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  1. Hi Silver, since you're at day 6 of epsom treatment, there's no need to change the dose. The cyst or tumor is something that you can't do much for, in either case, other than trying to reduce it. Cysts will usually burst on their own. Since it's in they eye, it'd be worth dosing some antibiotics if it does burst just to reduce the risk of infection. Other than the lump, that eye looks relatively good. Cysts are only considered contagious when they burst.I think it's more likely a tumor than a cyst, but if it's not getting any bigger and epsom doesn't reduce it, I would just leave it alone unless there are changes Hope everything goes well
  2. I don't think 100% water changes are wrong at all provided the necessary parameters are matched and the stress of the fish is taken into account. For an uncycled 3L bowl, I think it'd be a good idea a couple times a week to do a full water change. Even with partial changes ammonia would still gradually build up, so anything to stop that is beneficial. If she didn't wipe down the glass then bacteria would colonise there, but 100% water changes don't remove the bacteria from the water. If she doesn't clean the side of the glass, add that into the new tank to help cycle it
  3. bicarbonate will increase your pH and won't cloud the water.
  4. Great stand! Good luck with it
  5. Brisbane shops I have purchased from. Aquarama Aquariums Stafford Rd, Stafford Qld 4053 (07) 3856 6600 These guys have a lot of variety for goldfish, tropicals, other cold water fish, and marines. They have visually healthy stock, however it's best to find out when they get their new stock since that's when they have the best goldfish variety. Their pricing's are a quite expensive for products, however they do stock a lot. Atlas Aquariums 270 Rode Road, Stafford Heights Qld 4012 (07) 3256 3774 Also stock a wide variety of fish however not many products or product variety. Pricing is reasonable and they are a knowledgeable store. Pet barn Chain stores all over brisbane, generally with nice fish stock, however some stores are more reputable than others. I generally do not shop here for goldfish, but get my products from pet barn since they stock variety and have reasonable prices. They are also very good at ordering products in if they don't stock it. They offer a rewards system. City farmers 561 Gympie Rd, Kedron Qld 4031 (07) 3350 4490 I really enjoy looking at their goldfish stock, and tropical selection. They are reasonably priced but their goldfish can sometimes be a hit or miss. They have great tanks and decor for sale as well, and are reasonably priced for most products. They offer a good rewards system. Fishchick Aquatics 17/478 Ipswich Rd, Annerley Qld 4103 (07) 3848 9585 Reputable show-betta importer, offering high quality bettas for very reasonable prices. All of her other stock look very healthy and the tanks are always presented well. I highly advocate buying bettas from her, not only due to their quality and overall health, but because of her care and presentation of them in reasonably sized, room-heated tanks, and quarantining systems. Goldfish stock, however, is very expensive.
  6. How's everything going, Hayley?
  7. Glad to hear she's looking better!!
  8. yep, but also look at what they offer in terms of replacement parts, warranty, etc.
  9. If the slide is prepared before you leave, I wouldn't think it'd matter if any parasites were dead. The important part is that you can identify the parasites. In any case, dead parasites that are still viewable are better than no sample viewing at all, so it's still a bonus to do a slime coat scraping regardless.
  10. I think it's safe to say that it's a tumour which is why people tend to recommend euthanasia, but if it doesn't seem to be affecting him that's definitely not something you need to consider at this point in time. He isn't clamped, he still looks like he's got good colour in him, and as you say, he's acting normally. Can you get a clearer photo of it, please, as well as answer the D&D questions
  11. Overall I'm quite happy with it I wish the cameras was a lot clearer on them though
  12. This omax (mine came with a 1.3mp camera. I can't find it listed anymore) http://www.microscopenet.com/biological-binocular-compound-microscope-40x2000x-halogen-light-p-544.html And This camera http://www.microscopenet.com/32mp-digital-camera-microscope-compatible-windowsmaclinux-p-10007.html
  13. thanks guys! He's doing well so far
  14. digital microscopes are a lot of fun, and also very convenient considering you can record what you see on the computer, and post it here for help. It's very difficult to record down through the eyepiece, so it definitely helps. It also means you don't need to use the eye pieces either. You will want a compound microscope (monocular or binocular- your preference) that magnifies 40-400x magnification to see all you really need to see, however a lot magnify 1000x and over which is great if you ever want to start doing things such as bacterial stains in future. Microscopes with built-in digital components are more expensive, however you can buy a microscope that comes with a viewing camera which attaches through the eye piece. Just as functional, but from seeing Helen's videos (we have the same microscopes but helens has a built-in camera) the ones with the built-in digital components are better quality. They are both good quality cameras, though. All of these binocular microscopes have suitable magnification so you can have a look through them. 1.3MP is the camera component mine came with which produces a good quality image, however you can get higher MP ones. http://www.microscopenet.com/compound-microscopes-binocular-microscope-c-25_36.html If you're looking for $100 and under, ones like these are suitable and have good magnification but are not digital. With that being said, you can buy digital components for them. http://www.microscopenet.com/monocular-compound-microscope-40x400x-with-tungsten-light-p-99.html http://www.microscopenet.com/monocular-compound-microscope-40x1000x-with-tungsten-light-p-573.html And here are digital components that will fit these microscopes. I personally wouldn't get less than 1.3mp because it gets a lot harder to see moving microorganisms and identify them on video. I upgraded from a 1.3mp to a 3.2mp which is fantastic quality. http://www.microscopenet.com/digital-microscopes-digital-cameras-c-77_82.html This is just one website out of many you can look at, including amazon, however I hope it gives you some options and helps narrow down your search for one. If anything, take your time and even youtube the microscopes with digital components so you can get an idea of the video quality. This post has been promoted to an article
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