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    Finally, after four cycles of prazi and a great QT cycle, I decided to move Mr B into the main tank with Momo and Bubbles. The last cycle of prazi finished this morning, so I did a large 70% water change on both the main and QT tanks and made sure both tank had the same pH and temperature. After a few hours, I then acclimatised him to the main tank. I
    He is loving it! He was swimming on an angle at the bottom of the tank for a while which had be worried, but I figured out he was looking at his reflection as he only did it in one spot where the reflection is strongest. He is now swimming along side the other fish and just ate his fair share in brine shrimp.
    Here are some photos (I currently have no light in the main tank so the photos were done using flash), there will be a video on my youtube soon about him! here's my youtube link http://www.youtube.c...05?feature=mhee

  2. Narny105
    I have always wanted for this to happen and progress so I end up with different coloured fish to what I started out with. Not because colour matters (which is doesn't!), but because it is something I find really fascinating and know must be really cool to actually see it progress, plus it would be nice to be able to tell Momo and Bubbles apart
    Momo has been getting a lot of yellow patches, and although it excites me that I can FINALLY tell them apart, I am a little worried if it is caused by water quality. I have been down a test kit for about 4 weeks since I ran out of ammonia test liquid and lost the 2nd nitrate bottle (Typical me), so I am going down when I have time this week to get some new bottles! I do have purigen in the filters, and keep up with regular WC with the two filters running, so I am positive that my water quality is good, and Bubbles seems to be doing well too!
    Momo has also gotten a little floaty tonight and is swimming on a slight angle towards his side. I recently got a pellet food formula and have been feeding that more than gel food. I know it is not a good idea to change like that, so I am fasting them tomorrow and going to feed gel food like always, with only a few pellets occasionally if I need to feed them quickly (which has been the case these last few weeks) I have been neglecting them a little as well, so I feel a tad bit bad!
    Anyway, enough with my ranting! The camera had flash on so the colour is not as it really looks. It is a very nice 'sunshine' (lol) yellow I guess and has spread all across his belly. Here are some pics!

  3. Narny105
    I have been planning to upgrade my bettas 20L tank to a bigger one, since he really enjoyed living in my 54L for a while, while his 20L was cycling. He has a nipping problem, and always does it after water changes or when he is bored. He also looses finnage randomly and rapidly if he sees his reflection, but it never progresses into rot which is strange. I don't know why he looses finnage, but it literally takes 5 minutes for his nice regrowth to be shredded from flaring at his reflection.
    I hoped upgrading would help him and stop him nipping, and whaddayano. Reflection problem again even with the new tank! Luckily, a few pieces of paper solved that issue! He has been in the tank for three days now and all I see is regrowth after a little loss of fins from the move. I mixed rocks I had left over with the rocks in his tank, put them in the new tank, and siphoned the water across. I acclimatised him properly though when I moved him back in due to the temperature drop in the container I had him in.
    Anyway, all of my tanks are blue planet aquariums. I don't specifically go out to buy that tank, but it is always the best deal. I could have gotten a 70L blue planet tank for the same price that I got the 40L for, but I did not like how tall it was in contrast to how thin it was. It was really ugly proportions :/ So I got the 40L which comes with a filter, and a light
    Here are the photos! I really like the mix of rocks! Turned out to look really nice!
    Since I have a spare 20L, I am contemplating getting another betta for it, but this time a plakat. Sadly, I am getting rid of the two females this weekend as I feel the lady I am giving them to will be able to give them a much better home with other females!

    What do you think?
  4. Narny105
    So today, I was meant to be going out with a friend but got ditched at last minute for 'study' (Exams ended on friday) Neat excuse..
    So, instead of wasting my day, I went to the aquarium shop! They had a terrible selection sadly which was a pain since there have not been many imports due to the horrible weather, so I got what I could, bleached them, and planted them in some glasses!
    Here is what I have:
    2x grass val
    2x baby tears
    I decided to bunch the baby tears together because one of the bunches was actually meant for my siamese fighting fish tank which is CONSTANTLY under renovation. I am trying to get it to look like a 'modern day' pond from the top (which the banana lilies have been doing!) mixed with kind of a contemporary, placid look. By the way, this makes perfect sense in my head, just not in words!
    The baby tears were too large and I just didn't want to bother rearranging everything in the tank and stress out my fish even more, so I bunched them and put them in a pot! My plan is to just let them grow out and then let them float freely over the surface of the water, so that is why the tank looks a little dodgy at the moment. I tried it but the only problem is that they all bunch at the front of the tank due to the air stone, so more would make it easier to cover! The val is also quite large and I did a terrible job at planting them (as you can see) but I can't be bothered planting it straight until the next wc.
    I also got a plant for my sick bettas QT tank, it gives it a nicer feel and something for the poor guy to do. I doubt he will ever recover, but all I can do is manage him to make sure he is comfortable by keeping the water nice and clean, and continuing feeding him his special food! I am about to run an experiment for my biology assessment with two ill bettas testing the properties, and bacteriostatic abilities of indian almond leaves and aquarium salt. (not soo experimental, but it is something I want to test!) I am a little hesitant in getting two ill bettas as I will inevitably be supporting the trade. Luckily, the RSPCA is working towards banning stores from owning any live animals in QLD and making sure that the only place animals can be sold is from certified breeders, and specialist stores. I just need to decide if I am going to keep them afterwards, or give them away
    I think it is a great idea as it will be educating people on betta care. The school already has goldfish tanks in the biology classrooms (not sure why though) which are well maintained. The tanks are a little on the overstocked side, but I have told them off for that already lol
    The tank as it looks at the moment (Momo and Bubbles have grown so much!)

    QT bettas tank (No name for him, any suggestions?) He is loving it, I need to add an apple snail and some more plants for him. He needs to be occupied a lot more, that is why I put him next to the oranda tank since there is plenty to watch! He also gets attention from everyone that walks past.

    Hope you guys like it! It's a work in progress!
  5. Narny105
    So, as it seems, Bubbles has decided that he just is not happy being pure white and orange and want's to be a little different (thank god! I can hardly tell them apart!)
    A few weeks ago he seemed to look a little 'off' if that makes sense. I thought he was getting ill or something since his fins were looking really pale and so was his face. A few days later the pale parts began to go a dull yellow, and now they are a really vibrant yellow.
    I don't know why, but the camera wouldn't pick the yellow up at all, so I made a video instead. It still isn't too great, since every fin has yellow on it and so does the underside of his body. You can definitely see some difference when he and Momo are together. From sight it is very bright and noticeable, so the camera doesn't really do justice for it
    I am hoping that the colours progress and get really noticeable, but if not, he is still a cute little guy
    I looked at some photos of more 'mature' red-capped orandas and the face colour change seems to be a pale pink just like a lot of the images, so I think that is a sign of him maturing a little, but who knows?!
    Heres the video
  6. Narny105
    So for my senior biology EEI we got a choice to chose one scientific experiment for the whole year (split up into sections), or one topic for one unit of work. I decided to go with Siamese fighting fish since I have had the most experience with them and bacterial issues than any other type of fish.
    The experiment I chose to do was the bacteriostatic abilities of Indian almond leaves and aquarium salt at getting rid of fin rot.
    So far I have spent the year gathering all of my research, and testing what is in Indian almond leaves (the tannins released from the leaves) since there has been very little scientific research in them. I can't actually post my whole investigating task here until after it has been assessed and marked as the work would no longer be accredited for.
    Interestingly enough, with the help of my teacher, he found that quercetin was one of the flavonoids released from the leaves because it is considered to have antioxidant properties. The way the leaves mimic the natural environment also impacts the general health of the fish. The reason I have chosen to test the bacteriostatic abilities of IAL is because there has actually been no research confirming that they can be used as a natural medication for treating fin rot (and work of course). All I really have to go off is the leaves chemical properties, the tannins released, and the flavonoids it contains. There are also a lot of rumours and articles about using leaves that say they were traditionally used as natural medications to 'strengthen' fish before battle, and to help them heal after fighting, as well as it being used as medication on people to help with internal parasites, eye conditions, and arthritis.
    Since there is already plenty of research confirming the bacteriostatic abilities of aquarium salt, I am using it as a comparison to see just how 'bacteriostatic' the leaves are compared to the aquarium salt.
    Because of this experiment, I have a lot to talk about and a lot of variables to consider such as temperature, water chemistry, diet, dosage amounts , consistency of treatment, duration of treatment, as well as other health issues the fish have such as ammonia burns, internal damage from cold water conditions, and external wounds from fighting. So at the moment I have only just finished gathering all of my research and actually organising my methods and procedures
    I got the two fish today after setting up their 10L QT tanks (heated and pH at 7.0) for two days previous. I decided to test the ammonia of the water they came in and here is a picture showing how bad it was!

    Anyway, I wont rant any longer until I start the actual experiment! I will be starting IAL and aquarium salt baths twice a day for 10 days tomorrow. I have worked out my dosage amounts for both the salt and leaves... although the leaves were a little tricky! I am really exited about starting the experiment! I have just taken photos of them in a petri dish (on their sides) so I can measure the fins and compare them after the experiment is over.
    Here are the two fish! I have two people already taking them after the experiment and after they are all pretty much healthy again!


  7. Narny105
    So, Ever since I got my two Orandas, Momo has been constantly ill... With a $142 vet bill I was given metronidazole which worked well until I had a few ammonia spikes and a pH crash!
    Now my tank is stable but it seems Momo has a parasite. I combined his treatment with metronidazole and prazi and have just re dosed the medication after letting the tank go a few days without the medication. The salt is as 0.2% and his ragged and torn fins are looking a lot better and some of the redness has gone. Hopefully this works as his scales have not subsided and he still has that little cyst on him.
    Wish him luck! Here is a photo before any treatment- he is looking a little better!

  8. Narny105
    So, today I went out and got a variety of new plants as well as some new gravel.
    The gravel was very shiny and was pre-washed, so all I had to do was rinse.
    I can only remember two of the plants names so I will list them :
    2x banana lilly
    1x moss ball
    1x red plant (not sure of the name)
    1x grass plant
    Artemis is still recovering from fin rot, and his fins are growing back slowly. Seems every time I give him a salt bath he looses some finnage, so I am letting it heal in his own time. He used to have beautiful flowing fins, but once there is any open flesh, sadly bacteria always makes home base... He looks a lot worse from his little incident today. He jumped out of the bowl I had him in while I was redecorating- My fault, I didn't cover the whole thing!
    Here is a video- It is way easier than writing it all, so I hope you like the new look! It looks a little rough at the moment but give it a little time and the plants should all grow in nicely.

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