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  1. I choose other. I'd probably be tempted to get a ten gallon tank so my disabled fishy could be safe, alone and coddled.
  2. I want a calico oranda myself....which are you leaning toward?
  3. i love the hunt...looking for the perfect fish. I had room enough for one more fish in my 35gal. it took me 5 months of stalking my lfs until the fish I had in mind arrived... i love everything else too...but the hunt is exciting
  4. Hey.... My husband was jealous of my fish. I had to quit loving them so intensly while he was around. I also quit talking about them so much (unless he asked of course). He was getting his feelings hurt, thinking that I loved my fish more than him. He has a fragile ego....I've heard that alot of guys do. Since you asked him not to paint in the basement, I am thinking that he rebeled. this is my basement too..... I'm sorry for the loss of your fish! I'm hoping that your husband is sorry too! Definately replace your fish....the hunt for a new fish is exciting...but as far as running up a huge bill on his credit card, well, I wouldn't do that unless you have seperate checking accounts...that'd be my bill too! I'm really stingy w/my money
  5. Hello Jcohrs! I'm assuming that you are cycling....while cycling .5 shouldn't kill your fish...you want to keep the level below 1. While I was cycling I changed water every single day...sometimes twice. I would test, find it high, change 30%, test again, find it still high and take out more!
  6. Hello Fish fanatic!! It might be hard to get anyone around here to take on more fish.....we are all at our limit (some might even admit to being slightly over said ten gal. per fish limit)....I would take those fish to a pet store nearest you....or put an add in the paper! Good luck! Keekee
  7. I had this same problem recently....take solice in the fact that water filled with algae is actually really healthy! I kept the light off more often and changed 20% daily.....this brought my NitrAte level down also, and cleared up the algae after about two weeks. I decided to change my cleaning routine permanently after this and I now do 10% h2o changes every other day. I'm not sure about the diatom filter or the fluval...I will follow your post to see anyone's opinion...I am looking into buying a uv sterelizer for a permanent (albeit expensive) solution
  8. The bubble is actually the color of the fish...no blood
  9. The dang fish won't hold still and I've lost my owner's manual on how to speed up the dang camera....but if you squint you can see
  10. Hey Ranchugirl...it is clear...no blood. I am working on getting a pic. for ya!
  11. Hey....I just read Devs post and saw a pic. of popeye that Koko posted. This is definately NOT popeye (Yeah)....but what the heck is it?????
  12. Ammonia-0 NitrIte-0 NitrAte-10 PH-7.8 in tank and from tap 35 gal. tank up since Feb. three fish in there since march Emperor 280 bio-wheel Pro-gold and peas I change 10% of the h20 every other day Hey everyone! So....what do you think....I'm clueless. About three weeks ago My black Oranda developed a swollen rim on the right eye...not the entire rim...it looks like a bubble almost...I'm sorry...can't get any pictures the fish is too frisky. I'll try again. Anyway, I immediately think popeye and treat the fish with maracyn 1 and 2. I don't have a hospital tank set up...so I treated in my tank. Maracyn did nothing to change the cyst, which is what I'm calling it now. After I removed the Maracyn I decided to salt and have a 3% solution in there now since Monday, still no change. This fish is as active as ever..looks healthy (except for the tumor) acts happy...which has made me decide that it never was popeye in the first place, because I have had a fish with popeye, and it acted sick.... What would you do at this point? I am not frantic or worried(the fish acts toooo healthy), but I'm hoping someone has experienced this before, or can help me brainstorm...I'll start...this fish is female and is being "courted" lightly by my male...he is way smaller than her so this looks funny..but I suppose she could have cut it or maybe something is lodged up in there....... Thanx in advance Keekee
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