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  1. My Mr.Fishy passed away after only having him for 2 years :(

    2 years is a long time when you consider they are not bred very well in stores and are sometimes full grown adults when we buy them. They can live around 7 years but that is not as common. 2 years is a good life. :)

  2. (Not sure if there is already a thread like this)

    I have noticed a lot of the members here own Betta fish, let's see them!

    I myself have had many many bettas, Looking back (though I could even have missed a few) I have had 47 betta fish. Wow. lol

    Vespasian the DTHMPK


    Speed the VT


    Trajan the CT


    Stahl the CT


    Tiberius the CT


    Vitellius the DT


    Pug the CT


    Pinkerton the VT


    Norman the Delta


    Plum D the VT


    Ruger the DT


    Sejanus the DT


    Onion the HM


    Nero the DT


    Monster the DT


    M'iaq the VT


    Hong Ki the CT


    Jace the PK


    Melvin the CT


    Man O' War the Delta


    Mandala the DT


    Maxwell the VT


    Gordon the CT


    Gyger the VT


    Herndon the VT


    Hadrian the DT


    Julius the DT


    Caracalla the VT


    Claudius the VT


    Darcia the VT


    Ferret the VT


    Finger the CT


    Caligula the HM


    Atlas the female DT


    Augustus the CT


    Abacus the VT


    Beau the female CT


    Cannibal Johnson the CT


    Weatherby the Delta


    Others I do not have pictures of:

    Trout the female brown VT

    Kodiak the blue VT

    Blue the blue VT

    No Name the marbled VT

    Nerva the red VT

    Hatfield the marbled VT

    Ron the orange VT

    Emo the black orchid CT

  3. They look great. I was told to fill my tank to the brim to make maximum use of the gallonage.

    I will be doing that once I buy a new lid. Right now the light isn't totally protected from the water and I don't want the bulb to get wet.

  4. So, after having two kids and moving states I am finally able to get back into keeping fish! First it was just my 10 gallon planted Betta tank and now I have a 38 gallon setup with some live plants and my new little baby goldfish I just got a few days ago.
    I know my tank should only hold two goldfish long term but, as what seems to happen to most of us, I got one more. lol
    They are tiny little things and not only do I have a filter that is made for a larger tank but I also plan on getting a 55 gallon tank as soon as we buy our house.

    No names yet, I ended up getting two Pearlscales and one Telescope.









    She drained it before I picked it up but there was still a couple of inches of water with the gravel.

    I would remove the gravel and anything else.  Then, I would clean, disinfect and dry everything completely before starting your own set up. 


    That was the plan. I have already been cleaning the parts and glass. Now I just need to scoop out all the little gravel bits.

  6. The fancier the bread the more delicate they can be.

    I will remember that when I go to the petstore. I have had a few different types before and am actually most in love with bubble eye goldfish. I want to look at the other types but I would not be surprised if I go home with them, once I see them it is hard to walk away. lol

  7. So I recently got a tank from a friend and would like to get back into keeping fancy goldfish (not sure what type I want though). I was hoping I could put at least two in there comfortably. It is a 38 gallon, normal fish tank shape. It has a Aqueon 75 filter and two bubblers (one of those long suction cup tube ones and a normal little one). It also has a few live plants in it though not familiar with plant names. It also has a good amount of gravel but I was thinking I could go bare bottom to add more water volume.

    Any advice would be welcomed. :)

  8. I haven't been on here in a good while. Almost two years ago we had to move in with family and I got pregnant with my son. It was so cramped that I had to part with all my fish. When we were able to get our own place finally I was pregnant with my second child, my daughter, and things were so chaotic I didn't even really think about getting fish. Well in October my mother moved in with us and she brought her 10 gallon with. Needless to say I ended up putting a betta in there, a DTHM named Ruger, he has recently passed away and right away I missed caring for a fish so yesterday I bought this little guy, A Delta tail named Weatherby.
    There is still alot going on with five people, five cats, and now my tank, though I am glad I was able to get back into fish keeping, I missed it. :)










  9. So Cashew finally is living in the 30g. :)

    He will not leave the other goldfish alone. He seems so happy to have a friend. At first he swam up to Pine Needle and looked at him like he just realized he was not the only goldfish in the world, now he gives kisses to the other goldfish. lol

    Here are some pictures! (In the pictures there is another goldfish, that is my mom's, I am holding him while she finds a new house)






    They thought I was feeding them so they were a little difficult to photograph. lol

  10. I do hope you feel better :) If you cant rant here where can you??? ;)

    and I so understand your pain,only it was my daughter who was the lazy one and she knew I would rather just do it my self than have an argument over her not doing it and the control freak in me wouldn't want her to do it anyway because i Know she would do it wrong ;) LOL boy i'm happy she moved out ;) lol

    and i too do my tanks on Mondays and Thursdays ;) (except today ;) i was out ;) shhhhhh

    lol I clean my tanks tuesdays and fridays. :)

  11. I totally understand. I take painstaking steps twice a week to clean all my fish tanks, clean the cat box, clean the hamster cage, fill up food and water, plus the house chores but when I need someone else's help they take forever and do it lazily and then tell me to calm down when I get upset. :/

    I think anyone who takes goldfish care seriously feels your pain. lol

  12. A little update on his progress: It is amazing how active he has gotten in such a short time. When he was in the 1.77 gallon he was pretty much lifeless. Now with only a few days in his QT tank he has been begging nonstop for food and swimming around joyfully. It is so cute to see his little odd shaped head and bent fins jiggling at me for treats. :)

    Here are some photos and a video I just took.




    And another video!


    And here is a photo of his soon to be best friend, Pine Needle:


  13. I was wondering about something. Because he is deformed/stunted do you think he would be ok with a completely healthy comet goldfish? Would he be more suited to live with a fancy goldfish instead?

    Just curious, I do not want his first experince with a goldie friend to be a stuggle for food the rest of his life or anything. :)

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