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  1. Yeah I like the TuffStuff I just wish my local store had a bigger one. I plan on having a fountain and maybe shade fabric would be possible. I bought a bucket and some stuff for a filter today just have to decide on the actual pond still.
  2. What else besides the Matala do you have in the bucket? I'm about to set up a pond similar to this, but bigger, and am trying to decide what media to put in the filter. Thanks
  3. Well my in-ground pond hasn't progressed any and now I'm kind of moving houses so Rupert, my goldfish from the state fair, who has been living on my counter for months, needs a new home. A while ago I wanted to have a container pond which is what I'm going to do at this rental house. I don't have that much money to spend but I've been looking at these stock tanks. http://www.tractorsu...10-gal--2229862 http://www.tractorsu...apacity-2177201 http://www.tractorsu...apacity-2177227 Are there any opinions on plastic versus galvanized steel? I'm in Texas so it gets really hot and sunny. Also what kind of filter do you think I should get for it? I plan on keeping plants and some goldfish in it. Any tips are welcome Also how should I protect it against my cats, dogs, and other predators?
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