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  1. First name that popped into my head was Peanut.
  2. I myself only have one betta at the moment. Though I am in the process of moving and plan to have at least one more once settled. I think the most I spent for a betta was $25 for my DTHMPK. Most were $2-$10.
  3. Thank you everyone! I am glad you approve.
  4. 2 years is a long time when you consider they are not bred very well in stores and are sometimes full grown adults when we buy them. They can live around 7 years but that is not as common. 2 years is a good life.
  5. (Not sure if there is already a thread like this) I have noticed a lot of the members here own Betta fish, let's see them! I myself have had many many bettas, Looking back (though I could even have missed a few) I have had 47 betta fish. Wow. lol Vespasian the DTHMPK Speed the VT Trajan the CT Stahl the CT Tiberius the CT Vitellius the DT Pug the CT Pinkerton the VT Norman the Delta Plum D the VT Ruger the DT Sejanus the DT Onion the HM Nero the DT Monster the DT M'iaq the VT Hong Ki the CT Jace the PK Melvin the CT Man O' War the Delta Mandala the DT Maxwell the VT Gordon the CT Gyger the VT Herndon the VT Hadrian the DT Julius the DT Caracalla the VT Claudius the VT Darcia the VT Ferret the VT Finger the CT Caligula the HM Atlas the female DT Augustus the CT Abacus the VT Beau the female CT Cannibal Johnson the CT Weatherby the Delta Others I do not have pictures of: Trout the female brown VT Kodiak the blue VT Blue the blue VT No Name the marbled VT Nerva the red VT Hatfield the marbled VT Ron the orange VT Emo the black orchid CT
  6. I only have one right now but I have had many over the years and at one point had 13 at once. Good times. lol
  7. I will be doing that once I buy a new lid. Right now the light isn't totally protected from the water and I don't want the bulb to get wet.
  8. So, after having two kids and moving states I am finally able to get back into keeping fish! First it was just my 10 gallon planted Betta tank and now I have a 38 gallon setup with some live plants and my new little baby goldfish I just got a few days ago. I know my tank should only hold two goldfish long term but, as what seems to happen to most of us, I got one more. lol They are tiny little things and not only do I have a filter that is made for a larger tank but I also plan on getting a 55 gallon tank as soon as we buy our house. No names yet, I ended up getting two Pearlscales and one Telescope.
  9. I would remove the gravel and anything else. Then, I would clean, disinfect and dry everything completely before starting your own set up. That was the plan. I have already been cleaning the parts and glass. Now I just need to scoop out all the little gravel bits.
  10. She drained it before I picked it up but there was still a couple of inches of water with the gravel.
  11. I have been reading up on the different types and narrowed it down to Oranda, Pearlscale, and Bubble Eye. Not all together of course, I just hope my two will end up being one of these types.
  12. I will remember that when I go to the petstore. I have had a few different types before and am actually most in love with bubble eye goldfish. I want to look at the other types but I would not be surprised if I go home with them, once I see them it is hard to walk away. lol
  13. Are pearlscales really that hard to care for? I was thinking about getting some.
  14. Thanks! I knew there had to be a thread with this information but I just couldn't seem to find it. lol
  15. So I recently got a tank from a friend and would like to get back into keeping fancy goldfish (not sure what type I want though). I was hoping I could put at least two in there comfortably. It is a 38 gallon, normal fish tank shape. It has a Aqueon 75 filter and two bubblers (one of those long suction cup tube ones and a normal little one). It also has a few live plants in it though not familiar with plant names. It also has a good amount of gravel but I was thinking I could go bare bottom to add more water volume. Any advice would be welcomed.
  16. Thank you everyone! I really like the tank setup and he seems to like it too. Those plants were so tiny when I first got them. lol
  17. Aluyasha

    Back Into Fish

    I haven't been on here in a good while. Almost two years ago we had to move in with family and I got pregnant with my son. It was so cramped that I had to part with all my fish. When we were able to get our own place finally I was pregnant with my second child, my daughter, and things were so chaotic I didn't even really think about getting fish. Well in October my mother moved in with us and she brought her 10 gallon with. Needless to say I ended up putting a betta in there, a DTHM named Ruger, he has recently passed away and right away I missed caring for a fish so yesterday I bought this little guy, A Delta tail named Weatherby. There is still alot going on with five people, five cats, and now my tank, though I am glad I was able to get back into fish keeping, I missed it.
  18. Thank you for the nice comments everyone! My mom likes it alot.
  19. The log is fake. But not to worry, I filled it with aq sand and siliconed the holes.
  20. So my mom's birthday is the 19th of this month but I will not be able to vist her then so we had a early party for her on monday. My mom has 4 single tail goldfish, she got them a few years ago from the feeder tank at a petstore. They are very healthy and active. So for her birthday I got her a 50 gallon tank with stand and everything. I also got her a strong filter and two bubblers for extra filteration. The large orange common is Goldie, the all white common is Mime, the orange comet is James, and the orange and white comet is Pine Needle (he is actually my fish that lives with my mom's goldfish. lol).
  21. Just wanted to say if he flared alot before he ripped his fins the flaring could have caused the rips. I believe it is called a "blowout".
  22. Aluyasha

    King betta?

    I believe the story is that king bettas are a hybrid of our common pet bettas and a wild betta called betta raja (I think), raja can get like 9 inches. lol I have never owned one but I have heard most people like them to be in a 10g minimum. I would like to have one someday.
  23. @Chrissy: He thought it was a ranchu...lol I have a koi tattoo. Of course I told the guy I wanted a goldfish and when he was done I looked at it and it was a Koi and he barely has a dorsal for some reason. :/ I just recently saw a CL ad of a lady rehoming a 6 gallon tank "full of goldfish".
  24. When I was younger we had a similair situation which ended with one platy living with 4 goldfish. He lived happily with them for about two years.
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