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  1. It'd be neat if it spread across his whole body; I don't think I've seen a red cap with yellow instead of white.I used to not care much either way about yellow fish but lately they've been growing on me.

    I think so too! It would be very neat to have a yellow oranda :)fv7jh

  2. Congrats! The tank looks great!

    Thanks :)

    I like it. Very nice! :Congrats:

    thanks Alex :)

    That is a cool tank. I like the "built in" filter.

    Thanks! The filters they come with are great

    Congrats on the upgrade :D I love HMPKs too. And I got my first HM a week ago. They have such cute personalities. I also like the bits of red gravel mixed in.

    Thanks, I think the best thing about HMPK's is that they don't nip :P

    Congrats! The tank looks great!

    Thanks :)

  3. Upgrades are always nice. Pretty tank, but I have some suggestions.I used to breed bettas. Something that might be contributing to the fin shredding is stress. It is almost always the cause. Looking at that tank, it is very open for a betta habitat. I would fill it up, try to break potential sight-lines where he might see his reflection. More plants, driftwood, rocks, etc.I don't know about your filter, but it might be creating a heavy current for this guy. From the picture, he looks like he may be a halfmoon or delta (would need a closer pic in full flare...). Sometimes these varieties will self-multilate their fins because they find them too heavy for their habitat. Also, in the picture, he seems to be hiding behind his rock, which may be deflecting the filter current for him. It might feel light enough, but bettas aren't goldies who like agitation.You're asking your male to patrol a large area that is open. He can't because of his finnage, which is acting like a sail in the filter current. So he removes the weight problem and you have an 'ugly' fish who is just trying to do his job.I found with my heavier finned guys, heavily planted tanks stopped their fin eating. Also, smaller tanks, with either no filter, or a filter baffle. When their territory is managable in size to patrol, it is less stressful for them. When heavily planted, you also don't need to worry about the water quality. No, I am not suggesting those death-trap betta bowls, or no water changes, but I hope you get my point.I currently have a former fin eater in a 6 gallon, heavily planted tank. When I had him in a tenner so densely planted you couldn't see the back wall, he attacked his heavy halfmoon fins. It was just too big for him to look after. I halved the size and he looks beautiful now because he can circle his tank in half the time.It also depends on their personality. There are arguments that red bettas are simply angrier than other colours. Apparently the worst is a red crowntail... Guess who has one of those right now? xD Moi.I hope that helps. More plants please and check the filter. Also if you can get some driftwood or something that he can sit on to provide a resting place near the top, that would be ideal. I see your rotala (I think) could provide this, however, it's directly in the path of the filter current. Probably still a little too rough for your guy. Maybe swap it to the other side for him? Many bettas will sleep near the surface so they can gulp air without much effort. I'd help him out and create a bed.

    Thanks for the information, but those are the reasons I did upgrade him. In the picture he is swimming by the rock, not sitting behind the rock. I muffle the current the filter makes as they are designed to 'skim' The filter is slow, and produces no current at all. He is a halfmoon betta and nips when he is stressed. Not all betta's find large environments stressful, in fact that they feel more stressed out in a small environment where they can see outside but cannot swim. The bigger the tank, the better I say, and all of my bettas have done better in a larger environment mainly because it can maintain a much more stable environment, and provides something to explore. Since the upgrade, he has not been nipping and is enjoying the environment. I do not breed since I don't have the time and space, but I have done plenty of research into them as I find them very fascinating :) I will not be adding any more plants as the ones in there will grow within the next few weeks and fill out the tank. A heavily planted tank can be just as stressful as an empty tank.

    His nipping issue was stress and boredom, which is why I planned to upgrade after previously housing him in a 15 gallon. I figured it out by experimenting with his environment, when I moved plants around, he had to explore which kept him entertained. I thought he might not have liked the length of his fins at first, or he might just have had a rot issue, but I could never tell as his fins have natural black edging and were red :P

    If you look, you might be able to make out a zoo med leaf I have in the tank, he sleeps on that :)

    Thanks for your advice though!

  4. I can't get over Edie! She is really pretty :)

    Hope Puff recovers well, so sad to see him ill :( But Campy looks well, and I really like the blue colour he has, reminds me of clouds :P My betta, Artemis usually gets bacterial rot after he nips, but it also just seems to resolve itself if I increase the water changes a little :) Hopefully it won't be a big issue, I thought mine was a one-off fin rot fishy...16 months later... :P

    Good luck with Puff! The tanks look really nice :)

  5. I look forward to hearing more about the process.What level are you in school? Is this college, university or high school? It sounds like a pretty intensive assignment.good luck!

    this is my grade 12 EEI. We get the criteria sheet and some 'suggestions' but we pretty much can chose whatever we want to do which makes it more interesting. It took me a few weeks to chose though since I had no clue what I wanted to do :)

    The first one looks happy already. Look at the breeding stripes :D

    I know, Today they already have more colour in them. The ammonia burns have turned red though so I think they are on their way to healing :) I think they are going to have great colours in them but sadly I have no room to keep them

    That's a pretty amazing project, Narny. Good luck!

    thanks :)

    very cool :) I look forward to hearing more.

    thanks :) should be fun

    Good luck!

    thanks :)

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