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  1. i have all the answers to these question above... second post... except for .. no new fish added... no new meds to tank.. i finished ICK treatment about 2 months ago.. for about a week.. ///// i do gravel with water change every 3rd day/....about 2 inches.. no hollow oranments.. just driftwood and various live plants// at night he may sleep on the floor.. but not every night.. and the blood streak are only on his tail! no pics or vids ... sorry..
  2. i did new water tests... my ammonia is 0.. nitrite is 0 and nitrate is 20ppm my water ph is 8.0 anything wrong with such high ph??
  3. will check ammo,nitrite and nitrate and ph tmrw... but last checked10 days ago and was ammo:0 nitrite:0 nitrate 10ppm ph tank and tap 7.6 with API master test kit, water temp? ROOM.. 46 gallon bowfront... i have a marineland c360 canister and a penguin 150 bio wheel filter. i usually do 25% PWC every 3rd day. last water change was yesterday. 2 ryukins and 2 orandas. i use a bio- support and water condtioner for the water after every PWC. i feed the fish omega 1 flakes in the morning then peas for lunch and then either new life spectrum 1mm pellets or flakes again.. ALL FISH including the one in question are acting FINE... normal
  4. Hello everybody... i was wondering if you can help me find out what is wrong with one of my blue orandas... i just noticed that he has bloody streaks all through his tail... it is not torn or damaged.. and he isnt acting weird and he is eating fine.. i have a total of 4 goldfish.. and he is the ONLY one with the bloody streaks on his tail... what should i do?? i did %25 percent water change yesterday afternoon.. and i just did a half dose of aquarium salt and lights out cuz it is nighttime here in toronto. i will wait and see whats going on tomorrow.. but i need your guys help!!! currently my "hospital" tank is being used to quarantine some guppies at the moment.. so i cant really take him out... what do i do.. PERFECT TIMING HUH???
  5. yeah from bottom up... but i was asking what i should replace my carbon tray with?.. LOL! thx!
  6. should i put a layer of bio balls? and some ceramic rings? and then a polish pad? or how should i arrange this on tray?? the marineland c360 canister i have already had one top tray of bio balls and one tray of ceramic rings....?? my filter trays are as follows from bottom to top... coarse pads to trap big debris..... and then the carbon tray on top of it (which i want to change and add something else u advise on) and then a tray of bio balls on top of that... then a tray of ceramic rings on top of that and a tray with a polish pad at the very top before the water goes back to the tank.. so i guess i will keep the minnows in my other tank.. and just work on that...
  7. I would like to say hi first of all... new to forum and am really excited by what i have seen so far... first of all just to talk about my main tank... 46.8g bowfront tank with a marineland c360 and a marineland penguin 150 to filter... pretty well planted , have driftwood and some live rocks. i have 1 calico oranda, 1 blue oranda, 1 white and red ryukin and 1 red ryukin. a few snails. 2 34" life glo bulbs T5HO and a 20 inch air stone. first questioin... would i be overdoing it by adding a school of about 9 white cloud minnows?? even with extra filtration i also do 20 - 25% water changes every 3rd day in my main tank... what do you guys think?? second question... i have read about having carbon in my filter and have come to the conclusion that it is probably not the BEST thing for my plants and is not doing anything too beneficial for me as i do constant water changes. what else can i put in my filter that will be more beneficial for my plants and fish?? i.e polishing pads?? ceramic balls? thank you all in advance!!
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