peas cut up with out the shell . The peas she gets once a week. She's in a 55 gallon, with 3 other Goldie's who seem fine had some floating poop tho. And I don't know of its connected but her eyes are cloudy. Just did a water change yester day. It hurts to look at her looks miserable... Please help
  2. how big is she? thanks for sharing! awaiting your picture with excitment!!
  3. shes beautiful!!!!! Thank you for sharing your picture and knowledge!
  4. Ive been trying to fined out and oh so intriuged about these panda moors, and panda orandas... etc. But do they keep their coloring? Ive heard some do and some fade. But what does it turn into, if it doasent stay panda colored? And for thos whove never seen a panda...A.K.A White with black markings on the eyes, fins, and maybe on the mouth... basically the markings of a panda just on a goldfish lol. Does anyone have before pictures and a full grown picture of one i.e the same fish in both pictures lol!?!
  5. I know I am late in entering this forum discussion but I LOVE butterflie tails. My first ever just arrived two days ago she's from a goldfish farm in china origanaly, but I got her through dandy orandas. These fish hold a special place in my heart thanks for sharing!! ^.^
  6. You fish are beautiful!!!!! And I love your tank design simple but not bare ether. Not that bare is bad!!! My tank is bare lol.
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