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  1. I love your measuring style Great growth!
  2. wow he is looking so much better! Such a pretty betta and tank set up
  3. the supermarket would have the salt. It cannot have any additives in it so make sure the only ingredient written on the salt packet is either rock salt or sea salt. Mortons canning & pickling salt or Saxa rock salt are both examples of what's fine to use
  4. If you're doing frequent enough water changes on the tank (every 2-3 days)and can monitor the parameters, you can go without a filter. All I suspect you'll need other than water conditioner is some aquarium salt (rock salt with no additives)
  5. yep perfectly fine Frequent water changes is a great suggestion and will definitely help. Provided you are able to match the temp (within a few degrees) and pH (within 0.5ppm) you can change around 50% every couple days to keep the water nice and clean
  6. I'll drop by my aunt's house tomorrow and try to get a good picture. Unfortunately she doesn't have a camera of any sort so it'll have to wait. I'll also test the tap parameters then and retest her tank water while I'm there. The fish's belly looks like this though, although not quite as bad (from Google): i48.tinypic.com/117e6c2.jpg Given that her stool was normal and the other fish are fairly healthly-looking, I figured internal parasites couldn't have been the issue. I have a lot to learn. Any news?
  7. Females should never be kept with males so do not re-introduce her into that tank. Your options for this is to either set up a new tank for the male or female, or re-home the male. As for the tail, without any imagery we can't be of much help. From what I have read it sounds like she's been nipped at by (most likely) the male, or the other tank mates. The net breeder really isn't a suitable form of quarantining- only isolation which doesn't prevent transmission of anything between the fish. She'll need a quarantine tank to herself. You can buy cheap 20 litre storage tubs that are fine for a short quarantine. Food safe or sterile labeling is what you'll need to look for such as the sterilite brand of tubs. The breeder net will definitely be very stressful for her so the sooner you can get her into a separate tank the better. If the fins have gotten infected causing them to rot, she'll need some form of treatment, so please get some pictures or a video as soon as you can
  8. commercial betta pellets are fine as a staple diet, but you may also want to incorporate frozen foods like brine shrimp or bloodworms a few days a week. Feeding is a little different, since you want to feed a lot less than goldfish. 4-5 pellets or blood worms a day is plenty of food and you won't need to feed much more unless the temp exceeds 80F in warmer months moved your topic to tropical fish discussion
  9. The amount of metronidazole is 1% of the gel foods wet weight (after water is added to the powder). for 100 grams of repashy (you'll not need any more than this) add 1 gram of metronidazole. I usually add the crushed tablets before heating the repashy since it sets pretty fast- it won't affect the medication. The rate of feeding is 1% of the fish's body weight
  10. They're not all necessarily going to be affected but it's still precautionary to treat the entire tank rather than just the fish. I'll await pics The nitrate could definitely have a role to play too so the sooner that is reduced the better
  11. Parasitism is still a viable reason for the rapid loss of weight regardless of how the fecal matter looks, so I would treat the entire tank with a few rounds of praziquantel and 0.1% salt. Given her age and state of decline I'd be hesitant to add any other medications before trying to treat for parasites. Before she begins any treatment, those nitrates need to come down to 10ppm or under, ideally to 0ppm. What are the tap pH and tap nitrate readings? In the mean time are you able to get some photos or a video of her?
  12. That's so cute! My cats don't care much for the fish, thankfully
  13. why are all your pets posers? Great pics!
  14. since you've already reduced the epsom you can keep it at 1/4 for the remaining days (14 days total since starting epsom) The 1/4 per 10 gallons is honestly enough to do what it is meant to do. Hopefully she'll show signs of improvement
  15. yes, switch to the powder now if you have some. It probably is a bit of poop but keep an eye on it to make sure
  16. petbarn is similar to petco, but a lot smaller and double the price
  17. yes, the powder is just metronidazole so hopefully you should be able to get your hands on some and switch to that. For the epsom, 1/4th tsp for the entire tank (20 gallons)
  18. What you're doing at the moment seems like the best you can do for now. If she isn't pooing, the next best option to make sure the meds are not contributing to the bloat is to switch over to metro powder direct into the water and feed sparingly every few days. After 10 days, reduce the epsom to 1/4th tsp and treat for no more than an additional 4 days. If it's not doing anything by then it's not going to be of benefit keeping it in anyway. She looks really bloated on both sides to me
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